Despite the fact that the interior of your apartment meets all modern requirements, you still always want to add something new and unusual to it. Changing furniture and renovating is not an option. You can and should refresh your home with other bold solutions that will be many times cheaper than a complete change of scenery. Which ones? Let’s try to find out today how to transform an apartment without resorting to major repairs.

Bright colors

Working with walls will always help to achieve the most tangible effect. If your apartment or house is maintained in pastel colors, try to transform it with the help of bright paint. At the same time, do not be afraid of too dark and juicy shades, remembering that you have only one task – to fit the new color in such a way that it harmonizes with the rest of the interior at least as well as the old one.

how to transform an apartment

However, you can easily decorate the interior of the apartment without painting. Bright wallpapers, for example, can also fall into place. What kind of pattern will be on them – large or small, monochrome or colored, geometric or floral – it’s all a matter of your taste. The main thing, again, is that the style and color of the wallpaper do not stand out from the general decoration in any way.

Photo wallpapers

How else can you change the walls for the better? Right! With the help of photo wallpaper. Thanks to their realism, they will help not only to break the closed space, but also to transfer to the atmosphere of a cozy city street or a green deciduous forest. Photo wallpapers in the interior of the apartment can become a real highlight, hiding or shading the flaws.

murals in the interior

Slate walls

Wallpaper is, of course, good. But suddenly, after pasting them, your mood will change dramatically, and your heart will begin to demand changes again. To prevent this from happening, try turning one of the walls into a slate board. You can use it to draw pictures, write positive quotes, and leave notes to your loved ones. But the most interesting thing is that all this can then be easily washed, thus updating the space and radically changing its mood. A slate wall can be an excellent solution for transforming a children’s room.

slate walls in the kitchen


If you are not yet ready for radical changes, start with something less significant. Alternatively, use ordinary interior vinyl stickers to decorate furniture and walls. You can buy them ready-made in any hardware store, although no one forbids them to be made to order either. The huge advantage of such stickers is that they can be used more than once or even twice. Just know how to glue from place to place!

Wall stickers


Typography is in fashion today. Symbols drawn on the wall, three-dimensional plastic or wooden letters, wallpaper with texts or alphabets – all this can fit very harmoniously into the interior. The main thing is not to deviate seriously from the main style.

Decorative letters for the interior of a children’s room will be especially interesting and instructive. The small owner will definitely like this solution, especially decorated with bright flowers or cartoon characters.

three-dimensional letters in the interior


What else can change the space so much, if not a mirror. Whether you install it in a huge massive frame or dilute the wall with small mirror inserts, the main goal will be successfully achieved in any case – a mirror in a small room will noticeably enlarge the room. Do you have a little free space? Then try to get by with some mirror art object, for example, a silhouette or clocks. Yes, even they will be able to transform the premises.

mirror in the interior

Photos and paintings

Do you have many empty walls in your apartment? So what are you waiting for? Run to the store for beautiful photo frames! It does not matter if they are of the same format or of the same color scheme. Again, it is a matter of taste how to decorate the apartment with photos. But you simply have to fill in the blanks with pictures. Pictures will also come in handy. In the most extreme case, you can dilute the image with other beautiful objects, for example, figurines or plates.

photos in the interior

Animal heads

Most likely, only men will be able to decide on such an experiment. The head of an elk, deer or bear will definitely add a bit of wild originality to the interior. And there is nothing wrong with that. Such an “accessory” will always draw attention to itself, regardless of the material used to create it: leather, fur, plywood, wood or plaster. It is best to install animal heads on the wall in the study, especially if it is furnished with a massive bookshelf, a fireplace and a comfortable chair. They will also be appropriate in a country style interior.

cardboard animal head


Ordinary wall shelves will help rid the walls of grayness and boredom, and at the same time organize several places for storing small items. Cute figurines, collectible books, beautiful tableware, photo frames – you can put anything on them.

In the meantime, it will be good if you go even further and install not an ordinary shelf, but a small designer rack of an original shape. By placing it in the most prominent place in the room, you can thereby give it the status of the main decoration of the space.

shelves in the interior


The walls seem to have been dealt with. But what to do with the floor? After all, she is also boring. Spread a huge bright carpet on it? And why not, actually? Such an object will immediately be able to draw attention to itself and easily transform the surrounding space. The best option, of course, would be a slightly unusual carpet, with an uneven relief or an active print, or knitted.

carpet in the nursery


Creating a cozy and warm atmosphere in the interior is the prerogative of indoor plants. Living organisms will not only be able to fill all the empty areas, they will actually breathe new life into your apartment. At the same time, you need to remember that it is important to use different plants to decorate different rooms. In the living room, for example, it is advisable to focus on large and noticeable plants, while it is better to decorate the bedroom with small greenery.

plants in the interior

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