Design trends in the world of lighting devices cannot be called a dogma, they change, improve and are supplemented in accordance with the growing demands of consumers. This also applies to such an original and interesting solution as square ceiling lamps.

In addition to their main function – a means or method of lighting, they perfectly cope with the role of a full-fledged part of the decor. When planning the interior of a room of a house or institution, it is customary to emphasize its lighting design. Correctly solving the problem will allow to emphasize the owner’s sense of style and taste, to concentrate on separate areas, to highlight design fragments. Square ceiling lamps differ in shape, appearance, and light source, but all of them are united by versatility and simple installation.

Square ceiling lamps in the interior

Types of square and cubic ceiling lamps

Everyone knows well that competent lighting helps to create favorable conditions for relaxation or work. In order to decide on the type of lamp, you need to clearly imagine its parameters (power, shape, method of operation) and proportionality with the dimensions of the room. The market offers a huge variety of these products, let’s focus on some:

  • Square lamps in the form of a chandelier. They correspond to the Art Nouveau style and require a rigid base for their fastening. Ceiling chandeliers are attached close together, their dimensions should be proportional to the area of ​​the room. They are installed in low rooms, in the nursery or living room, in the kitchen (above the dining table) quickly and easily.

overhead chandeliers

  • Hanging lamps (multi-lamp). They can illuminate a room or its zones, their height can be adjusted by the owner himself.

LED lamps on cables

  • Overhead lamps. Such lamps are economical, their light does not affect the eyes, they create comfortable lighting, therefore they are universal and in demand. They have a static or rotating design, which allows you to make light accents equipped with various lamps. Their installation is simple and fast.

Surface-mounted ceiling lamps for the home

  • Built-in lamps. They are installed in suspended ceilings, differ in size and power (large ones are installed in production, in hospitals, etc.). Their installation is convenient, since there is no lampshade and cartridge. Built-in devices are appropriate in the bathroom, kitchen, convenient for stretch ceilings.

built-in lamps are square

  • Raster devices. Their action is based on the combination of a light source and its reflectors. Fluorescent lamps of different lengths, or LED lamps, emit light, and reflectors increase and disperse light, so the product is expensive to buy, but very economical to use.

In production, raster lamps are installed with LED or fluorescent lamps.

Ceiling LED lamps for the office

  • Spots (built-in, suspended, overhead). It is better to fasten in easily accessible places. They have an elegant design, create a profitable accent on interior items according to the design of the owner of the room. Indispensable in offices to allocate a zone of the room. Convenient for stretch ceilings, distinguished by ease of installation. The lamps are especially popular among fans of high-tech style.

lamp in high-tech style

Square lamps in the interior

When choosing a product, it is important to consider the parameters of the room. A small hanging chandelier will look silly, recessed or overhead ones will be more appropriate. Compact ceiling devices visually expand the space, making it higher and larger. They are indispensable in the interior, as they give it an exclusive and romantic style, a cozy mysterious atmosphere, and can effectively emphasize the extraordinary design of a multi-tiered ceiling.

Square lamps and interior styles

Square lamps are not appropriate for every interior, but they serve as decoration and an organic addition to the design of many rooms. First of all, it changes the vision of the usual space, or clearly confirms the owner’s sense of sophistication and style. They fit the details of both the exquisite baroque style and the modern style, can decorate the office space, and add coziness and warmth to home rooms.

Their strict laconic forms and straight lines (provided the right color and decor are chosen) will be organically combined with the clear contours of a wardrobe, a bar counter, and other objects with precise outlines.

Square ceiling lamps in the interior

For rooms with an interior in techno style, modern, futuristic variations, it is appropriate to use products in a silver gloss, reflecting reflections and having reflective properties.

square lamps in the techno interior

If the room has a clearly expressed ethnic theme, or the design has a characteristic thematic orientation, then the use of square ceiling lamps will be impossible, by the way. So, for example, lovers of Japanese motifs can safely choose this type of lighting. Having installed them in the bamboo base of the ceiling, the owner will be satisfied with their functionality and convenience.

square ceiling lamps

People who prefer the country style will also like such a simple and cozy light source.

If you place the soffits in the corners of the room, it will perfectly complement the Moroccan interior.

The elegant square shape of ceiling lamps is preferred by lovers of the classics. Reflecting off glass or crystal, reflections of light create unique compositions, mesmerize and captivate with their play. Such products of Italian, Czech and Belgian production are certainly not cheap, but this is justified by their individuality and high quality.

square chandelier classic

In offices, corridors, reception rooms, etc. more often, budget models are used, which are no less wear-resistant and multifunctional. These options cope well with their main task – to provide quality lighting for efficient work of employees. The decorative function of such devices takes a back seat.

Light bulbs in square ceiling lamps

Externally similar lighting devices differ in their emitting elements. Different light sources (ordinary incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, LED) have individual designs.

  • Traditional incandescent lamps. Their operation is short-lived, while it is necessary to exclude possible voltage drops in order to avoid the rupture of the tungsten filament. They have an affordable cost.
  • Fluorescent lamps. Due to the presence of mercury in the bulb , such a light source is not recommended for use in a children’s room. Their long-term use, or possible mechanical damage, can be dangerous for children’s health. It is desirable to minimize their switching on and off, and to ensure a uniform supply of current, therefore they are recommended for installation in corridors at industrial facilities. They have high quality lighting, a long service life, and minimal electricity consumption.
  • Halogen lamps. The design consists of a glass flask filled with a buffer gas. They have a significant advantage – long-term operation. Due to their low economy, it is recommended to use them where the light is on for a short time (bathroom, corridor). It is not recommended to use for stretch ceilings.
  • LED lamps. In a short period of existence, they proved themselves well and won millions of fans. They have no filament and glass bulb, so they are reliable. Due to their safety, they are used in children’s rooms, on PVC panels and stretch ceilings. Due to their economy and a long period of effective work (about 20 years), they are widely used in various places, including remote corners of kitchens. Devices that are easy to install are far from low in price.

square LED lamps

All the above characteristics make it possible to make the right choice in favor of one or another product. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account not only taste preferences, but also economic feasibility (the ability to pay off the purchase without regular additional investments). In addition to the financial component, it is necessary to take into account the possible impact of the device on the health and working capacity of people in the room.

Square lamp – fashion and style!

The modern market offers a huge selection of original design solutions and a wide price range, but square models have many advantages compared to traditional products. Choosing the right option is not difficult at all. For this, it is important to familiarize yourself with its main characteristics and clearly decide for yourself – what you want to see on your ceiling!

Square ceiling lamps in the interior

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