The particular popularity of the Scandinavian style is not surprising, because the interior in such an environment seems larger, brighter, more multifaceted. This is especially true of the bathroom. A furnished bathtub in the Scandinavian style will allow you to fit everything you need in this small room, but at the same time it will remain spacious and fresh.

It is necessary to start with planning. Space is a rule to remember. If the bathroom is large, there will be no problems. But in a small room it is sometimes difficult to follow this rule. But you try.
Bathroom in Scandinavian style

Start by keeping only functional furniture and appliances. For example, a bathtub can be replaced with a shower cabin, by the way, such a replacement can be observed in many houses in northern countries, but more on that later. Limit the number of shelves to only those that will be used to store bathroom accessories (towels, soap, shampoos, creams, etc.). Do not use the bathtub to store things that are not directly related to it. For example, you can organize a special locker in the corridor for mops, rags, and cleaning products.

Planning a bathroom in the Scandinavian style can take a lot of time, but try to free it up as much as possible, leaving only practical interior items.


The color design in the Scandinavian style is mainly made in white or light, cold shades. Also, the interior must have wooden elements or stone imitation: furniture, decoration. If you deviate a little from the style, you can diversify the decoration with black and white motifs, cream and peach flowers.

In small things, the room is diluted with bright elements: red, blue, brown, green.
scandinavian style bathroom


The basis of the Scandinavian bathroom style is decoration. It depends on how the walls, floor and ceiling will be made, whether you will be able to adhere to the northern style. As a rule, it is whitewash, wood and stone. But in modern realities, you can choose much more moisture-resistant and cheap materials for the bathroom. How to combine traditional elements of the Scandinavian style in a modern bathroom interior?

The walls can be decorated with white or light gray decorative plaster. An acceptable option would be the use of white ceramic tiles.
scandinavian style bathroom

Ceramic tiles “under the tree” will perfectly fit into the Scandinavian interior. It can be placed both on the walls and on the floor, creating a cozy atmosphere. Only in this case, it is necessary to add more white color to the interior, for example, choose all furniture and sanitary ware snow-white.
scandinavian style bathroom

The floor in the bathroom can be covered with moisture-resistant laminate, wood or stone tiles. Or to make it easier – to install a poured floor with heating (the Vikings did not even dream of such a thing in their time).

Furniture, plumbing

Furniture made of natural wood is preferred. The surface is left untreated so that the texture of the wood is visible, or it is painted in one or two layers, creating the effect of wear or aging. If you can’t afford such furniture, interior items made of chipboard or MDF painted in white will be quite appropriate.

In a Scandinavian bathroom, the furniture should be practical. Be sure to predict what and where you will store. Accordingly, select the number of drawers, open, closed, retractable. For small bathrooms, it is better to install built-in structures for most facilities.
scandinavian style bathroom

Sanitary ware, in particular the bath, in the Scandinavian interior is an interesting model that attracts attention. It can be a classic retro or ultra-modern bath, the main thing is that it differs from common designs.
scandinavian style bathroom

A shower without a tray is a solution that can be found in many homes. It is convenient, practical and economical. The part under the shower is either not separated from the rest of the room by anything, or (if splashes on all sides are confusing) is limited by transparent partitions that create the appearance of an open space.
scandinavian style bathroom

Things made of wood, metal or stone with your own hands will look very harmonious in a Scandinavian bathroom. For example, it can be an original towel rack in the form of a ladder, on which, in addition to the towels themselves, you can put decorative elements. Or simple wooden shelves hung near the mirror.

scandinavian style bathroom
By the way, about mirrors. They are a must in a Scandinavian style bathroom. Mirrors also play a design role. Thanks to the reflection of light, they make the room visually more spacious and brighter. The shape of the mirrors is simple square or rectangular. Frames, as a rule, are not used, or can be simple thin ones made of wood or plastic.

Decor and lighting

The decor is chosen carefully. These should be bright unusual things. Wicker baskets for laundry, knitted multi-colored rugs, flower pots, national Scandinavian details, etc.

If space allows and the bathroom has a window, be sure to put a pot with a houseplant on the windowsill or on the floor. This technique will enliven the room and is often used in Scandinavian interiors.
scandinavian style bathroom

The marine theme will harmoniously fit into a light Scandinavian bath. Add some details related to the sea, ships, shells, fish, images of waves, etc.

There should be a lot of light. If there is no window, then compensate for it with lamps with a suitable shade of light. And so the lamps are installed everywhere, where possible: built into the ceiling, suspended, lighting on mirrors, near the bath, shower, along the contour of the room, under the bath, etc. Lamps for a Scandinavian bathroom can have different shapes and types. In this regard, there is no affiliation to any styles and models.

Scandinavian-style bath – space and freshness

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