Usually, the hanger in the hallway looks quite standard. What could be simpler than this necessary piece of furniture? In fact, even a clothes hanger can be turned into an art object. Let’s analyze several interesting options, from which you can make hooks for a hanger with your own hands. We assure you, some methods will actually surprise you.

The issue of furnishing the hallway was often raised on the sites. There are actually a lot of options today, you can choose a set for both a tiny room and a fairly spacious hall. However, furniture items made by hand are always distinguished by originality and interesting appearance. So why not make at least hanger hooks yourself?

What to make hooks for a hanger in the hallway

what to make a hanger

DIY hanger

For example, from forks and spoons. You just need to bend them accordingly, it’s easy! And if you punch out the names on the spoon, then there will be hooks for the outerwear of each member of the family. Original, agree. By the way, such hooks made of spoons and forks on the railing will organically look like storage places in the kitchen.

industrial hanger

Also a very simple hanger option. Just old or specially aged boards with hammered metal spikes, which are usually used to fasten railway sleepers. It turns out a mixture of rural and industrial styles, which is in trend today.

do-it-yourself hanger in the hallway

do-it-yourself branch hanger

what to make from branches for the interior

Branches and rods can also become ready-made hooks for clothes. You just need to choose the appropriate ones, cut them from the junctions of the branches. If the wood seems to you to be too simple and inappropriate in the apartment, you can always paint it in a color that matches the interior.

bike hanger

how to use a bicycle in the interior

An interesting option is a steering wheel from an old bicycle. The wooden base will allow you to securely attach it to the wall, of course you won’t hang a lot of clothes, but it’s just right for two coats or jackets. And the guests will definitely be surprised.

DIY hanger hooks

original hanger in the interior

how to make hanger hook

loft hallway decor

how to make hooks for the hallway with your own hands

Hooks for hangers made of tools, for example, keys, hammer heads, clamps, as well as scraps of metal pipes and valves, look very unusual and industrial. An ideal option for a loft-style apartment.

What to make hooks for a hanger in the hallway

What to make hooks for a hanger in the hallway

Making a wall hanger with unusual hooks for the hallway with your own hands is no more difficult than a key ring. You can use a wide variety of items, including old doorknobs and children’s toys sawn in half. To finally inspire you to such creativity, we present a video with master classes.

What to make hooks for a hanger in the hallway

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