In order to properly organize lighting in the bedroom, it is necessary to understand what lamps are and what functions they can perform. In the conditions of the bedroom, it is important to take into account a number of nuances that will ensure a cozy atmosphere and a comfortable rest. All this leaves its mark on the choice and location of light sources. Now let’s try to figure out which lamps are suitable for the bedroom and where it is better to install them.

Before proceeding to the selection of light bulbs, remember the presence of natural light and its source – the window. Pay attention to the choice of curtains and blinds, they should have two modes: day and night. What does it mean? At night, it is desirable to make the room darker so that you sleep more soundly and nothing distracts you. Therefore, the window is closed with thick curtains or blinds. In the morning, open them and allow maximum natural light to enter the room. If you chose curtains as window decoration, then let light and airy curtains hide behind them. But in the case of blinds, you can completely abandon any curtains.
Lighting in the bedroom

And now let’s move on to artificial light. To begin with, let’s list the main lighting criteria for a bedroom:

  • The design of the lampshade should be such that the light does not hit the eyes of a person lying on the bed. Or the lamp is hung so that the light bulb is not visible in the lying position.
  • The general lighting lamp is located either in the center of the room or above the lower third of the bed. In no case above the headboard. Additional lighting – along the perimeter of the room on the ceiling or walls, or along the perimeter of functional areas. For example, along the perimeter of the bed, thereby separating the sleeping place from the rest of the room. Reading lamps are at eye level.
  • Dimmer . A very useful thing in lighting, thanks to which you can adjust the brightness of the glow, creating the appropriate mood in the room – from an invigorating morning to a romantic semi-darkness. Also, when using special LED lamps with a dimmer, you can change the color of the glow.
  • Remote control . Its presence is not mandatory, but imagine how cool it would be to turn off the light or change the brightness without getting out of bed or a cozy chair?

Consider the size of the bedroom and the presence of functional areas. The more these zones, the more lamps are needed:

  • General lighting is a must – a central lamp of overhead or hanging type, and there may even be a chandelier. In rare cases, a floor lamp.
  • You have a large room – add a number of built-in or track additional sources. An interesting option is LED lighting around the perimeter of the room.
  • A mirror, a dresser, a desk, a place to read, a dressing room, etc. – it is desirable to have a lamp for each zone. So it will be more convenient to choose clothes, comb your hair, read and work. If you read in bed, a bedside lamp is a must.

illumination in bedroom photo

Ceiling lamps

The most common option for bedroom lighting. Most often, models are used, which are a light bulb hidden by decorative glass or a plastic cup-shaped cover. Ideal for small rooms with low ceilings. Fastening is overhead.
lighting in the bedroom

There are a huge number of ceiling-type models, but the lamp is bought for the bedroom, so you need to take into account a number of nuances when choosing:

  • So that the light does not hit your eyes while lying in bed, choose closed-type shades. That is, you should not see a bright light bulb, it is not pleasant and will not contribute to a comfortable rest.
  • Matte lamps are best suited for the bedroom. For example, the ceiling can be made of opaque plastic or glass, marble, fabric, etc. It is better to abandon transparent options immediately for the reason described in the first point.

ceiling lamp in the bedroom

Choose the shape and design of the ceiling for the interior of the bedroom. It would seem that closed shades are similar, but small decorative details help to assign them to certain styles. A universal option is a white opaque round or semi-circular lampshade. A glass ceiling with a crystal crumb and bronze edging will look great in a classic interior. Square matte lamp with wooden trim around the perimeter – oriental style, without trim – minimalism. Cylindrical or intricately shaped with a matte bottom and colored (often black) sides – modern, hi-tech or other modern style.
lamps in the modern style

Lamps on a pole

An excellent compromise between ceiling-mounted and suspended models. When the ceiling is low for the suspended lighting option, and overhead models are not liked. The structure is represented by a metal rigid rod, on which a lamp with a shade or a lampshade is attached. In some models, the rod is flexible or can be adjusted, which allows you to control the direction of the light flow. For example, it is convenient when the bedroom is large, you can direct the lamp to those areas of the room where you most need light at the moment.
lamps in the bedroom

It is distinguished by a wide variety of designs. The ceiling can have different shapes, similar to overhead models and chandeliers. One of the examples of lamps on a pole – spots – are suitable for modern interiors.

Hanging lamps

The design assumes that the lamp hangs from the ceiling on a chain, flexible wire or a long rod.

  • Suitable for a bedroom with a high ceiling. It is permissible to illuminate low rooms with hanging lamps only if this is part of the design plan. Otherwise, the hanging structure will interfere, distract attention, and the distribution of light will be uneven throughout the room.
  • If they are used for general bedroom lighting, they are attached closer to the lower part of the bed.
  • Hanging lamps look interesting as bedside lamps. In this case, they are attached to the ceiling on the sides of the bed, and hang as low as possible, leaving enough space above the bedside table.

lighting in the bedroom


These are actually the same pendant lights, only they differ in their characteristic design, glamor and elegance. A chandelier is not suitable for every bedroom. She can “depress” the room. If the style of the interior does not provide for the presence of a chandelier, then it is better to abandon it. It was discussed in detail here .

  • For a small bedroom, the diameter of the chandelier should be less than 50 cm, and for a large one – up to 75 cm.
  • The lower the pendant (rod, chain, etc.) of the chandelier, the larger its size should be.
  • A chandelier can become an ideal divider for bedroom areas. For example, you can hang it in the recreation area, and choose less intense lighting for the bed.

lighting in the bedroom

Fan lamp

A solution for hot climates or lovers of a refreshing breeze.

  • Only for bedrooms with high ceilings.
  • Most often, models of fan lamps are made in rustic styles (Provence, country, etc.), but there are also modern designs.
  • It is desirable to have a remote control.
  • Consider the nuances of installation and operation of such lighting.

fan in the bedroom

Built-in lamps

If there are suspended or stretch ceilings, it is a sin not to install a number of built-in lamps. Perfectly combined with other methods of lighting. Used as an additional light source. The most common model is point.

  • Suitable for a bedroom of any size. The number of lamps is determined by the dimensions of the room. There are usually 4 to 8 of them.
  • Built-in lighting is located around the perimeter of the room or around the perimeter of various functional zones.
  • A dimmer is required to be able to control each lamp separately.
  • If there is a large closet or dressing room in the bedroom, then it is better to illuminate them with built-in lamps, instead of hanging another bulky chandelier.

illumination in bedroom photo

LED strip

It is used as illumination as additional or decorative lighting. Partially performs the same functions as built-in lamps, but in a different design, often complements them.

LED strips are most often a decorative addition to the design of the ceiling or walls. It is installed in the corners of multi-level ceilings, along the perimeter of the room, in niches for highlighting decorative zones. It can be a wardrobe, mirror, shelves, bed lighting. You can simply illuminate the room additionally, or you can add a certain charm to it. For example, after installing an LED strip under the bed, you get the feeling that it is floating.
lighting in the bedroom

Track lights

They are positional spotlights attached to a metal track on the ceiling or wall. They are used for accent lighting of dressing rooms, dressing rooms, mirrors or zoning.

Suitable for modern bedrooms, in the style of minimalism or loft.
lighting the sleeping loft


They are installed on the sides of the bed as additional lighting.

  • An option when there is no possibility to install a bedside lamp. Saves space on the bedside table. Fills the wall behind the bed as a decoration.
  • Choose models with rotating brackets to be able to direct the light to the right place.

sconce in the bedroom

  • Install sconces closer to the bed so you can reach them with your hand, ideally without getting up. It is approximately 60 cm above the mattress level, and 10-15 cm to the side. This is a recommendation, a more precise position depends on the style of the sconce and your personal preferences.

illumination in bedroom photo

Table lamps and floor lamps

The presence of floor lamps or table lamps is a prerequisite for a large bedroom with several zones. They can replace bedside lighting, illuminate a reading corner or work desk. In small rooms, they can even perform the function of general light, in the absence of ceiling lights.

  • If a floor lamp or table lamp is taken for functional (reading, work) or accent lighting, then it is advisable to choose models with adjustable light direction.
  • For additional lighting of the room, models with the direction of the light flow upwards are suitable.

lighting in the bedroom

Bedside lamps

Every bedroom needs a bedside lamp. Almost any model described above can perform this function. For example, a table lamp on the bedside table, a pendant lamp hanging from the ceiling, a sconce hanging on the wall, a floor lamp standing next to the bed. The selection criteria are as follows:

  • The reading lamp is located 5-10 cm above the bedside table. That is, in a lying position on the bed, the light will be at the same level as your eyes.
  • The switch should be within arm’s reach or take care of the remote control.
  • The dimensions of the lamp should correspond to the size of the bedside table (maximum, if the design of the bedroom does not require it).
  • It is desirable to have a backlight or the ability to switch the brightness of the lamp. So you can adjust the intensity of the lighting according to your mood – brighter for reading, softer for romance.

bedside lamps in the bedroom

Lighting in the bedroom: the choice and location of lamps

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