When arranging your bathhouse, it is easy to understand that lighting is an important thing for achieving a comfortable and pleasant rest. After all, correctly selected and placed lamps for the bath in the steam room, washroom, dressing room create a pleasant relaxing atmosphere.

Features of bath lighting and its connection to electricity

A bathhouse is a very hot and humid environment, therefore, when connecting electricity and installing lighting devices, certain requirements are taken into account:

  • elements that conduct current should be carefully protected with a waterproof and heat-resistant coating;
  • strips of asbestos should be placed under the pipes for insulation;
  • for electrical wiring, wires with a double layer of insulation are best suited;
  • it is better to avoid the use of wires with a metal sheath.

Lamps for a bath in a steam room

To ensure safety and good lighting in the bath, the lamp must meet the following requirements:

  • high tightness;
  • required voltage;
  • the possibility of adjusting the light.

One of the main requirements is tightness. Sudden temperature drops and the penetration of steam or water into the lamp can cause a short circuit and catch fire, which is a great danger for vacationers.

For better security, it is also necessary to install low-voltage lamps. They are powered by a transformer located outside the bathhouse.

Steam room, washing room, apron

Since there is a lot of steam and water in the washroom, the devices installed in this room must have appropriate protection. To prevent splashes from reaching the lamp, it is mounted at the highest point of the ceiling. It must have a lampshade that covers the lamp and contacts.

washing machine lamp

The presence of high humidity is also characteristic of the recreation room, so lamps with protection will be needed here as well. In this room, good, uniform lighting will be suitable, so it is better to install a chandelier with several cartridges and light bulbs, with two switches.

In the dressing room, you can install the same lamps as in the rooms, for example, sconces or floor lamps.

A lamp for a steam room should be particularly susceptible to high temperatures. If installed on the walls, then the exposure limit of 100 degrees is enough, but for ceiling structures – at least 250 degrees. Lamps equipped with ceramic, porcelain or thermoplastic shades and cartridges are suitable for these purposes. The case is usually made airtight and additionally sealed with silicone or rubber.

Also, LEDs and LED strips, which can provide diffused light, are well suited for a steam room.
lamps in the steam room

Choosing a light bulb for lighting

When choosing lamps for a bath, you can come across a large number of different types of lighting, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Halogen lamps are best suited for the hottest rooms of the bathhouse. They perfectly tolerate elevated temperatures and have protection against splashes or accidental contact. The advantage of such lamps is the most comfortable light spectrum for a person, as well as the use of a safe and relatively low power supply voltage.
  • You can also use energy-saving and non-integrated fluorescent lamps for the bath. The advantage of this type of lamps is the brightness adjustment function. But, despite excellent heat resistance, fluorescent lamps tolerate frost worse.
  • Fiber optic lamps, in addition to original design and eye-friendly lighting, are characterized by increased strength: they can withstand the highest temperatures.
  • But LED lamps do not particularly like the heat. However, their brightness and rich color range will allow you to create a spectacular decoration of your bath.
  • Classic incandescent lamps are gradually losing their popularity, as they are more expensive in terms of energy consumption and require the presence of additional protective devices.

Tips on the design of lighting in the bath

When installing high-quality and safe lighting in your bath, it is not necessary to limit yourself to a standard design. For example, the room can be decorated with interesting products with wooden diffusers, as well as various gratings and lampshades, which will help reduce the brightness of the light and create a cozy atmosphere.
how to choose a lamp for a bath

LEDs will allow you to create unusual and original light compositions. For example, you can pleasantly surprise your guests by creating a starry sky on the ceiling.


The main mistake when choosing lamps for the bath is excessive attention to compatibility with the interior. Other criteria should not be ignored.

But when choosing lighting, they are guided not only by the external aesthetics of the lamps, but also by safety. There are many important requirements for lighting devices for a bath. First of all, they must be resistant to high temperatures and contact with steam and moisture.

Also, when choosing lamps, it is necessary to take into account the principle of space zoning. The temperature and humidity in the steam room and laundry room are much higher, so strong structures are necessary for them.

Lamps for the bath in the steam room, washroom, changing room

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