Many owners decide to use windowsills in the arrangement of a small kitchen. Indeed, the working space is not enough, why not get an additional surface that can serve as a table. We decided to figure out exactly how a windowsill-table can look and be used in the interior of the kitchen.

Considering the functional use of the windowsill in the interior, it comes to mind that it can become a work surface in the kitchen. Or a breakfast area. However, before making such a decision, you need to consider the following points:

  • The height of the window sill. Too low, under a large, tall window, it will be simply inconvenient to use. You will have to either change the window, laying a part of the opening to raise the window sill, or make a low table that differs in height from the table top, or completely abandon such an idea. A high windowsill can only become a bar counter. Will it be convenient? Think about it.

Windowsill-table in the interior of the kitchen

  • How exactly is the window located. Do not forget that if the windowsill becomes a breakfast area, there will be chairs next to it. Will they not interfere with the passage, free movement around the kitchen?

windowsill table in the kitchen

how to arrange a small kitchen

  • What shape will the windowsill-table be – a regular straight line, as the simplest option, or with a curve. In the latter case, you will have a full-fledged dining area, but the bend itself will take up space. Will it be enough?

kitchen set in okna

Do not forget such an important point as the location of the radiator. Traditionally, it is installed under the window. If this is your case, leave the grill for the rise of warm air, it is advisable to make ventilation holes in the wide windowsill-tabletop. Or you will have to move the radiator to another wall, which involves additional costs and trouble.

windowsill table

Options for use

The window sill can be used as a work table, extending the usual table top. This option looks very good, the entire kitchen comes out in a single design. Of course, such a table will have to be made to order, according to your dimensions, having clearly calculated everything.

purple kitchen

Transferring communications to the windowsill is a more difficult task. Yes, it is nice to wash the dishes while watching what is happening outside from the window. But you will have to deal with the correct arrangement of the sewage system, install a pump to ensure normal drainage. In addition, some believe that the sink by the window will be a source of splashes, the window will have to be washed often.

windowsill table in kitchen design

In general, the difficulties will be the same as in the case of moving the stove and sink to the kitchen island.

If the windowsill is planned to be used as a breakfast area, then such a table can be made foldable to save space. When folded, it will not interfere with cooking. However, the chairs from the kitchen will not go anywhere, you need to find a place for them. Or use complex ones too.

folding table in the kitchen by the window


As for the materials for arranging the windowsill table, plastic, of course, is not the best option. Even pasted over with a laminated film under stone or wood, it will look cheap, and you won’t put a hot pot on it. If the window sill is planned to be an extension of the tabletop, then the material, of course, should be the same.

LDPS, DPK, wood, ceramic tiles, natural and artificial stone – all these materials can help turn a windowsill into a kitchen table. The price will be very different, so the financial issue is decided by the owners.

Windowsill-table in the interior of the kitchen

windowsill table

kitchen set in okna

Using window sills in the kitchen is a good idea for many reasons. The design is stylish, attractive, and most importantly, the owners now have additional useful space, not a single centimeter of the kitchen goes to waste.

Windowsill-table in the interior of the kitchen

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