At the moment, there is a large number of the most diverse installations that allow creating artificial lighting of rooms and houses. Today we will draw your attention to how the LED lighting for the kitchen is organized under the cabinets, because, like in any room, there should be a sufficient amount of light flow.

Just as often today, you can find additional lighting sources that are mounted as a decorative decoration.

Why do you need additional lights in the kitchen?

It would seem that there are very few kitchen rooms that have a large square footage, due to which it will be enough to install an ordinary chandelier for good lighting. But, in practice, everything usually works out in such a way that there really isn’t enough light.

As a rule, the chandelier is installed in the center of the room, due to which the hostess who is responsible for this room, in most cases, is located with her back to the light source. As an example, you can cite ordinary dishwashing.
LED lighting for the kitchen under the cabinets

It is difficult to imagine a person who would have a sink with a faucet installed in the center of the kitchen. As a rule, it is always located next to the wall, so whether you want it or not, you have to wash the dishes with your back to the lamp. The same location is used for cooking and many other household tasks carried out in the kitchen area.

You should always remember that it is necessary to provide yourself with comfortable working conditions.

If you listen to the opinion of professionals, you can understand that in the kitchen, like in any other room, there should be several lighting systems, some of which are main, and others are additional, backlighting.
LED lamps for cabinets

Variants of kitchen lighting under cabinets

Many will be interested to know how much designers have advanced in terms of kitchen lighting. We will present to your attention several of the most common places where additional lighting is installed in the kitchen.

Hanging cabinets, which are an integral part of any kitchen, are installed in such a way that the shadow cast by them darkens the space of the countertop. However, the designers found a way out of the situation.

Very often there are LED lamps for the kitchen under the cabinets as illumination. During installation, the additional lighting device is attached between the lower part of the cabinet and the apron. This option allows you to ensure a better light flow that reaches the surface of your kitchen countertops. Thanks to the backlight, you will always be able to clearly see which items are located on the tabletop, and protect yourself from accidental injuries, such as a cut with a sharp kitchen item.
lighting the kitchen with LED lamps

Thanks to such a design solution, it is possible to note not only an increase in the quality of the lighting of the kitchen or its individual interior items, but also its transformation for the better, because after installing this kind of lighting, the kitchen begins to look much better, so to speak, it plays with new colors.

It is also possible to install an additional light source above the sink. It should be noted right away that there are two types of lamps suitable for this: built-in and overhead.

Installing such a lighting system will help you save electricity. Most people have a question: how is this so? In fact, the answer to the pain is simple. The thing is that there are often situations when you come to the kitchen just to wash the dishes. By turning on the lamp installed above the sink, you will get a sufficient amount of light, which is quite enough to see whether the dishes have been washed or not. If you turn on the main light system for the entire kitchen, then much more electricity will be consumed, and the lighting towards the sink will be worse, since you will block part of the light flow with your back, which was already mentioned above.

Types of furniture LED lamps

First of all, it should be noted that they are built-in, because compared to other models, they are the most difficult in terms of installation. Let’s explain on the example of a hanging kitchen cabinet. Such lighting devices are most often installed inside the furniture to illuminate not only the tabletop, but also the cabinet itself. It should be remembered that if you decide to install a furniture lamp, then make a plan of action even before you start assembling the kitchen set itself. If you first installed the kitchen, and only then decided that you want to become the owner of such additional lighting, then you will have to disassemble individual cabinets and install built-in LED lamps in them.

As for overhead LED lighting devices, they are attached directly to the wall or external furniture facades. Installation is performed in such a way that the light source can move (turn), thanks to which the light stream can be directed in the desired direction. So, if the lighting device is fixed to the lower lid of the cabinet, it can illuminate your kitchen counter, furniture and more, depending on the installed swivel device.
LED lamps for cabinets

Spotlights, which are also installed directly into the interior unit themselves, have gained popularity. Spotlights, designed with the help of LED bulbs, are most often used as decorative lighting, as their luminous flux does not have a high power. However, speaking about the furniture interior, it should be noted that if we take the kitchen as an example, the lighting from such lighting will be quite sufficient. If you install a spotlight on the lower part of the hanging kitchen cabinet, then the power of the light bulb is quite enough to provide the necessary light flow to the tabletop.

Linear LED lamps are widely used in the room interior in order to perform the role of a kind of illumination for pictures or mirrors. Their appearance resembles an oblong rectangle, inside which there is an LED lamp, which is a light generator.

We should not forget about the LED strip, which has recently gained wide popularity among numerous designers. This is due to the fact that with the help of this artificial light source, you can emphasize the merits and beauty of one or another interior unit. With the help of an LED strip, you can easily immerse the room in the atmosphere you need, be it mysterious, scary, or something else. For this, you have a huge selection of color options that will help you achieve exactly what you want.
LED strip lighting

Installation, methods of masking wires

Some types of lamps are quite similar in terms of their installation. So, for example, built-in and spotlights are installed in such a way that the cartridge of the LED bulb is hidden inside, and the bulb itself provides lighting from almost the same level of the wall of the interior item in which it is installed.

As for the backlight wires that connect the lamps to the network source, the question arises, where to hide them. You definitely won’t go wrong if you decide to put them under the wall, if we are talking about kitchen cabinets and other interior items that are located near the wall. If the furniture is at a distance from the wall, it is best to use lighting sources that do not work directly from the network.

One last tip

Before choosing one of the lamp models, you should decide exactly how this or that interior item or the complete set of room lighting should look. This rule is the main one, because it is far from a fact that you will be able to pick up additional lamps after you arrange the furniture and carry out repairs.

LED lighting for the kitchen under the cabinets

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