Although the Provençal style is related to “French Country”, it cannot be seen as simply rustic. It’s more like luxury styled for simplicity. The Provençal style is characterized by: antique design, colors, as if burnt in the sun, with specks of more lively shades. If we talk about a bright, welcoming interior, then this is a living room in the style of Provence.

Lighting and color

There is no darkness in a Provencal living room. The dominant color is white, which, in addition to penetrating light, visually enlarges the room. Shades are used: wheat, olive, blue, beige, milk, milk-coffee, ocher, terracotta, lavender. They calm and relax.

The use of bright colors is appropriate in order to attract attention to details – bouquets of flowers, decoration of lamps, sofa cushions.

Painting is also used, during which the texture of the tree shines through. Shabby chic is a painting method in which you can see what is under the coating through the painted surface.

To provide bright light, lamps are hung in the interior of the living room in the style of Provence. As a rule, these are forged chandeliers, made in muted colors, or pastel lampshades, which look even naive.
Living room in Provence style

Wall decor

Provence style business card – white walls. Rough plaster tinted with white is usually used, which advantageously emphasizes the details of the room.

Materials from the construction market are not suitable for French country, as it requires naturalness. Provence is popular with ordinary people, not with capricious aesthetes. That is why the surface of the walls is made uneven – the more “careless”, the closer to romance.

The walls of the living room plastered in the classic version look natural together with worn furniture.
guest house in the style of Provence

Design of the ceiling

The classic style is wooden ceilings with beams that have darkened over time. In apartments, polyurethane or polystyrene coatings are used instead. The holes between the beams are filled with wooden boards.

A more budget-friendly solution is a textured ceiling made of MDF imitating wood. It is undesirable to attach PVC panels, because the image of a tree on a shiny surface looks artificial.

The ceiling is a background that should not attract attention. The color scheme harmonizes with the interior, rich in warm, pastel shades. For this, the ceiling in the style of Provence is painted with water-based paint or whitewashed with lime.
Provence ceiling finish

Floor covering

The interior of the living room in the style of Provence requires getting closer to nature. The floor is arranged in two main variations:

  • Board-less consumable material – lace laminate, stylized as wood, or stone tiles. They often choose a sand color, in which the entire interior is preserved – picture frames, setting.
  • Massive stone. In urban conditions, a large-sized tile, for example, terracotta, is placed instead.

On the floor in the middle of the room, a large carpet with floral motifs looks great, the color palette of which matches the curtains and furniture upholstery.
wooden floor

Window drapery

The love of the sun in the style of Provence was reflected in the huge size of the windows. To protect against the midday heat, the windows are equipped with shutters.

Light, almost invisible, light fabrics are better for the living room. As a decor – a cage or floral ornament. Curtains can be of any shape, but if they are curtains, then they should be selected ribbons. Welcome ruffles. Roller blinds and Roman blinds, matching furniture upholstery, are used successfully.

When decorating curtains, handwork is used – these are bows, fringes, tassels, frills, which stand out against the general background with more noticeable shades.
curtains with floral ornament

Recommendations when choosing furniture

Two types of furniture are suitable for the living room: “grandmother’s” or purchased, deliberately outdated.

In general, the Provençal environment is characterized by:

  • as the main material – natural wood, painted so that there are scuffs;
  • pastel light shades;
  • as decor – carvings, gilded elements, painting with floral or fruit motifs;
  • calm upholstery made of natural materials;
  • setting: rocking chair, round table, heavy sideboard, fireplace;
  • the arrangement of furniture is free – in small segments over the entire area, and not along the walls and corners.

The furniture is upholstered with fabric with a floral pattern – a classic solution for the living room.
Povance furniture

Decorative accessories for the living room

Conciseness is important in Provence style. Actual availability of natural materials – textile accessories. The best fabrics are linen, cotton, batiste, chintz.

Handmade accessories fit perfectly: monograms on tablecloths, crocheted pillowcases for sofa cushions.

In the living room, it is customary to keep traditions that are the pride of the family: old photos in frames, earthenware trinkets. If the guest found himself in a room full of boxes, figurines, baskets, whimsical dolls, then most likely it is a Provencal room.

Complement the image of a birdcage and bouquets of flowers arranged in pots, buckets or coffee pots.
floristry is hospitable

Combining the living room with the kitchen

A round table placed in the center is used to strengthen the style identity in the Provence-style kitchen. Around the table there are chairs upholstered in natural materials. A stylish attribute is a tablecloth with hand embroidery. A seasonal bouquet is placed in the center of the table.

Indeed, Provençal kitchens differ in size. Such a kitchen combines both a living room and a dining room. However, if you decorate the whole house in the style of Provence, you should remember that decorative arches are built between the rooms, and not doors.

Meals are more important than satiety. Close people communicate “heart to heart”.

So, the Provence style was created for those who are tired of the city bustle and sharp modern colors.

Living room in the style of Provence – coziness and warmth

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