Evening exercise is better to do in front of a mirror lit from all sides. It helps to remove make-up efficiently, apply skin care products evenly on the face. Several light sources are able to create effective and ideal lighting, especially lamps for mirrors in the bathroom.

Competently selected bathroom lighting successfully emphasizes the interior and refreshes the appearance of the entire room. The brightness of undistorted, soft light can perfectly wake you up in the morning and lift your mood. Excellent lighting helps to carefully consider yourself, to carry out all hygienic procedures.

Lamps for mirrors in the bathroom

Using the zoning method, the room is divided into functional areas that illuminate the mirror, the shower room, and the area next to the sink.

The mirror remains one of the important areas, the lighting of which should be approached carefully, excluding possible shadows, distortions of reflection or glare. When choosing lighting, you should pay attention to the design of the mirror itself, which adds elegance, style and sophistication to the room. Individually selected lighting of the functional area in which the mirror is located helps to create a unique mood and atmosphere in the entire bathroom.

Lamps for mirrors in the bathroom

Mirror lighting rules

To choose the right lamps for lighting mirrors, it is important to use the following tips:

  • use of indirect lighting. Most often, for a high-quality effect, mirrors are illuminated from the sides or from above. For such purposes, built-in lamps in the bathroom above the mirror with an increased degree of protection against moisture, fluorescent or halogen lamps are perfect;
  • rejection of colored light. It is characterized by the distortion of natural shades, which creates a false impression of applied makeup;
  • you should not use too bright, dazzling lamps that give a sharp light that hits the eyes;
  • it is better to avoid dark, too muted lamps that give a lot of shadows and semi-darkness;
  • the light is selected according to the degree of diffuseness, pleasantness, softness, a white or matte lampshade is ideal for this.

Stylistics in the design of the mirrors themselves plays not the least role in the decoration of the bathroom. It is beneficial to illuminate a small area of ​​the mirror coating with a pair of symmetrically located lamps, which allows you to avoid transitions of light and shade. Medium-sized mirrors are illuminated around the entire perimeter, covering the entire surface, with careful elimination of reflections and glare.

lighting fixtures

Wide, massive mirrors are placed horizontally, no lower than two meters from the floor, illuminating it from above. Ideally, a long and narrow halogen lamp is placed above the top edge of the mirror, or a built-in mirror light, internal or external, is used. These inconspicuous, functional lamps do not catch the eye. They perform their functions properly and have recently enjoyed increased interest, both among consumers and representatives of construction companies, design firms and organizations.

Lamps for illuminating mirrors

From all the variety of lighting devices on the modern market, the most popular groups can be distinguished:

  • Ceiling A classic option, appropriate for the bathroom and quite interesting, such lamps not only functionally illuminate the area of ​​the mirror, but also decorate the room in general;
  • Wall Sophisticated models, designed in the same style as ceiling lamps, are often selected for already existing lighting, perfectly fitting into the interior;
  • Dotted The most modern solution, with all its miniatureness, gives bright, saturated light, implementing the most amazing and daring ideas and interior solutions;
  • Bathroom mirror with built-in lights. Unique, in fact, lighting, a specialized, practical solution for fans of style and design.

Lamps for mirrors in the bathroom

Built-in lighting

Built-in lighting makes it possible to effectively get rid of shadows and reflections on the surface of the mirror, does not dazzle and does not shine directly into the eyes. At the same time, both the internal and external appearance of this functionality does not affect the normality and reality of the perception of the display at any time of the day. A convenient type of lighting does not distort contours and color with shades, allows not only to apply makeup efficiently and effectively, but also to remove it.

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With such lighting, you can do all kinds of necessary hygienic procedures and measures. In terms of functionality, the built-in backlight is quite bright, but at the same time has a soft diffused light. Such natural lighting allows you to see all the details in the mirror, does not cause unpleasant associations with the lamp used in surgery. This lighting also carries an aesthetic design component, as it clearly highlights a certain space in front of the mirror.

mirror lighting fixtures

By providing an additional light source, completely autonomous, a beautiful play of light and halftones is created, the volume of the room is visually increased, and the space between the walls is expanded. It is better to select prestigious and detailed projects of built-in lamps for illuminating mirrors depending on the combination of practicality and aesthetics of the room. When experimenting with lighting, it is better to take into account both of these factors, to approach the issue individually, taking into account safety and general standards.

Special attention should be paid to the distance of lighting devices from taps, showers, to prevent moisture from getting on the surface of the lamps Lamps for mirrors in the bathroomTrack engineering solutions on the issue of hidden wiring and used insulating materials, pay attention to the resistance of products to the possible action of water. Built-in lights for mirrors meet all these requirements, ensuring an adequate level of personal and general safety of the premises.

Trying to ennoble the bath, providing it with novelties and unique developments of designers or practical and simple products, any personal preferences are justified. Choosing lighting devices for mirrors in the bathroom according to your own desire and taste, it is better to rely on the advice of specialists who have invaluable experience in this field. Using your creative potential, you can ensure maximum comfort and convenience of daily use of such a functional room with minimal costs.

Lamps for mirrors in the bathroom

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