Decor in vintage style is very interesting and original. However, not everyone understands what it really is, confusing it with other directions. Let’s try to figure out together what the vintage style is in the interior. Some imagine a retro instead of a cargo interior. Others associate this word with a messy attic. And someone, on the contrary, remembers the era of the Great Gatsby with the glass wool and lace clothes of its representatives.

If you translate the word “vintage”, it means “aged” in French. Such an epithet was used by winemakers in relation to high-quality wine that had been in cellars for more than one decade and it was there that it acquired the perfection of taste. And when it was necessary to give a name to a new direction in art, which was able to add the atmosphere of the not-yet-forgotten past to the interior with the help of stylish antique trifles, it was decided that “vintage” fits perfectly.
Vintage style in the interior

Features of style

The age of vintage items must be “aged” in the interval from 30 to 60 years. However, the important thing here is not the time, but the understanding that vintage can be confused with antiques and what was popular three years ago.

Yes, a vintage-style accessory is a representative of the past, covered with a patina that has not lost the spirit of its time. It is better to look for it in a special shop or at a flea market. If things are aged on purpose, then they are not vintage, namely “in vintage style”. It is on such trifles that Shabby chic is built – the younger brother of true vintage.
bedroom in vintage style

The vintage style in the interior is eclectic. In one room, it is possible to combine both modern things and those that already belong to the past. However, there is no pomp in the vintage style, everything is simple and natural. You can easily create a romantic corner from the past, which is especially attractive due to the lack of large financial costs.

The palette of the vintage style is often made up of pastel tones, which will emphasize the romance of antiquity. But be sure to learn the history of the chosen item, and if this is not possible, then invent it yourself – this will add a special charm to the interior.

The walls

If it is planned to cover with wallpaper, then paper ones are best suited. From colors, choose small flowers, butterflies, insects or illustrations for pastoral scenes.
wallpaper in vintage style

Options in Chinese or Japanese styles, distinguished by calmness, are well suited. But if the fabrics in the interior (furniture upholstery, curtains) will be decorated with colorful patterns, then it is better to make the walls plain, in pastel shades.
vintage style colors


It is an important element in vintage style. Presented textiles can be in the form of pillows and blankets, knitted napkins, embroidered tablecloths, furniture covers and all kinds of rugs. Bed canopies and raised curtains just breathe sometimes.

Just don’t overdo it, otherwise textiles will overload the space, which can only tire, and not at all please the eye.
pillow for vintage style


Furniture can be found at thrift stores or antique stores. And if you connect your neighbors and acquaintances, you will be able to find unnecessary mirrors, chests of drawers, and shelves that gather dust without work in the attics of private houses and cottages. You might get lucky and get a real cabinet.
wardrobe vintage

A special color can be given to the interior in a vintage style by things where textile elements are combined with wooden ones – soft sofas, chairs.
guest house in vintage style

Furniture must be marked with a time stamp, so you can even make special efforts on some specimens so that they fit better into the decor. Artificial aging, decoupage or replacement of some parts, for example, metal handles, will help here. And the worn upholstery can be easily replaced with a new one with the appropriate ornament.


The light in the vintage interior should be very warm and at the same time not too bright. Let it be a multi-level combination of several sources of supply. Colorful floor lamps and table lamps, candelabra-like chandeliers and even candles in candle holders.

The bases of lamps and floor lamps should be made of precious metals, and the lampshades should preferably be made of textiles. And be sure to patina the metal, giving the bronze a greenish tint and darkening the copper. To help – paints for metal, a brush or a foam sponge.
lamps vintage

We collect details

Arrangement of a vintage interior can last forever, because new details are constantly appearing, which just need to be correctly integrated into the already existing decor. It is worth visiting a flea market or a thrift store – and you will definitely find something new for your collection. You can start collecting it from an old chandelier or an old suitcase with distinctive metal corners. Or maybe it will be a porcelain shepherd inherited from grandmothers.
vintage style accessory

On the mezzanines and in the storerooms of old apartments, you can find real jewels in vintage style – old book covers, bound fashion magazines, wooden boxes and even dried flowers. After all, flowers are also one of the distinguishing features of the vintage style. It does not matter what they will be – garden or field, dry or seasonal. They can be used as bookmarks for books, collected in herbariums, planted on windowsills or filled with sachets.

Vintage style in the interior

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