What is the loft style? This is a modern style developed by Western designers, which is distinguished from others by the emphasized carelessness of processing in combination with various modern textures, materials and techniques. This style is relatively new, much more often it is found in apartments converted from an attic or a warehouse. But is a loft-style kitchen possible in an apartment of a standard area? Everything is possible if you follow the stylistic features.

The loft style absolutely does not mean living in a warehouse or factory – an ordinary apartment can also be furnished in this style. The loft is best suited for young and active people looking for themselves and striving for self-expression, as well as for creative people.

The advantage of using a loft design in an apartment is the low cost of repairs. The walls can be unpainted, the overlap on the ceiling does not need to be hidden, the kitchen appliances are not necessarily new, in other words, the finishing costs are minimal. In addition, this design can visually significantly increase the space of the apartment.
Loft-style kitchen in the apartment

How does a loft differ from other styles?

The materials used in the design of the loft should evoke associations with an industrial space. Brick, metal, glass, concrete are ideal. The furniture should also clearly show the features of the industrial premises: they should be quite rough. However, their functionality should not suffer from this.

Loft apartments usually have an open layout. This means that there are no partitions and walls. The premises must be divided into zones.

A characteristic feature of the loft style is a large amount of light. This applies to both artificial and natural lighting.

The combination of old and new equipment in one interior also distinguishes the loft. A Soviet-era television in combination with a modern stove with a metal surface are typical representatives of this style.

Creativity and unusual solutions are the motto for loft design.

In other words, the interior of the kitchen in the loft style is an unusual combination of materials, surfaces, textures and technology, as well as a combination of old and new.
loft kitchen

Treatment of the floor, ceiling and walls

How to design a loft-style kitchen in an apartment? It is necessary to give the room characteristic features by finishing the ceiling, floor and walls. But how to do it?

The ceiling is painted white, but choose the shade carefully – it should not be soft milky, but snow-white. Many people use ordinary white water emulsion in the interior of a loft-style apartment – it is also perfect for painting the ceiling.

However, the ideal option is a completely untouched ceiling, this is possible only if you move into a new apartment without finishing. But we still recommend painting the ceiling – this way the room will seem larger and cozier.

An excellent option for decorating the ceiling is wooden beams or metal pipes. They usually try to hide them, for example, under a suspended ceiling, but not in a loft kitchen!
loft kitchen interior

The floor should be decorated with either wooden boards covered with transparent varnish or laminate. In the conditions of a city apartment, of course, it is better to use laminate. In the interior of the kitchen, finishing with tiles or stone is permissible.

Plinths must be matched to the tone of the floor, preferably natural wood.

As for decorating the walls of the kitchen, remember the main rule – the decoration should be simple, not fancy. As well as for the ceiling, white water emulsion is perfect for the walls. Many people leave the walls in their original form, especially brick walls: they look good in the interior.

loft kitchen design
Use wood, metal or materials designed for them in the decoration. The interior should be as simple as possible.

If the house has brick walls, you should use this for zoning the room. Some parts of the walls should be left in their original form, this will help to visually divide the space into zones. If there are no brick walls, then you can create an imitation of stone or brick. An excellent option for an apartment is wallpaper with a brick pattern.

Bare concrete walls also look good, however, this is not a very convenient option for the kitchen. Light tiles or tiles with a print of old newspapers on the walls are much more suitable for a loft kitchen. One of the free walls of the kitchen can be completely or partially decorated with a slate board.
white set in the kitchen loft


As for lighting, the article already mentioned that there should be as much light as possible. The light should be neutral, and the lamps should be as laconic as possible. You can fix many small lamps on pipes located on the ceiling. You can use a large chandelier. However, it is best to use both large and small lamps with daylight in the interior. Several large ceiling chandeliers installed in a row look great. Lampshades and floor lamps also look great in the interior of a loft kitchen.

For the kitchen, it is best to choose an option with many small lamps on the ceiling or with low ceiling chandeliers: this will create additional coziness. Materials can be different, for example, metal or glass.
loft style kitchen

Furniture, appliances, decor

There are several versatile options when it comes to furnishing a loft kitchen. Furniture should preferably combine metal and wood.

For example, furniture made of natural wood covered with colorless varnish is suitable for a loft kitchen. The corners of such furniture should be smoothed. The rough texture of the wood combined with the elegance of the contours of the furniture – this is the impression that loft furniture should create. Kitchen furniture should also be simple and functional.

There is another extreme – deliberately metallized furniture and appliances. These are shiny metal cabinet doors and modern equipment with a shiny steel surface. The more equipment, the better. At the same time, the work surface of kitchen tables is made under light wood or marble.
industrial kitchen
The arrangement of furniture in the loft kitchen depends on its size. If space allows, instead of a kitchen table, it is recommended to use a bar counter with high chairs, lit by low chandeliers with metal shades. The same bar counter can be used for zoning the kitchen, which turns into a loft living room.

Kitchen sets are chosen with solid doors. At the same time, there are often no hanging cabinets, metal or wooden open shelves are hung instead.
loft kitchen

The color of the furniture is white, gray, black, metallic, red, blue, orange. This is the main color scheme of the interior of the loft.

It is better to hang blinds or roller blinds on the windows – ordinary curtains can create extra coziness and the “industriality” of the interior evaporates.

Such details as vintage furniture, antique accessories and old appliances, graffiti, high-tech lamps, posters and various drawings will help you emphasize your style. You can place a reproduction of a famous painting on an unpainted concrete wall, you can splash white paint on this wall – anything is possible in a loft-style kitchen! Even road signs and signs will agree. Combine chic with deliberate simplicity, and the interior of your kitchen will become a true embodiment of the loft style.

Loft-style kitchen in the apartment

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