If you decide to arrange an office in your house or apartment, then you should think it through to the smallest detail. Here, not only comfortable armchairs, chairs, tables and sofas are important, but also the correct organization of lighting. The arrangement and selection of lamps for the office significantly affects the mood and well-being of a person, which in turn affects the ability to work. Let’s consider the main points of lighting planning in the office.

The cabinet can be divided into several functional zones:

  • desktop;
  • computer desk;
  • relaxation area, reading books.

Each of these cases has its own rules for placing light sources. Before we begin their consideration, let’s list the main recommendations for lighting the office.

  • Natural light is the most useful for work, so it should penetrate the office as much as possible. It is better to remove the curtains or hang translucent ones that do not interfere with the sun’s rays.
  • Avoid sharp changes in light and shadow in the office. If the eyes jump from dark to light, they will tire faster, which will affect your well-being.
  • Diffused light is better. Direct light, although it allows you to more clearly distinguish the working area, helps to concentrate, but it leads to fatigue, so it is better to use them for a short time and in combination with bright general lighting. You will be able to work more comfortably and longer with diffused lighting, which can be achieved by choosing lamps with spherical or conical shades.
  • Джерелом світла може виступати лампа розжарювання, світлодіодна, люмінесцентна або галогенні лампи. У цьому випадку вибір робиться за допомогою колірної температури лампи і призначення кабінету. Холодне світло бадьорить і допомагає сконцентрувати увагу, підійде для кабінету, де ведуться переговори, виконується відповідальна робота. Таке освітлення дають галогенні і люмінесцентні лампи. Тепле жовте світло ламп розжарювання розслабляє, підходить для роздумів, його краще вибрати для кабінету творчої людини і використовувати для читання книг і задушевних бесід.
  • Installing a lamp with a dimmer will be an excellent solution. This will allow you to adjust the brightness of the lighting depending on the use of the office. Brighter for work, dimmer for communication. It will also make it easier for people with farsightedness and shortsightedness: the former need less bright light, and the latter need more intense light.

General lighting

The general lighting in the office should be sufficient to cover the entire room, and uniform so as not to overload the eyes of lighter and darker fragments. The number of ceiling lights is determined by the size of the room.

The optimal solution is to combine a lamp or a chandelier with spot lighting.

The chandelier in the office is selected according to the style of the room. Given the business nature of the room, strict modern style models in metallic color with a white textile lampshade will look good.
chandelier modern


Regardless of what the office desk is used for (working with papers, drawings, handicrafts, hobbies), the requirements for its lighting are the same. In addition to natural and general lighting, this area must be illuminated with local lighting. This is what a table or pendant lamp looks like.

Most often, table lamps are used. They should have an asymmetric design, the ability to adjust both the position of the lamp itself and the direction of light from it. It is necessary to arrange them so that nothing, including hands, casts a shadow on the work surface.
table lamp

A pendant lamp lowered directly above the table will be very convenient if maximum table space is needed. So you will be able to arrange everything you need on the table, you will not touch the structure of the lamp with your hand.

It is desirable to illuminate a large desktop with several lamps so that the entire space is evenly flooded with light.

Computer desk

If there is a table in the office, intended exclusively for working on a computer, then it is enough to organize only general lighting. At the same time, the lamps are located in such a way that they are not reflected in the monitor and do not shine into the eyes of a person. For the same reason, the table is placed perpendicular to the window so that sunlight does not shine in the monitor.

The light from the monitor is most often used as local lighting. If you additionally have to work with papers, then a table lamp is installed. It is very convenient to use lamps on a long adjustable leg with a clamp for this purpose. So you can turn the lamp away when you don’t need it.

In addition, you can install the LED backlight of the keyboard, which is sometimes relevant if you have to work at night, and you do not know blind typing.
lighting in the office

Recreation area

If the office will still be used for rest, communication, reading books, then it must be furnished with a comfortable sofa and chairs. General light will be enough for communication, but reading is better with an additional light source. This can be a sconce or a floor lamp. A floor lamp is better, as it will be easier to reach to turn it on and off or adjust the brightness. Also, some designs allow you to adjust its position, changing it depending on whether you are sitting or lying down.

If there is a bedside table next to the sofa, you can put a table lamp with a lampshade on it.

If there are bookshelves in the office, then for the convenience of finding the right book, the shelves are illuminated using LED strips or furniture lamps.

Lighting in the office: organization rules

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