No one will argue with the fact that recently designers are able to very competently give an aesthetic and beautiful look to your apartment with the help of LED lamps , of which there are a huge number. One of the varieties of this type of lighting are linear LED lamps.


Linear LED lamps are currently used in a large number of different areas of decoration and lighting. A big plus and one of the reasons for the popularity of this artificial lighting device is that the length of such a light bulb can reach about two meters, just imagine.

Linear LED ceiling lamps

Many people can say that this option is unlikely to be suitable for lighting an apartment, since due to its size, the lamp will consume a large amount of electricity and thereby hit the wallet quite badly. However, in reality, everything is not so, because linear LED lamps, as well as all other sources of artificial lighting created using a diode, do not consume a large amount of energy, and this is one of the main reasons for their recent popularity.

As for the decorative side of the issue, it should be noted that LED linear lamps are produced in a large number of the most diverse colors and their shades, thanks to which you can choose the color that you like the most.

Linear LED luminaires


It is worth noting that all linear LED lamps can be divided into two types:

  • sensory,
  • modular

Touch-sensitive LED linear lamps are more popular than other types. They are installed like ordinary switches, which is why they should be hung at height so that it is convenient to get to it. However, unlike a regular switch, you don’t have to press a button, just touch and the artificial lighting system will turn on.

lighting with linear lamps


I would immediately like to note the fact that the advantages of LED sources of artificial lighting are much greater than the disadvantages. Let’s start with the positive aspects of using LED lighting systems.

LED lamps have a long service life, which is their main advantage. The service life is guaranteed due to their design. The thing is that, unlike fluorescent and other artificial lighting systems, installations developed with the help of an LED do not have in their design components that would heat up a lot and be unstable to moisture.

LED linear lamps can work without problems even in damp rooms and serve faithfully for about ten years.

Experts note the better quality of the light flow, which is much more powerful than that of other lighting devices. This is possible thanks to the combination of diodes and optical lenses.

Linear LED luminaires

Even if you forgot to close the window in the winter, you can not be afraid that the lighting device or part of its housing will be destroyed due to low temperatures. This will not happen in any case due to the fact that even the outer part of the lamp housing is made of material that is able to heat up and clean itself of ice and even snow.

Competent arrangement of artificial lighting devices, which include diode bulbs, will help you ensure full lighting of the room, thanks to which not a single unlit piece will remain on its territory.

Compared to all other types of lamps, it is diodes that consume the least amount of energy, thanks to which you will be able to save a fairly significant amount of your financial savings, because everyone knows very well that nowadays high consumption of electricity hits the pocket hard.

Safest during operation. Not a single drop of harmful radiation that could affect the health of the people living in the apartment comes out of the diode lamps. The housing is designed in such a way that, despite the excellent level of illumination and light flux, the space around the lamp does not heat up, so you can easily install them on interior items without fear that their surface will begin to deteriorate.


As for the minuses, there is only one. LED sources of artificial lighting are much more expensive than all other lighting systems.

However, you should think wisely. As already mentioned above, such lighting systems save a significant amount of money, which is spent when using other types of lighting installations. Moreover, unlike other installations, LED lamps do not have any negative impact on human health, so you can rest assured about the health of your family members.

lighting with linear lamps

Types of fastening

Linear lamps can be:

  • built-in
  • suspended,
  • overhead

The name of the built-in lamps speaks for itself. Lighting lamps of this type can be installed in absolutely any part of your apartment, whether it is a kitchen, hall, bedroom, or any interior unit in general. Built-in lamps most often have a round or square shape and are an excellent design touch in interior planning and furnishing of the apartment.

Hanging lamps are very rarely used as additional artificial lighting systems. They are usually the main source of light in the apartment room. Their convenience is that you can easily adjust the height of the installation, thanks to which you can absolutely not pay attention to whether the ceiling in your apartment is high or not. As for the shape, most often these lamps are made in a flat version, but if desired, you can find them made in a completely different shape.

pendant linear luminaires

As for overhead versions of LED linear lamps, they are made in such a way that they are not attached directly to the surface of the ceiling itself. This mounting option is found among all familiar chandeliers that simply hang from the ceiling. According to their appearance, they can have a completely different shape.

linear lighting fixtures

Types by shape

LED devices for artificial lighting have gained wide popularity not only due to their main factors, which are outlined at the very beginning of the article, but also due to a large number of different forms.

So, linear LED lamps can be:

  • round,
  • square,
  • Triangular.
  • Flat, etc.

As you know, people are very good at wrapping, which is why the wide variety of external types of lamps very often prompts them to purchase such a lighting device, because many people want the light in their apartment not to come from an ordinary lamp, but from something then mysterious, performed in an incomprehensible form.

LED lights on cables

Linear LED lamps in the interior

Linear LED lamps are very well suited as the main source of light in the room. You only need to choose the right location and you can be sure that the entire room will receive good lighting. Moreover, with the help of such a light source, you can complete and emphasize the design of your room, because at the moment you can buy LED lamps of a wide variety of colors and color palettes.

Thus, you can design a room in a romantic style, emphasizing it with interior units and any warm shade of color. If you like darkness, then LED lamps will help you here as well, because you can use cold colors and a dark interior.

In addition, these lamps can be installed both on suspended ceilings and on ordinary ones. It is also possible to install such lamps on stretch ceilings , but this can lead to heating, which they do not like. But now, given the fact that such ceilings have become very popular and in demand, manufacturers have solved the problem and made it so that linear LED lamps no longer heat up, and allowed this type of lamps to fit well into the interior of the apartment and stretch ceiling.

office space lighting

You should always remember that, first of all, you should determine which lamps you need. Type of attachment, color palette of the emitted light flux, model, appearance and other factors – all this should be decided in advance.

If you want to provide full room lighting, you can be sure that you will not find anything better than linear LED lamps!

Linear LED ceiling lamps

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