The interior of the London-style apartment, as before, attracts a lot of attention. This is a bright thematic motif for decorating an apartment or a separate room, and it is not surprising, because London, with its rich history, is full of iconic and recognizable symbols known all over the world. We offer today to figure out what it is – a room in the style of London.

London style is like no other

It is easy to understand a person who has visited the capital of Great Britain at least once, in an effort to transform his home and bring into it a piece of an unforgettable experience that was caused by the stunning views of London.

London style attracts people with a bright, flashy personality, a whole range of symbols that are inextricably linked with the capital of England. This includes the famous Big Ben tower and telephone booths, double-decker buses, unique furniture that is associated only with the traditions of foggy Albion, and, of course, the flag of Great Britain – the Union Jack.

London style in the interior

By themselves, the colors of the flag and any of the popular tourist symbols of London can transform any room. However, for full compliance, one should still adhere to the general rules inherent in the London style. The designer is given almost unlimited freedom of action in choosing decorations and interior items. Both in the culture of the city and in style, a very unusual feature is manifested – at the same time as pompous conservatism, London is also the world center of the avant-garde, new fashion and design.

Floor, ceiling and wall finishing

It is important to understand that you can transform a room or an entire apartment with just a few decorative elements or furniture. The basis for interior decoration can be high-tech style, minimalism, loft or any other style that does not have a special national or thematic attachment.

But the choice of colors can already fully reveal the style of London. There are actually no requirements or special preferences for the choice of materials used in the interior, but the focus will be on only three colors.

London style colors:

  • red,
  • blue,
  • white.

The best background for decorating a room will be murals with a theme peculiar only to London, stylized images of famous places in the capital: Big Ben, Parliament, a view of the Thames and the Tower. It can be a photograph or an outline drawing, there is no particular difference, the main thing is that a whole picture of the London interior should be harmoniously assembled against this background.

london style interior

The presence of the “Union Jack” on the walls or furniture categorically determines the style of London in the interior of the room. The flag of Great Britain itself is remarkable, recognizable and easily positioned.

london style room

Using the “Union Jack” as the basis of the motif, it is better to choose colors for other trims in blue and white.

If the furnishing contains elements associated with double-decker buses and telephone booths in London, then red, as well as brown and white, can become the main color for the walls.


Absolutely any lighting fixtures and lamps can be used. However, if we consider lighting as part of the decor, then it is better to give preference to massive chandeliers with candle lamps for a classic London-style room decor. For an avant-garde style, modern spotlights built into the ceiling or directly into the furniture are suitable.

The simplest domed lamps with a metal reflector plate and an open lamp, which were ubiquitous at the beginning and middle of the last century in London and in England, as a whole, will look atmospheric.

Furniture, appliances, decor

The hallmark of London are double-decker buses, red telephone boxes, so if you can find a booth or furniture stylized as these elements, they will become the basis of the composition in any room.

For a London-style children’s room, a bunk bed in the form of a bus will be very useful, and things and toys can be put in a massive wooden chest. Carpets with the image of the “Union Jack” or London motifs will complement the interior.

london style children's room

In one of the corners of the living room or in the middle of the wall, a tea table with easily recognizable English Windsor chairs looks great.

Soft armchairs can be considered classics, for example, the easiest way to pay attention to the furniture that many have seen in the modern TV series about Sherlock Holmes. As a drapery, you can use plain or checkered fabric, and blankets with characteristic English motifs.

Instead of a photo wallpaper that depicts Big Ben, a grandfather clock stylized to look like Big Ben may be the best solution. These are fairly easy to find in any major furniture store that has themed sections for different styles.

Textile and decor

It is quite easy for decorators and designers to highlight the elements that will shape the London style interior in any given situation. For this, there is a wide range of components: pillows, rugs, carpets, watches, paintings with characteristic images. Naturally, one should not forget about one more striking component, any mention of the famous sentries of the royal court would be appropriate. Figures and toys in the form of royal guards will come in handy.

london style room

Curtains in the style of London are more often used from plain thick fabric. They are collected in waves and tied with characteristic laces with tassels and fringes. As an option, lighter curtains are tied up from the bottom up with two laces, lifting them to the baguette, without spreading them apart.

The most significant writing on the walls or other surfaces of the room may be “Keep calm and carry on”, which means “Be calm and keep going.” This is the most recognizable phrase associated with London. It was she who was used during the Second World War to raise the spirit of the inhabitants of the capital and the country.

Another significant word may be Underground, associated with the London Underground, besides the oldest in the world. However, the motifs in decor and interior associated with the subway have long stood out separately from the London style and form a whole trend, which is called Underground.

London-style room: a piece of foggy Albion

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