The variety of autonomous, ceiling and built-in lamps with motion sensors, presented in a wide range on the market, is due to the unique features of these lighting devices. All kinds of systems are widely used to improve and automate lighting control. LED lamps with a motion and light sensor are designed to simplify the life processes of ordinary people, providing a high level of comfort during their operation.

Energy-saving lamps with built-in motion sensors organically fit into the interior of large apartments, public halls. Additionally, they can be used in the private sector, cottage buildings and structures.

LED lamps with motion and light sensor


Motion sensors are sensor devices that detect the presence of a person or an object. They are designed to respond to any movement of the object, determined by the limits of its action. This automated device has a number of superior characteristics that favorably distinguish it from the usual light sources with a standard key switch:

  • significant savings in electricity. When the object leaves the zone of influence, the light sensor turns off the device, preventing overuse of the energy resource, the device program will not allow it to forget – turn off the light;
  • increasing comfort during use. Returning home late at night or in a gloomy time of the year, the residents of the apartment will not have to spend a long time looking for a switch, rummaging through the walls;
  • a wide range of uses. Such lamps can be used for installation on the streets, in a public place or in a private house, a standard apartment.

In private houses or public parades, experts recommend using unique anti-vandal devices that are equipped with latticed shades or made of high-quality, impact-resistant glass.

LED lamps with motion and light sensor


Manufacturers offer various types of such devices in a wide range:

  • infra-red. Such lamps assume the presence of a built-in infrared motion sensor, and today they have gained the most popularity among consumers, construction organizations and installation crews. Industrial and office premises, apartments and private houses, garages – these devices can be installed anywhere, thanks to the versatility of their application. The basis of the functioning is the principle of changing the temperature of any object in the process of interaction with the environment. Every body, regardless of size or volume, can emit infrared light, and the photo relay built into the sensor reacts to the slightest change;

lamp with infrared motion sensor

  • ultrasonic device. This device is widely used for lighting street objects. The principle of operation is based on the continuity of the sound transmitted from the sensor to the receiver. The light flashes only if the signal between the devices is interrupted. The use of street LED lamps with ultrasonic motion sensors is also possible in residential premises, large apartments or separate functional rooms with separate groups of zonally divided lighting devices;
  • microwave lamp. The principle of operation is identical to the ultrasonic device, but in this case radio waves are transmitted instead of sound. And by analogy, about a short-term interruption of the wave communication – the sensor turns on the lighting and the use of this lamp is also possible in industrial and residential premises, street lighting;
  • combined device. The name speaks for itself, the principle of operation of such devices is based on an effective combination of several types of sensor sensors. Such universal functionality provides a unique opportunity to significantly expand the scope of their application.

If you install a lamp – a night lamp with a built-in infrared sensor in the summer house or on the outer wall of the house in the countryside, in a gazebo near an artificial pond, it will be a profitable exterior solution and an energy-saving measure. The indicators of such lamps are functionally configured to reduce the amount of received light, as a result of which the contacts are closed.

LED lamps with motion and light sensor

With a more precise setting, you can adjust the IR radiation mode, while the lighting is turned on only when a living object is physically present in the device’s range.

According to the installation principle, such devices can be: built-in, overhead, ceiling, console. It is more efficient and profitable to illuminate the facade of the house with an overhead or wall device, similar in shape to a console or sconce. As a street or garden option, it is better to use a wireless or autonomous model of a battery-powered lamp with sensors that detect the presence and movement of a person.

Features of selection and installation

The choice of a certain lighting device may depend on the type of power supply, wired ones must be connected to the electrical network or an outlet, unlike them, wireless ones can be requested from batteries, accumulators or not particularly common power sources based on solar cells .

Direct connection to the network is possible only if it is available, which excludes the use of such models in the garden, on the summer cottage or with external street lighting. For those who want to switch to a completely autonomous mode of using and saving energy resources or alternative options, wireless technology devices are perfect.

built-in lamp LED

Adequate attention should be paid to the installation and connection of any lighting devices, with or without sensors. The best option would be to entrust this responsible occupation to professionals specializing in this field. During self-installation, it is necessary to follow the step-by-step procedures and observe safety techniques:

  1. The place where the sensor will be located is chosen, while the functionality of the location of doors and windows should be taken into account. It is better to work with the scheme of a room or any room;
  2. In order to avoid damage to the indicators from a sudden voltage surge, it is necessary to additionally connect a standard key switch;
  3. Connecting the wires of the lamp with the sensor and connecting them to the general electrical network;
  4. Precise adjustment according to the instructions and according to the requirements of the manufacturers.

Summing up, it can be noted that LED lamps with a motion and light sensor are functional, practical, economical and very versatile devices. Their wide variety allows you to fit into any interior and exterior. It is also worth noting the increased comfort in using devices.

LED lamps with motion and light sensor

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