When choosing a slatted ceiling in the bathroom, you should carefully consider various options. This type of ceiling covering has many advantages, but not all of its types will be equally good in humid environments with sharp temperature changes. Let’s consider which slatted ceiling in the bathroom will be the most suitable, taking into account both the features of the construction and the design characteristics.

Rail ceilings are divided into several types according to the material of manufacture (aluminum, plastic, steel, wood), construction (open, closed), design. In fact, any type can be installed in the bath, but given some nuances, it is better to choose the most suitable option.

Choice by design

If we talk about the design, then both open and closed types of slatted ceilings are installed in the bathroom.

It should only be taken into account that the installation of the open type occurs so that there is some distance between the rails. These gaps will be noticeable if the height of the room is small. This design is suitable for bathrooms, where it is necessary to ensure high-quality ventilation and eliminate the risk of condensation in the subceiling space.

The closed type is most often used, in which the panels are connected close to each other, or open with inserts (in fact, it is the same closed, but it has a different appearance). The reason is a pleasant visual perception compared to when there are gaps.
Railed ceiling in the bathroom

Selection by material

Aluminum slatted ceilings are the most popular solution for bathrooms and kitchens. They are moisture-resistant, not subject to corrosion, withstand temperature changes, are strong enough, but also light. Aluminum does not burn and does not support burning.

The steel has an excellent shape, the more it provides excellent noise insulation and is cheaper than the aluminum version. However, it is undesirable to install steel rails in the bathroom, as they do not tolerate a humid environment well and rust.

If you want to save money, then a plastic slatted ceiling is an acceptable choice. It is a universal material, has a good appearance, is not susceptible to high humidity. The downside is that plastic fades over time, especially when exposed to high temperatures.
plastic slatted ceiling

There is also a wooden type of slatted ceiling structures, but they are absolutely not suitable for decorating a bathroom. Wooden slats are deformed and damaged due to moisture. You can, of course, use water-repellent impregnations, but they are unlikely to solve the problem completely.

Choice of rails

Rails can be made of a solid fabric or with perforation. The first option is a solid ceiling. In the second case, the panels are perforated with small holes, which helps to improve the quality of ventilation. It is advisable to use perforated ceiling panels in the bathroom, as air movement is needed here more than anywhere else.

Choice of design

If we talk about the design of slatted ceilings, they can be distinguished by the level of gloss and gloss. The choice is based on the dimensions of the bathroom and its interior design.

If the bathroom is small, then glossy or mirrored slatted ceilings will help visually expand the room. By adding to this well-placed lamps, you can create a real masterpiece from a small room with the effect of weightlessness, the limitlessness of the walls.
mirrored ceiling

If you are lucky enough to be the owner of a spacious bathroom, then you have much more opportunities to beat the design. For example, you can use matte slatted ceilings, decorate the walls in soft colors, use muted, diffused lighting – this will make the bathroom solid, emphasize the richness of the interior.

A ceiling with a polished surface will look good in the interior of a modern or hi-tech style bathroom. A matte or semi-matte version is suitable for such styles as Provence or classic. If you use an open design with inserts, you can combine colors to achieve the desired effect. For example, the rails are white, and the inserts are black – suitable for any modern style.

In addition, rails can have a wide variety of colors and shades. A specific option is selected individually.
black and white slatted ceiling

Why are slatted ceilings good in the bathroom?

When deciding how to finish the bathroom, pay attention to rail suspended ceilings. Their main advantage compared to analogues is a relatively low price. In addition, the following advantages can be highlighted:

  • Ease of installation. Read about how to install a suspended rail ceiling in this article .
  • You don’t need to worry about the defects of the main ceiling, the rail will hide them, forming a perfectly flat surface.
  • Installation of any design of built-in lamps is allowed.
  • Aluminum and plastic slats tolerate wet conditions in the bathroom and temperature changes well. They prevent the development of mold and fungus.
  • Improve room ventilation.
  • Allows you to visually expand the room. This can be achieved both by choosing glossy or mirror surfaces, and due to the location of the rails during installation.
  • Easy to care for. Wash well from any dirt.
  • Moisture resistant, fireproof, practical.
  • A large assortment of products, you can choose rails of any color, size and material.
  • Lasting. The service life reaches 50 years.

mirror ceiling in the bathroom
Railed ceilings have their disadvantages. Among them, it can be noted that if one of the panels is damaged, it cannot be dismantled separately and replaced, the entire ceiling will have to be dismantled. Also, this option reduces the height of the ceiling, so you will have to use design solutions to visually increase the space.


If we take into account an average bathroom with relatively small dimensions, then the best solution would be an aluminum slatted ceiling with a glossy or mirror surface of white color. It will perfectly withstand wet conditions and temperature changes, and due to its design, it will increase the space. And if the installation of a slatted ceiling is planned in a large bathroom, then any design option is suitable here.

In order to save money, you can choose plastic instead of aluminum, but keep in mind that it is less durable.

Given that the bathroom is a closed room, it needs good ventilation, especially if the ventilation hole is above the level of the suspended ceiling. This is ensured by the use of perforated rails or an open type of rail ceiling.

Rail ceiling in the bathroom: selection, installation

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