The modern and ultra-modern style of the loft combines the incompatible – it carefully combines the interiors of half-empty factory premises and ultra-modern equipment. The interior uses simultaneous placement of multifunctional objects, openness of space and industrial aesthetics. It is better to use the loft style for decorating spacious rooms, a small area will not be able to emphasize its main advantages. An exception is a loft-style bathroom, where even in a limited space you can get a stylish design by competently combining interior elements.

Open communications, raw walls and partitions carry the romance of America of the last century. This style is for strong, creative people who are not afraid to push the classic boundaries of traditional interiors and challenge the comfort and coziness of standardly decorated rooms. The result is an unusual, refined, individual style of each room, which attracts the attention of guests.

The main features of the loft style:

  • Gray tones, exposed brickwork for walls and floors.
  • Free space with a minimum of furniture.
  • Combination of modern interior details with old, rarities reminiscent of the last century.
  • High ceilings and open window openings let in maximum light.
  • Unusual interior details and accessories.

More and more modern apartments are decorated with loft-style bathrooms. Such an unconventional approach will allow you to create a unique, unusual style of this room, combining cleanliness and sterility with original decor.
Bath in loft style

The walls

Raw brick walls without plaster are the best basis for creating a harmonious interior. The basic color of the walls is blue, gray, white, beige with a metallic tint. They can be covered for reliability with a layer of varnish or matte paint to emphasize the relief.

If the bath is already decorated, the same effect can be achieved by artificially “aging” the walls with the help of coating chips.

Bright inserts made of red brick, inlays made of wood or “wild” stone look interesting.

You can also visually highlight one wall compared to the neutral color of the other three. To do this, you can choose a mosaic or metal tile and lay it from floor to ceiling.
bathroom loft

Open sanitary communications near the walls and even rusty pipes fit perfectly into the design concept of a loft bathroom.

Bathroom walls can be decorated with unusual elements, such as bright graffiti on a gray background, paintings in the style of abstraction or a road sign on a plain wall.


It is recommended to make the floor wooden, from wide old boards, covered with varnish and waterproof compounds.

You can choose laminate “under old wood” or natural stone, gray concrete floor.

Preferably a light color in the design to expand the boundaries of the space, as well as to emphasize the perfect cleanliness of the bathroom. At the same time, the aging effect is also desirable.
loft interior


The ceiling should visually increase the free space, pull the bathroom up, so it is recommended to paint it white. “Open” wiring will look spectacular, the interweaving of wires, which emphasizes the main direction of the style, its visible incompleteness, which leaves room for imagination.

Sometimes the ceiling is designed in the form of a building structure with ceiling beams, or they are imitated.

Baguettes, frames and any other decoration are not allowed, laconic geometry is preferred.
mirror wall in the bathroom


The main principle of the loft style is the combination of any incompatible furniture, while they should not be too bulky. Transparent cabinets, pallets for racks as bedside tables, small rare chests of drawers and cabinets will perfectly decorate a loft-style bathroom.

Furniture perfectly divides the space, but you need to furnish the bathroom in a minimalist style, without taking up too much free space. It is permissible to use a through cabinet, which will perform the function of a partition. Dresser doors can be supplemented with abstract patterns or shiny chrome handles.

Plumbing can be super modern, and as a bathroom you can place both a rare example on legs and a jacuzzi with lighting, but just not a shower cabin.
loft bathroom design


There should be a lot of light in a loft-style bathroom, and its sources should be the most diverse. The main lighting of the bathroom can be obtained from lamps built into the ceiling.

It is recommended to organize the lighting according to the principle of “glow from the inside”, choosing the diffused light of spotlights and highlighting with the help of lighting certain areas, for example, the bathtub itself or a mirror on the wall. Point lamps in the form of drops of light on the wall look original. You can choose another extreme and place massive lamps on chains under the ceiling, provided that the room is spacious enough and the ceilings are high.
industrial bathroom

Decor and accessories

Any accessories that emphasize the industrial style are suitable for a loft bathroom.

These can be old mirrors, a radiator of an unusual shape as a towel dryer, glass shelves and cabinets of an unusual shape. Details of large production mechanisms, gears as wall decoration or posters in the style of the last century look original. Volumetric 3D paintings with prominent colors create interesting visual effects. Contrasting color spots in the form of geometric compositions will dilute the gray surface of the walls and attract attention.

You can experiment with any decor elements, collecting them in a harmonious image of the industrial interior of the bathroom.
decor loft style

The loft style creates such a space for creativity and the selection of elements that can be combined in a harmonious image of your bathroom, which makes this interior the most profitable solution for creative people.

Keep in mind that finishing materials and the cost of repairs will not be cheap. But if you prefer the loft style, your bathroom will be the most modern, ergonomic, beautiful, functional and unlike any other.

Loft-style bathroom: industrial design

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