Provence is translated from French as province. This is the name of the region in France, located on the Mediterranean Sea. French Provence is a lot of light, sun, warmth. This is the blue sea, air in which the smell of spices floats, beautiful southern landscapes. And all this was reflected in the style of Provence. Lighting and lamps in the style of Provence have their own characteristics.

Characteristic features of the Provence style in the interior

Walls, floor, ceiling

When creating the Provence style, wallpaper is almost never glued. The walls are painted with light paint, moreover, so that they seem a little burnt. In addition, they are not leveled, but on the contrary, they emphasize all the irregularities and roughness.

Provence style lamps

The floors are either laid with wide light boards, or laid with massive stone, porcelain stoneware under stone and wood.

The ceiling is traditionally whitewashed. It may have dark wooden beams.


They are painted here, aged, light. It is better if it looks a little worn, as if it has survived more than one generation of owners. Or made of light oak, chestnut.

On the surface of furniture in the style of Provence, chips, traces of a wood bug, and abrasions are often imitated.

Upholstered furniture has light upholstery, often in a small flower. The furniture is a little darker than the walls. Some objects (armchairs, sofas, shelves) can be woven.

Traditional furniture for this style is chests of drawers, sideboards, cabinets with numerous drawers and large mezzanines, dining tables on massive legs and small elegant tables.

Provence interior lighting

Color solution

The colors are light, but not bright, slightly muted. Mostly beige, lavender, blue, soft yellow, terracotta. They are combined with each other, symbolizing the bright meadows of Provence. Contrast is not welcome in this style.


Rooms in this style are saturated with herbs and flowers. Here are indoor plants, and bouquets of dried flowers, and drawings, and floral prints on textiles.

Embroidery, knitted lace, seams are used for decoration. On upholstered furniture there are many different pillows: embroidered, sewn from rags, knitted. For napkins and curtains, bleached linen, cotton with a floral print, well-fitting striped textiles are suitable. Quilted bedspread with ruffles.

Many forged parts of furniture and individual decor items are made in the forging technique, which is characterized by lightness, a certain whimsy, and elegance. These are bed backs, hangers, picture frames, planters, and so on. Forged lamps are of particular importance in this style.

Provence style chandelier

Requirements for the lighting of the Provence room

Lighting plays one of the main roles in creating interiors in the style of Provence. When organizing it, the following must be observed:

  • artificial and natural light should be harmoniously combined and complement each other if necessary during daylight hours;
  • the room should be filled with soft, even, moderate light, which creates an atmosphere of peace and harmony;
  • most of the lamps used in such interiors must have dimmers to be able to adjust the lighting: bright, dazzling lighting is not acceptable here;
  • in rooms in the style of Provence, the play of light and shadow is acceptable: some corners are well lit, others remain in intimate penumbra, this is what makes it possible to create a comfortable home atmosphere;
  • for lamps, it is better to choose lamps of yellow light.

lamps in the interior Provence

Models of Provence lamps

Lamps used in such rooms are divided into devices for main and auxiliary lighting. Devices for the main lighting are turned on during the dark hours of the day, devices for the auxiliary can be lit during the day when the room is not well lit or turned on in the evening when there is not enough main light or it has been purposefully extinguished.

Provence style lamps

Models of lamps for each type of lighting have their own characteristics.

For the main lighting, chandeliers are used , which are hung in the center of the room, more often above the tables, in large rooms they can be two or three of the appropriate size. They can be attached to forged chains and hang from ceiling beams.

Lamps in the style of Provence

Such chandeliers are:

  • expensive models made of bronze;
  • cheaper, made of brass and aluminum;
  • with porcelain lampshades with a small floral print;
  • with textile lampshades made of silk and fine wool, also with a small flower pattern, often with small roses, trimmed with fringe, ruffles, lace;
  • completely lacy, both white and any light shade;
  • with a combination of different materials (for example, metal and ceramics).

chandelier provence

Models of lamps for additional lighting are:

  • floor lamps, sconces, lamps;
  • desktop, wall, floor;
  • standing on the floor, tables, shelves, furniture, special stands,
  • hanging on the walls, walls and doors of furniture;
  • completely forged;
  • with antique forged details in the form of bunches of grapes, leaves, flowers, branches;
  • using several types of materials (for example, forged metal and textiles);
  • with small lampshades made of colored glass;
  • with decorative crystal details;
  • with woven vine lampshades (in kitchens, glazed verandas, corridors);
  • in the form of candles in candlesticks or candelabra for living rooms and bedrooms.

You can create a lampshade for a lamp with your own hands using paints, brushes, threads and imagination. Such lampshades are also made from waxed paper at home.

Provence style table lamps

Features of outdoor lighting in the style of Provence

There are two types of lamps outside the house. The first are placed on open verandas, terraces surrounding the house, gazebos. These are small chandeliers with woven lampshades or inexpensive sconces in the form of a “bat” lantern.

The others serve to illuminate the territory and are a traditional street lamp hanging on a forged chain and enclosed in a glass rectangular or conical cap with forged sides. Decorations in the form of bunches of grapes or vines are allowed.

For all cases of street lighting, brass or aluminum shades with floral painting are suitable.

Provence style is best suited for country houses and cottages. It is there that it can be embodied in all its subtleties: it will be felt right behind the gate, on the site, near the door thanks to properly selected lighting.

Lamps in the style of Provence: the soft light of home comfort

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