Any lamps are indispensable for rooms with different functions. Market demand has led to the appearance of various models of lamps, lanterns and chandeliers. Recently, wooden ceiling lamps have become the “squeal” of fashion.

Features of ceiling wooden lamps

Wood is an incredibly plastic material, it can take absolutely incredible forms. Due to this, the geometry of wooden lamps is different. Simple forms are replaced by curves, amazing balls under the ceiling alternate with saucers made of straw. Lamps made of wood chips and selected brushwood are quite admirable.
Ceiling wooden lamps

To assemble such a lampshade requires talent and a lot of effort. Such “highlights” will never get boring, no one will want to part with them. They are also diverse in terms of style – country and modern, oriental and European trends are present. Beautiful children’s models, distinguished by a variety of colors and shapes. Wooden lamps look good not only in a country house, they will decorate any modern apartment.

The assortment of such lamps is huge. You can find products made entirely of wood, as well as those that use separate wooden inserts.

Wood is often combined with other materials to emphasize a certain style. Openwork metal forging, paper, plastic or glass act as accompanying elements.

Wooden chandeliers are made both simple in shape and incredibly complex, they have many faces, carvings, and decorative elements.

Why are wooden lamps so popular? The fact is that this material is environmentally friendly, easy to process, and adds coziness to the room. Any tree can be turned into a work of art with a skillful approach.
Ceiling wooden lamps

How to care for a wooden lamp

Wooden lamps do not require special care. It is recommended to occasionally wipe their surface with a dry or slightly damp cloth. When choosing them for the kitchen, it is better to buy vine or bamboo products. Although it is difficult to take care of a wooden chandelier in this room – there are a lot of splashes and fumes, it is better to hang the product with wooden inserts.

Only one rule should be strictly observed during care: it is strictly forbidden to use a soapy solution, because after drying in this case a dull film is obtained, which significantly worsens the appearance of the lamp. When there is no heavy contamination, it is recommended to use only dry cleaning.

What ceiling lamps can be made from wood

Carved wooden lamps appeared in the Middle Ages. Since then, they have become so diverse that even a list of their types can surprise:

  • ceiling;
  • built-in;
  • hanging;
  • desktop;
  • floor;

The products are deliberately rough and visually heavy, and can be elegantly refined. Thanks to new processing technologies, all such lamps are processed more qualitatively, even stylized “old-fashioned”.
wooden chandelier

Wooden lamps in the bathroom, sauna, sauna, for the street

For wet rooms, wooden lamps are used much less often, although such an idea is quite feasible. Wooden chandeliers can be equipped with a sealed case that protects against moisture. Moisture-repellent impregnations also help. They can be used not only for lighting in a bath, sauna or bath, but even outside.

A tree with artistic carving is distinguished by its aesthetic potential. The light coming through the elegant slats creates a soothing atmosphere in the steam room, promoting relaxation.

For use in wet conditions, lamps with wooden elements are made according to a special technology.

Wooden lamps in the interior of the apartment

When decorating interiors with wooden lamps, the main trend now is the intricate, refined and finer finish of each of their elements. Frosted glass surfaces on such products are also popular.

The design of chandeliers is different. For example, stylized wheels in which light bulbs-candles shine. Modern products harmoniously fit into the hi-tech style, filling the apartment with coziness. Wooden lamps look harmonious in rooms decorated in the classic style. Popular design data in the currently popular minimalist style. Such lamps perfectly harmonize in the neighborhood with modular furniture and modern wardrobes, with exquisite finishing materials – non-woven wallpaper and decorative panels.

The most popular wooden lamps are in the country style. It is in such an interior that the main emphasis is on natural materials. The same applies to lighting.

Such chandeliers are indispensable when creating a Japanese, Chinese or other oriental interior. They are characterized by wooden parts having a rectangular or square shape, in which there is no metal. For example, Japanese Andon lamps are made on the basis of wood covered with paper or fabric.
Japanese wooden lamp

Often, wooden lighting devices are styled in an antique style. At the same time, they are made deliberately rough, there is some clumsiness in the processing of all elements.

The selection of lamps for a specific interior is not difficult. With a classic design for rooms, you should buy chandeliers of large sizes, a little strict, they can even be rough. In the Japanese room, the chandelier must be elegant, draped with fine silk, complemented by glass elements.

Nuances of choosing light bulbs for wooden lamps

Safety is the main rule for wooden lamps – heated elements should be as far away from the main material as possible. Instead of incandescent lamps, it is recommended to install LEDs or energy-saving light sources. LEDs will be even better, as they do not heat up at all.

You can use fluorescent lamps, but only without an electromagnetic choke.

Halogen lamps with built-in reflectors are popular. They can be safely installed even in the room of the steam room. High temperature, accidental touches and splashes are not dangerous for them. It is also important that they require a safe voltage.

The most acceptable fiber optic light sources are stylish and convenient. Today’s fashionable LEDs are a real find for creating an original design. They have high brightness and a rich color range.

Wooden ceiling lamps – coziness and style

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