The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the apartment. Here, all the household members meet after waking up to have breakfast and discuss plans for the whole day, as well as in the evening after work, having dinner and mentally relaxing after a working day. Of course, such a room requires special attention, not only for the exterior interior, but also for the functionality of all the details and accessories located here. Not the last role in this matter is played by LED lighting for the kitchen, which should illuminate all its zones.

One of the latest technological solutions in such cases is LED lighting of work units and general space. The advantages of this technology are quite enough to talk about its popularity in everyday life.

LED lighting for the kitchen

Before discussing the issue of lighting in the kitchen, it is important to understand what zones it consists of. As a rule, there are only a few of them:

  • Ceiling level.
  • A little lower is the upper zone of the hanging cabinets of the kitchen set.
  • The next level is the lower part of the wall cabinets.
  • Tabletop or apron area where direct food preparation takes place.
  • The last level is the floor.

Illumination of the working area and apron

Illumination of the working area, where the entire food preparation process will be carried out, is extremely important and should not be ignored. In addition to the decorative advantage, the LED version of the illumination of this area will be very functional and economically beneficial, judging by the durability of these devices.

The work area includes a surface where various foods are processed and cut, a sink, a refrigerator and a stove. In fact, this is the most important part of the kitchen, where the most time is spent, and, of course, good lighting of this area is extremely important. LED strips and lamps cope with the tasks as best as possible. There are many advantages of this technology, the main ones can be called their economy and great variability in installation.

high-tech style lamps

There are quite a lot of ways to perform LED lighting of the work area and the apron area, here are the main ones that deserve attention:

  • Skins with built-in lighting. This method is very interesting and diverse in terms of design thinking. They are made of two layers of glass and an LED strip located between them. You can choose any pattern you like and order the production of such skins, which will certainly be an original version of execution.
  • Another no less common method is lighting in the kitchen with an LED strip, which is located on the bottom of the wall cabinets. This method is very practical and does not require special installation skills, it is enough just to purchase a tape and stick it to the cabinet.
  • Point lamps or spot lamps. This method is also common, but it does not provide full illumination, because the light from such lamps falls on the working area in a spot.

spotlight lighting

Cabinet lighting inside

This type of lighting is not as mandatory as the lighting of the working area, but it also has the right to exist. There are two types of lighting inside the cabinets :

  • Functional – the light selection is turned on only when the door is opened, which significantly simplifies the search for what is needed inside.
  • Decorative – illumination is carried out manually. Glass inserts on cabinets are used for this type.

For both types, the LED strip is almost ideal, because it does not require special costs for purchase and installation. Self-adhesive LED strip options do not require a professional approach, and their installation is available to everyone.

In addition, inside, on the upper wall of the cabinet, you can install spotlights, which are a profitable solution to this problem. The costs are small, except that you will have to spend money on the installation itself and the wiring to the switch. Battery-powered lamps are very similar in appearance and lighting principle. This is the easiest way, because they do not require special costs and installation, it is enough just to stick them to the upper wall of the cabinet.

led lighting for kitchen

What lamps are used for LED lighting in the kitchen?

Various LED lighting options are used for comprehensive lighting of the kitchen. It can be used not only as general lighting, but also as a way of zoning the space around the entire perimeter.

There are several lamps that are perfect for the kitchen:

  • The most common way of lighting is a chandelier using LED technology. It may not be enough for full illumination of all areas, but it looks very advantageous as a decoration option.
  • Spotlights are great for lighting the apron area, but they may not be enough to illuminate the entire kitchen.
  • LED strip is a very profitable and bright solution in all areas of the kitchen. Its use is appropriate not only above the work area, but also as an option for lighting the tabletop, cabinets, and the ceiling.
  • Hanging and swivel lamps will be able to fully illuminate the entire space of the kitchen.
  • Recently, the option of touch-sensitive LED lamps has become very popular. They are made of aluminum, have a very strong body and are multifunctional. The lamp can be turned on and off with the touch of a finger, which is not only convenient, but also very original for the kitchen.

led kitchen lighting

Features of LED strip lighting

The use of LED tape to illuminate various areas of the kitchen is extremely relevant, which can be explained, because this technology has a number of unconditional advantages:

  • Compactness. The installed LED strip is practically invisible to the human eye in terms of the general appearance of the kitchen.
  • Efficiency. The small size does not affect the quality of lighting, because the LED strip is able to provide full light illumination not only to the area of ​​the apron, but also to the ceiling.
  • Economy. Here we are talking not only about the low cost of the tape itself, but also about profitability in the process of operation, because LEDs have a very long service life.
  • Variety. The LED strip has a different color range of lighting, starting from warm white and yellow, ending with bright colors.

LED tape is best suited for lighting the kitchen, where there will be at least 120 LED elements per meter of roll, which will allow for full illumination. Installing the tape does not present any particular difficulties, you can always purchase self-adhesive options and sealed LED tapes.

LED kitchen lighting

Self-adhesive LED strips are treated with epoxy resin, so they have a high bonding effect.

The only difficult point may be the installation of a power supply unit, without which the LED strip will not function. However, if you have basic knowledge in electronics, then it will not be difficult. In extreme cases, you can call a professional master.

LED tape has a huge number of pluses, but also several minuses, including a relatively high price, judging by the meter of the tape, and insufficient lighting of large spaces. However, these are minor points that should not repel and somehow negatively affect demand.

LED strips are rightfully considered one of the most profitable solutions for the kitchen.

LED lighting for the kitchen: options

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