Kitsch is a combination of the incompatible, a kind of mockery of styles, rules, and requirements. Only truly extraordinary and courageous individuals who are able to deny any traditions can follow this. The kitsch style in the interior is manifested by a conscious lack of taste, which sometimes even looks very good. This style is different from others, so it is easy to recognize it, but not everyone will be able to repeat it.

Distinctive features of the kitsch style in the interior:

  • Cheap materials issued for rarity.
  • Bright colors, disharmony in their choice.
  • “Combination” in one room of several incompatible styles, for example, Japanese style and classics, empire and hi-tech.
  • Fakes for luxury.
  • Numerous accessories that catch the eye in shape or color.

Kitsch style in the interior
Kitsch is divided into three types:

  • Pseudo-luxurious. It is characterized by a tasteless interior. The interior is furnished with the most expensive and popular things, which are completely incompatible with each other.
  • The style of lumpens or the kitsch of the poor. A minimum of funds is used to decorate the room in this style, most of the furniture and accessories are taken from the landfill.
  • Designer kitsch. An interior in this style is an art. There is practically no mention of convenience and practicality.

Decoration and color palette

Aggressive color shades are used in the kitsch interior design: rich red, pink, purple, blue, green. Many elements stand out with acid shades and eye-popping patterns.

Walls, floors, and ceilings are decorated in a variety of ways. It can be plaster, wall painting, and wallpaper. The main thing is that the colors are bright enough. In addition to monochromatic walls decorated with accessories, several other decoration techniques are used:

  • Each wall in the room is painted in its own color.
  • Making an “application” from different wallpapers.
  • Brick walls refer to the loft style.
  • Careless painting of the walls, with divorces and streaks.
  • Using wallpaper with large pictures, photo wallpaper.
  • Painting the walls with bright caricatures.
  • Using vinyl records, magazines, newspapers, posters, road signs instead of wallpaper.

children's kitsch

Decor and accessories

The interior in the style of kitsch is distinguished by an excess of decor. These are a wide variety of accessories and decorations – toys, figurines, photos, pictures, vases, books and more. The main thing is that they immediately catch the eye. They did not complement the room, merging with the environment, but contrasted, stood out either by shape, color, or non-standard use.
decor in the style of kitsch

Використовуватися може все. Порожні горщики для квітів, порцелянові статуетки, величезні скульптури, в’язані серветки на подушках і телевізорі, килим на стіні, розкішні люстри з чеського скла, абажури з бахромою. Кітч – це карикатура на історію і традиції в дизайні, тому в ньому відмінно уживаються елементи декору, які виділяють кожен стиль окремо. Безпрограшними деталями в інтер’єрі будуть рюші, китайські дрібнички, фальшива позолота, достаток рожевих сердечок, зірочок. Сюди ж підуть і мотиви з декору Hello Kitty, будинки Барбі та інших популярних дитячих іграшок.
kitsch style accessories
The choice of lamps for general lighting is dictated by two rules: “overstocking” or “understocking”. The pseudo-luxurious kitsch style will be perfectly complemented by a huge chandelier in a classic style with candlesticks, and for the lumpen style, the complete absence of a lamp is also suitable – a rather bare light bulb under the ceiling. Another budget solution is an old floor lamp with a wire or wooden frame instead of a lampshade.
a bedroom with a large chandelier

When finishing in the style of kitsch, you can arrange one large sleeping place at all. Place carpets with long pile on the floor, and scatter low square ottomans and numerous colorful pillows around the edges. Decorate the ceiling with bright posters, graffiti on the walls.
kitsch bedroom


Furnishing a room with furniture in a kitsch style is one of the simplest, but at the same time difficult activities. There are no requirements for furniture.

A budget and simple solution is to furnish the interior with furniture from the landfill (of course, cleaned and partially restored). Old grandmother’s chairs, sofas of the last century, plastic tables, wooden chairs, stools.

Kitsch furniture
In the case of designer kitsch, it is much more difficult. Here is an opportunity to show style in the interior to the fullest. For example, to furnish the living room with luxurious armchairs and add to them an electric fireplace in high-tech style. Or decorate the bedroom in a classic style, and make decorative elements such as pilasters, headboards, forged and painted details from ordinary plastic.

Kitsch style in the interior: combine the incompatible

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