A very fashionable decorative element of the interior is a fireplace. And it is important not to make a mistake when choosing it. It is necessary to consider not only the nuances of construction and installation, but also the style of fireplaces so that it fits harmoniously into the interior of your apartment. As many stylistic directions exist, fireplaces can be decorated in as many variations. It can be fancy classics or modern brevity, English practicality or the simplicity of Provence. You choose.

Classic fireplaces

Fireplaces first appeared in palaces and estates. These were classic fireplaces, decorated with precious materials, engraving, fine carving.

As a rule, fireplaces in the classic style are built into the wall, so only the firebox and the U-shaped portal can be decorated. The portal can be made of different materials. In France and Italy, marble portals are preferred, but semi-precious stones can also be used in decoration. But when finishing English-style fireplaces, wood and cast iron are preferred.

In the classic style, portals can be used for built-in and wall models of fireplaces.

In wall-mounted fireplaces, the chimney is not hidden in the wall, but is covered with a casing made of plasterboard, which, like the U-shaped portal, is classically decorated.

styles of fireplaces

Fireplaces in the English style

If an interior is created in the English style, then a fireplace is a mandatory attribute in it. It should be the center of the room, all friendly and family gatherings are organized around it, therefore, all the furniture turns to it.

English fireplaces have classic features. They are made in a U-shaped shape, but unlike the classics, right angles and lines prevail here, the practicality of every detail. There are no fancy elements. A distinctive feature of a fireplace in the English style is a large portal decorated with decorative tiles, forged and cast parts, and wood (necessarily expensive). The furnace has small dimensions, but at the same time it is spacious.

Fireplaces in the style of Provence

Provence style is the simplicity of forms, lack of excesses and arrogance. When creating such a fireplace, all the little things are taken into account. The color must be white or a light calm shade of yellow, green, blue, etc. The effect of faded paint is allowed. Cladding is done with natural materials: ceramics or natural stone. Variants from expensive types of wood are less common. Forged compositions are used as decoration. A Provence-style fireplace is often artificially aged, giving it a light charm of coziness.

The hearth in this style is open, which gives the fireplace the effect of a regular stove. To cover the fire, forged grates or screens are used, which not only protect against sparks, but are also the finishing touch in the design.

Country style fireplaces

The home comfort and warmth of the family hearth embodies the “country” style . Rustic fireplaces are the personification of the simplicity of nature and rural unpretentiousness, in contrast to the classics.

Fireplaces in the country style are distinguished by some weight and large dimensions. Portals traditionally have a D-shape, in which a niche for firewood is located below, and a firebox is located above. Above it is a powerful beam made of stone or wood, and then a trapezoidal casing that hides the hood and the chimney.

Due to their massive dimensions, such fireplaces can only be installed in spacious rooms. Firewood and gas are suitable for the furnace, so a chimney is mandatory. Unprocessed sandstone, shellstone, or artificially aged bricks are used as portal decor.

fireplace provence

Ethnic style fireplaces

“Ethno” fireplaces are decorative and diverse in appearance. This difference is given to them by the decor of different styles and directions, embodied in tiles, which can be in the Russian or old German style or with a bright Indian color.

The ethnic decoration of the fireplace will require a rather careful study of the features of their formation and processing. In some cases, clay solution and chalk whitewash are used, in others exclusively wild stone, and thirdly, the fireplace is actually an open hearth in the middle of the living room.

It should also be taken into account that ethnic fireplaces are quite often not just a source of heat, but also a place for cooking, which also imposes certain nuances.

Modern style fireplaces

For those people who like to combine the usual urban way of life with the romance of a fireplace, there are several directions:

Fireplaces in a modern style are often bought ready-made with many original solutions and for any taste for different interiors. At the heart of fireplaces in the modern style is a traditional fireplace with its basic elements, but different in shape. The design of modern fireplaces can be rectangular or semicircular, as well as elongated vertically in order to save useful space.

Recently, it has become popular to use fireplaces in the design of minimalism in the interior of a modern style. The main feature is the absence of any decor. The base of the fireplace is formed: the hearth and chimney, after which they are completely hidden behind the false panel, becoming part of the wall. The result is the effect of a window with a burning fire. Such fireplaces can be located at any height, depending on the interior design requirements.

modern fireplace

Hi-tech fireplaces

Hi-tech style fireplaces are made on the basis of advanced technologies from modern innovative materials. These fireplaces can have the design of a coffee table, in which a firebox is built. There are various forms of fireplaces: triangles, prisms, spheres, which are attached to the wall or ceiling. There are interesting rotating fireplaces, fireplaces of various models with a waterfall.

For high-tech style, fireplaces are made of fire-resistant glass and metal, which have high efficiency and functionality.

The listed styles of fireplaces are the main ones, but in addition to them, there are many ways to design this living, and sometimes decorative, source of fire in the house.

Styles of fireplaces. A fireplace as part of the interior

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