Having planned repairs in the kitchen, we not only select beautiful and functional furniture and finishing materials for walls and floors, but also think about how to decorate the ceiling. Stretch ceilings are often used in modern interiors – are they suitable for a kitchen room? And if they are suitable, then which stretch ceilings are best for the kitchen among all the variety.

Advantages and disadvantages

A profitable and practical product will fully demonstrate its strengths in the kitchen:

  • Aesthetics and originality.
  • decorative feature. The canvas will hide damage to the base ceiling, uneven corners, pipes and wiring.
  • Ease of use. The coating does not require periodic painting or whitewashing.
  • Health safety through the use of environmentally friendly materials.
  • Long, more than 10 years, service life.
  • Robust and anti-static to prevent dust settling and cracking.
  • Protection against mold and fungus due to special impregnation.
  • Sound and heat insulation.
  • Fire safety.

what stretch ceilings are best for the kitchenMinor disadvantages of this type of finish include the following:

  • Reducing the height of the ceiling by a few centimeters. This disadvantage is easy to hide using a glossy material.
  • The first time in the room smells specific.
  • The coating is easy to cut or puncture – be careful with sharp objects and carefully open sparkling drinks, otherwise you will need to order a new one.
  • High price.

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Types of stretch ceilings

Stretch ceiling can be fabric or made of PVC film (thin vinyl). When choosing a material for a kitchen ceiling covering, PVC should be preferred, which, compared to fabric, is much cheaper and has the following characteristics:

  • Resistant to dirt and temperature extremes, easy maintenance. Condensation, drops of fat, soot and soot present in the kitchen – the worst enemies of a painted ceiling – are not afraid of a stretch ceiling, which practically does not get dirty and is easy to clean. In addition, the material does not fade in the sun.
  • Leak protection. The material will save the apartment from flooding, while it does not have to be changed. The master will drain the water with a thin needle, and the sagging ceiling will return to its previous position.

The benefits of using vinyl are obvious, plus the fabric ceiling absorbs odors, so you shouldn’t install it in a kitchen where food is being prepared.

matte stretch ceiling in the kitchen

Stretch PVC ceilings can be glossy or matte.

For a small kitchen, it is better to choose a glossy ceiling in white or beige. Due to the reflective effect, the mirror surface will visually expand the space and add light. You can also stretch the ceiling of the same color as the walls, just a different shade. Large drawings should be avoided. If you don’t want to make the ceiling monochromatic, you can depict a blue sky with light clouds.

glossy stretch ceiling

Matte texture is better for a spacious kitchen. A large area canvas is made up of several parts that are welded together. Seams that are clearly visible on glossy material are practically invisible on matte. If the height allows, you can add gloss by creating a two-level ceiling with small vinyl fragments. With the help of a multi-level ceiling, you can zone the kitchen.

what stretch ceilings are best for the kitchen


Manufacturers offer many shades of the product, which makes it possible to combine several colors and embody any fantasy: starry sky, flowers, fruits, vegetables and patterns, architectural structures.

Orange, green and yellow colors create a cheerful atmosphere in the kitchen and increase appetite. Warm or dark colors will provide comfort. Black color can only be used in bright light.

The main thing is that the color and texture of the finish match the style of the kitchen interior. Cold shades are suitable for modern or minimalism. A matte stretch ceiling without glare, resembling a classic one with putty, will fit into any design.

matte stretch ceilings

Installation and operation

Before installation, you need to carefully consider the kitchen lighting system, because after the work is completed it will be problematic to move the chandelier even a couple of centimeters. Installation of a stretch ceiling will take only a couple of hours. In addition, furniture will not need to be removed from the room, and after installation there is no construction debris left.

Caring for the product will not require much effort: once a month you need to wipe it with a damp sponge or cloth. A mild soapy solution or window cleaner will help remove dirt.

Which stretch ceilings are better for the kitchen: pvc or fabric, glossy or matte

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