The industrial style attracts with its spaciousness, intentional roughness and original interior design. This design, despite the practically no decoration and simple furniture, turned out to be quite cozy. As a rule, studio-loft apartments do not have walls and partitions, and all rooms are combined into one, only visually separating different functional zones by the arrangement of furniture. Let’s consider how a loft-style bedroom is furnished and what features should be taken into account in this room, given its intimate nature.

In order to correctly design an industrial bedroom, the following nuances should be taken into account:

  • The room should be spacious enough. If you want to furnish a small loft bedroom, you will have to work with light and the choice of finishing and decor to visually expand the space.
  • All pieces of furniture have a functional meaning and a concise design.
  • Accounting for the features of industrial buildings: bare concrete, brick wall, open communications, cast iron batteries, etc.
  • Large window openings, without curtains.
  • Mixing styles in furniture.
  • The use of futuristic accessories, bright posters, original lamps.


A loft apartment is a studio in which all rooms are combined in one room. Ideally, the kitchen, living room and bedroom are not separated by walls. Different zoning methods are used for demarcation, and the sleeping area itself is limited, as a rule, to a bed and a bedside table. A false wall and sliding partitions will help to completely hide this part of the apartment

To emphasize the openness of the interior, you can install a loft-style shelf between the bed and the living room – an open structure made of metal or wood, lined with books and accessories. A wardrobe is also suitable for this purpose, which will also solve the problem of storing things.

The easiest solution is to separate the bedroom and the living room with the help of curtains, screens, curtains. To emphasize the belonging of the interior to the loft style, you can use a cut metal water pipe as a cornice.
Loft-style bedroom

If you make a loft interior in a building that corresponds to this style – a former industrial building with large open spaces and high ceilings, then you can organize a sleeping area on the “second floor”. For this purpose, a platform is built at a sufficient height so that you can safely walk from below. The height of the “second floor” is not necessarily human height. The main thing is that the bed fits comfortably there and you can climb on it. The area for the bedroom is made open, limited by bedside tables or metal railings. The photo shows options for creating a bedroom in the interior of a loft on the second floor.

The sleeping place is located on a high frame, the height of which is enough to arrange a cozy nest with a sofa and a coffee table on the “first” floor. An ordinary staircase leads to the bed. The role of walls is performed by bookcases, the height of which exceeds the level of the second floor, so for the “bedroom” they also play the role of bedside tables.
loft interior

In this photo of a loft-style interior, the second floor is built at human height. It is a platform fixed on hangers. The dimensions of the platform are selected according to the dimensions of the bed, without taking up extra space. A stationary staircase leads to the bed, which can additionally be used as a wardrobe, a bookshelf or, as shown in the photo, as a work board for notes.
bedroom on the second floor

And here is the reverse option of using high ceilings in industrial housing. The bedroom here is combined with an office. The lower tier is occupied by a bed placed on a pedestal to highlight the sleeping area, and a small platform made of a metal profile is built on top of it, on which a place for working on a computer is organized. The table top is attached to the wall on one side, and on the other side to the railing delimiting the office. Stairs are wide metal profiles built into the wall.
office on the second floor


Finishing is the business card of the loft style. If the furniture can have any design and color, then experiments with the walls, ceiling and floor are unacceptable, they have a completely determined appearance, which is precisely characteristic of an industrial interior. The main rule is the absence of processing or the imitation of its absence. Implied?

Walls – bare concrete or brick wall, rough plaster. The ceiling is a board, concrete slab, whitewash, while beams and crossbars are visible. The floor is concrete or wooden. It is noteworthy that it is enough to make one wall or part of it in the form of brickwork and the feeling of a loft interior is already created.

If the conditions of the apartment do not allow you to create an original loft interior, then use materials that can simulate the necessary texture. Walls – wallpaper or tiles under bricks, wallpaper for painting with texture under plaster, decorative plaster, lining. The ceiling is wooden slatted, plasterboard, stretch ceiling. The floor is laminate, parquet or poured floor.
Finishing the loft

Let’s go back to decorating the bedroom. If the bedroom is connected to the living room, then it is not accepted to use the technique of zoning by different finishes and colors of the walls, floor, and ceiling in the loft style. The common space should be a single unit.

If we are talking about the bedroom as a separate room, then here you can resort to various design techniques in finishing. For example, the wall near the bed is made of brickwork, and the remaining walls and the ceiling are made of plasterboard or leveled and painted in white or gray (imitation of whitewash or a concrete wall, respectively). Complementing such an interior with wooden beams on the ceiling, black and white furniture and original lamps, you can get a finished loft bedroom interior.
brick wall in the bedroom

The following photo shows an example of a loft-style bedroom arrangement in a small room with a small window. The loft is not characterized by the use of curtains and blinds, but in this interior, a light curtain allows you to hide the shortcomings of the bedroom. The lightness of the material diffuses the sunlight, creating the feeling of a much larger window than it actually is, and the white color visually enlarges the room. Brickwork is imitated by wallpaper, and the ceiling is made of plasterboard, creating the effect of a solid concrete slab. Emphasizing the loft style in this bedroom is the use of a stylistic ceiling lamp, a plasma TV, simple furniture and a black and white poster. Small metal buckets with grass in the corner of the bedroom are a small touch that completes the design.
chandelier loft

If the bedroom has a balcony, it would be wiser to combine these two rooms. So you will provide the room with a large window and expand the space.

Furniture and decor

Loft bedroom furniture is selected according to the principle of convenience and practicality.

The main, and sometimes the only, piece of furniture is a large bed, which is placed in the center of one of the walls. The bed has no legs, it stands on a low platform and is made on a frame, on top of which the mattress is placed. The frame is made from solid wood or metal, and using unusual approaches – for example, from pallets.

Bedside tables with a non-standard design are installed near the bed. It can be a simple curved structure in the form of the letter P, an old chest or suitcase placed on metal legs, a wooden box, pallets on legs.
white loft bedroom

Chests, hooks, rails, and shelves are used to store things. All clothes are simply hung in the closet on hangers, shoes just stand on the floor or in numerous boxes. The dressing room can be separated from the main part of the bedroom by a screen. Loft-style wardrobes are not used, so if you still want to install it in the bedroom, you will have to disguise it under the wall decoration.
wardrobe loft

The rest of the furniture depends on your personal preferences. Don’t be afraid to experiment. A large mirror, a screen, an old chair, bright accessories – all this in reasonable quantities will perfectly fit into the loft interior. The main thing is not to forget that the bedroom should be spacious, so you should not fill it to the brim with furniture and decor.

All kinds of accessories will be the finishing touch. The wall near the bed can be decorated with paintings, black and white photos, bright posters, musical instruments, graffiti. Lamps with a futuristic design, books or various paraphernalia of the middle of the 20th century are placed on the bedside tables.
loft style decor

The floor is also not neglected. A carpet with soft pile is placed in the bed. Under the wall you can find various futuristic or glamorous things, vases with colored stones, pots with indoor plants or dried branches.

The bed, carpet, armchair are decorated with bright pillows with prints or abstract drawings.

Special attention is paid to lighting in a loft-style bedroom. The main light comes through the windows, so the ceiling lights are more decorative than functional. Often, instead of a chandelier, a group of light bulbs on a wire is used, which are either left “bare” or decorated with wire in the form of a lampshade. Spotlights on the bus duct are placed around the perimeter. One or two lamps with a flexible, adjustable leg are installed near the bed.

Loft-style bedroom: spacious coziness

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