The living room in the interior of the loft combines the tasks of all functional areas of the apartment. It is a place for relaxation and communication with friends, and a study, and a library, and a dining room that smoothly transitions into a kitchen, and even a bedroom with a bathroom. Each furniture island carries its own task, so it is important to think through the environment so that the living room in the loft style looks harmonious.


The issue of zoning in a loft-style interior is very important. The living room is represented by a large spacious room, to which the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are adjacent. There are no clear borders in the form of walls between rooms, furniture, curtains or partitions are used for this, and sometimes pedestals. That is why it is important to carefully consider the distribution of zones in the living room with the help of light, decoration, and furniture.

The living room includes such areas as:

  • Bar counter or kitchen island separating the kitchen.
  • Dining room. Presented by a large dining table. It is located between the kitchen and the recreation area.
  • A place of rest. A large sofa, several comfortable armchairs, a coffee table and a TV. The central zone in the loft living room.
  • Work area. Its arrangement depends on the work and hobbies of the owners of the apartment. A computer or drafting table, an easel, a bookshelf, a reading chair, etc. can be placed here.
  • Hallway. There is no usual hallway in the form of a separate vestibule in the loft style, as a rule, when you enter the apartment, you immediately enter the living room, so it is important to provide a place for outerwear and shoes.
  • Wardrobe. It is not customary to use cabinets in the interior of a loft. Hangers, racks and clothes rails are used to store things.

Loft-style living room


The loft is characterized by a restrained color scheme. Mainly, the interior of the loft living room uses black, white and gray colors. Natural shades of brown and red, such as unpainted wood or red brick, are also used. They are used both in finishing walls, ceilings, floors, and in furnishing. For example, the base of the bar counter can be laid out of brick.

The loft does not prohibit bright colors, on the contrary, it welcomes them, but not for the main background of the living room, but as color islands: sofa upholstery, armchairs, paintings, colorful accessories and books on shelves.

Against the background of gray walls and furniture, orange and red elements will look good, such as pillows, lampshades, flower pots, and even a water pipe painted in a bright color.
loft interior


As such, there is no loft in the living room. The walls remain bare – brickwork, concrete slab, rough plaster. The maximum that is allowed is to paint the wall without prior leveling. The base with all its irregularities should be visible under the paint layer. If the design under the loft is carried out in an ordinary apartment, then the walls are finished with materials imitating brick or concrete. For example, decorative plaster, wallpaper or tiles are used.

The ceiling is also left untreated. The joints of slabs, ceilings, wooden beams, everything from which your ceiling is formed should be visible. It is allowed to cover the ceiling with whitewash or paint.
lamps on the busbar

The floor is either poured concrete or wooden. It is important to foresee the possibility of installing a warm floor, since the space of the living room is large, the surface will not warm up well. Carpets in the loft living room are rarely used, mainly as a place where you can lie on the floor – near the fireplace, TV, window.

Ventilation pipes are not disguised in any way, they act as a decorative element of style. The same applies to boxes with wiring, water pipes and other communications. Everything is in sight.

The main idea of ​​finishing in the loft style is that everything should remind of the industrial past of this home.

Light and lighting

Loft-style living rooms are characterized by large windows and the absence of curtains. Nothing should prevent the sun’s rays from penetrating inside. This is the main source of light.

The design of the lamps in the loft style is simple and made of metal. Many elements are similar to hi-tech style.

As ceiling lighting in the loft style, lamps on cable systems, spotlights, rotating spotlights and simply light bulbs hanging on a wire look harmonious. Such “bare” lamps are decorated with lampshades, which are a frame made of metal rods or metal cones

Additional light sources are wall lamps or spotlights suspended in the hall area and between the window openings. Stage lighting is also actively used.
lighting the loft

Floor lamps and table lamps are responsible for local lighting. A common technique is a floor lamp in the form of a table lamp with an adjustable leg. Such a lamp is installed near a sofa or armchair. Very good for reading.

Shelves and racks can be illuminated with LED lighting, as shown in the photo – the soft yellow light perfectly harmonizes with the general color background of the loft interior.
loft design

Furniture and decor

The furniture in the interior of the loft living room is often characterized by gigantism. And it is not surprising. Small furniture will get lost in such a large space and will look silly. The second quality of loft furniture is simplicity and brevity. There are no unnecessary, non-functional details, carvings, floristry are completely absent.

The interior of the living room is divided by furniture islands, each of which is responsible for its own functional area. It is noteworthy that the furniture is not placed under the wall.

The center of the living room is a sofa and TV. The sofa is large, spacious, with smooth upholstery made of leather or imitation leather, less often fabric. The color is chosen according to the situation. If the interior is mainly in gray tones, then the sofa can become the bright element that dilutes the color scheme. For example, orange color will look great in a white and gray living room.
industrial style

If the sofa is made in cold tones to match the color of the general color scheme, then it is decorated with multi-colored pillows with various prints and patterns, stylized for the middle of the 20th century.

A coffee table on wheels is installed in front of the sofa so that it can be moved if necessary. The table is made of a metal frame with a wooden surface, it is often made in several tiers for the convenience of storing various small things.

In the design of the loft living room, it is allowed to use some techniques of the kitsch direction. So, a comfortable chair can be placed next to the sofa, which differs in both design and color. Such a technique not only does not disturb the harmony in the living room of the loft, but on the contrary emphasizes the peculiarities of the style.
loft furniture

The loft style is characterized by eclecticism, so elements of other styles are often used in the interior. For example, appliances, a fireplace are chosen in a hi-tech style.

The TV is a large plasma that occupies most of the wall. A modern music center is added to it.

A fireplace will look great in a loft living room. It is often installed in the middle of the room, using it as an element of space zoning.
hi-tech fireplace

Racks and shelves are another element of the loft style. Their feature is an open design. Most often, it is a wooden or metal frame on which the shelves are located. A rack is installed near the free wall, between living room areas as a false wall. Shelves are hung above the TV in the hall area. If the windows do not reach the floor, then with the help of a low shelf, you can build an extension of the windowsill. By strengthening the upper shelf, you will get a great place where you can sit with a cup of tea and a book, wrapped in a blanket and watching the life of the city.
loft racks

A dining table is installed in the dining area. As a rule, this is a simple design on four rectangular legs with a massive wooden table top. The table is often high, so bar stools and high stools are selected for it.

The industrial living room is filled with all kinds of sometimes non-standard accessories.

The decor of the living room should fully reflect the tastes of its owner. Accessories stand out for their brightness, non-standard shapes and are presented in a huge variety. Posters and abstract paintings, road signs, newspaper clippings, graffiti, black and white photo compositions hang on the walls. No one will be surprised if a bicycle or motorcycle is parked in the living room loft, a couple of car wheels or wine barrels are lying around.
loft decor
Compositions or individual decorative elements are placed on shelves, racks, coffee tables, bedside tables. These are statuettes, cups, plates, pots, vases. Containers can be opaque with a variegated color, they remain empty or decorated with bamboo sticks, dry flowers, forged plants. More transparent decanters filled with colorful glass beads, pebbles, buttons, wine corks, scraps of fabric will look great.

Indoor plants, as a rule, are absent or presented in single compositions. They are placed on a coffee table, dining table or bedside table, on shelves and racks. In no case do not put them on the windowsill – the window should not be covered by anything.

Loft-style living room: space and functionality

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