Transformer furniture for a small apartment helps to create fully functional furniture in the room and at the same time save space. We will not be talking about the usual and simplest option in the form of a folding sofa. Transforming furniture is not limited to this. There are a lot of interesting and impressive solutions capable of zoning a room by combining, for example, a living room and a bedroom, or even hiding all the furniture in one compact suitcase.

Conventionally, transformer furniture is divided into two types:

  • a combination of several elements of the environment in one housing with the possibility of transforming them into one another if necessary.
  • compact storage mode for the time when the furniture is not in use.

Both options cope with the main task – optimizing the limited space in the room and combining furniture with different tasks. Transformers have gained wide popularity precisely by the type of compact storage. They are easier to choose and fit into the existing environment.

Combining several interior elements in one body, for example, a bed and a table or a bed and a wardrobe, is often an author’s, exclusive solution or one that requires a number of restrictions before its installation.
Transformer furniture for a small apartment


The bed takes up the most space in the apartment, because it has a large area. No wardrobe or other furniture takes up so much useful space, but you don’t want to give up a comfortable bed, because it is what we actually need most of the time spent at home. The transformer bed can be transformed into other furniture or it can be easily hidden. It will be an ideal solution for small-sized apartments and houses, where every square meter counts, or you just want more freedom.

The simplest design and at the same time practical option is a raised bed, fixed on one side to the wall on movable hinges, which allows you to easily lean it against the wall. This gives a huge gain in space, because instead of an entire double bed, only a small strip above the wall is occupied.

Most often, the back side of the bed is disguised as a dresser or in the style of the rest of the furniture as a wardrobe or just a false wall.

However, there are more interesting options, when covered shelves and niches for storing things are distributed under the bed. Of the features, we can point out that it is necessary to regularly fix the bedding on the bed before the transformation, which also applies to things placed in the niches of the transformed wardrobe.

When choosing, it is better to pay attention to structures with a single thick base or metal reinforcement along the entire length. This is the only way to protect yourself and not worry that the bed will creak over time when unfolding and folding.

It is more interesting to watch how beds combined with functions with a desk or a soft corner are transformed. We are not talking about sofas with folding sections, which are very inconvenient to sleep on, especially all the time, but about beds with normal one-piece bases for the mattress, which are turned over or divided into two halves at the most and turn into a completely different type of furniture. Such designs are quite difficult to find. They are often produced in limited editions or strictly to order, as an exclusive. However, given the popularity of transforming furniture, almost every successful furniture company has several offers related to furniture transformations, including beds.

The bed can easily be transformed into:

  • A workplace with a table top and a cabinet;
  • A soft corner;
  • Cabinet with shelves and closed compartments;
  • Commode;
  • In a smaller or bunk bed.

Hidden beds stand out separately. Nothing prevents even in very limited spaces to create a raised raised floor in part of the room and place a bed on slats inside. Above the bed is a workplace or a soft corner with cabinets and a TV table, defining the room as a living room or study. When needed, the bed is pulled out and it is already a bedroom.

Such options are implemented individually or offered by furniture companies as part of a complete project for furnishing a room. It is easy to create a masterpiece even on your own, it is enough to have carpentry skills and find a supplier of good quality boards nearby.
Transformer furniture for a small apartment


Tables have approximately the same situation. There are two options:

  • Compact storage when folded;
  • Transformation into another type of furniture.

Structurally, everything is solved more simply. In terms of determining the main part of tables, it is only the table top and legs. All other bodywork plus drawers or additional shelves are optional. When folded, the table takes up a minimum of space, and at the same time, it is often not attached to the walls or floor.

The transformer table is more practical, capable of becoming a short coffee table or a full-sized table that can fit the whole family and even guests. It is an indispensable option for the living room. Guests and feasts are not held often, and most of the time it is desirable to turn the table into something compact on the same level as the sofa.

Whole sets are becoming popular, including a table and a set of chairs, which can be assembled in the manner of a designer into a compact cube and, if necessary, unfold into a full-fledged dining table for the living room.
Transformer table

Children’s furniture

In the children’s room, the question of freeing up space becomes most acute. It is necessary to place a bed and a place for studying. And also organize a huge amount of toys, moreover, so that the child is comfortable and has a place to have fun. Various options are offered based on the combination of a two-story or simply a high raised bed and a table and a locker for toys and things.

Against this background, transformers only continue the general logic. In combined furniture, the possibility of moving or changing part of the sections or a compactly folded table top is added.

Complex transformers

Until now, ready-made and complete sets of furniture, which can be folded almost to the size of a travel suitcase, are a novelty and more of a wonder. Although this direction has a long history, it only occasionally receives a new push for development, when it becomes popular among designers to create similar miniature and monofunctional furniture sets.

Transformer furniture
Often, a table, a spacious wardrobe, a bed and even a soft corner are arranged in one building. You can find a prefab kitchen similar in size to a regular oven or medium-sized cabinet. After unfolding, there is a panel, and even an oven, a convenient work surface and a department with a minimum set of dishes, which are securely fastened in the corresponding cells.

Such options look just great. In an almost empty room, there is only a strange at first glance box, more like a wardrobe, but if you open it, a complete set of bedroom or living room, kitchen or even children’s room appears from there.

Such options are unique and ideal for lovers of minimalism. Most of the time, the room can be practically empty, when it is necessary to extract the necessary element of the interior from the transformer.

Transformer furniture for a small apartment: a way to combine a living room and a bedroom

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