Everyone is familiar with bright, saturated street LED garlands that can create not only a feeling, but also a festive mood. Solemn, romantic atmosphere, pleasant appearance of buildings, streets, houses and trees – all this is their merit.

Such lighting and illumination designs can give a special charm to any functional room, apartment or office. Garlands can be installed anywhere as desired.

street LED garlands

According to the place of operation, two types of garlands are distinguished:

  • Interior. They are intended mainly for interior decoration, as well as for balconies and windows. They often become decorations of festive celebrations, they are hung on Christmas trees, furniture, interior doors and ceilings.
  • Exterior. They are used on the street to decorate the facades and walls of buildings, gazebos, observation decks, etc. It is especially popular to hang LED garlands in the city park and in private plots on trees and bushes.

Choosing an LED garland for the street includes taking into account many factors, including: overall dimensions, quality of lighting, construction, design, power, availability of additional equipment. Some models are equipped with connectors that allow you to extend the garland with an additional section if necessary. We will consider in detail what to pay attention to when buying a street LED garland.


You should pay attention not only to the beauty of the LED garland. Functional parameters are also important. After all, you don’t want the decoration to turn out to be dull, flash every once in a while or quickly burn out.

According to their parameters, LED garlands have a lot of advantages over analogues:

  • Indicators of brightness and degree of illumination. The garland can provide diffused or directed light. This parameter depends on the purpose of the light decoration: to gently illuminate everything around or to focus attention on details.
  • Energy saving. Resource-saving indicators are important, because the garlands work for several weeks or months during holidays, without interruptions in the evening and at night. LED devices are good in this regard, as they are significantly more economical than their counterparts.
  • Duration of work. Even with the most intensive mode of continuous operation, the festive mood will not be spoiled by a burnt-out contact or extinguished illumination.
  • Reliability indicators. LED garlands are not subject to the influence of moisture, snow, ice or strong wind, perfectly tolerate the aggressive influence of the external environment.
  • Characteristics of impact strength. It is very difficult to damage the design of the LED garland, which increases its competitiveness and expands the range of possible installation locations.

The advantage of LED garlands is the small size of the LEDs. This makes it possible to create an inconspicuous design that will not catch the eye during the day. At the same time, in the evening, they will give a bright enough light to delight from afar. In addition, LED garlands are reliable – they are moisture-resistant and do not heat up. Thanks to this, the options for their use are almost limitless. In the conditions of the city or country house, they will shine without restrictions, regardless of the weather at any time of the year.

LED garlands for the street

Functional characteristics of LED garlands:

  • protection against moisture. Increases the safety of the used design, choose a garland based on the marking of the product, it is usually prescribed as IP44;
  • mains voltage Equipped with adapters that allow you to connect the garland to a low-voltage electrical network;
  • brightness and color of the garland. Street lighting requires additional brightness, and the color is selected based on individual preferences and the overall composition, exterior solution;
  • cord length and color. It is better to choose a wire of a neutral color, for trees, bushes – dark, for walls and windows, in tone, light, transparent or silver is suitable;
  • functional controller. It allows you to make the lighting with an LED garland dynamic, to dilute the lighting with several modes of operation;
  • frost resistance. A very important parameter when choosing a design for lighting in the winter period.

Types of street LED garlands

The appearance of the garland is no less important, thanks to it, you can achieve a strict and clear outline of any structure that is decorated, or make the composition voluminous and saturated. The following types of LED garlands are most popular among consumers:

  • Curtains or curtains. It is made of rubber cable with shock-resistant LEDs, so this design is simple and safe. It looks spectacular on roof slopes, doors, windows. You can decorate the perimeter of the porch or gazebo with an LED curtain, creating a romantic atmosphere with pleasant diffused light. In the city, it is often found in the decoration of shop windows, restaurant windows at the entrance to the cinema, that is, in those places where you need to attract attention.
  • Thread-like, linear garland. The versatility of this design is confirmed by a wide range of applications, stylish and bright decor that will decorate any area or surface. One of the attributes of a real holiday, such an LED garland will decorate any event. When choosing a transparent wire with colored lights, you can create the effect of a filled volume.

street LED garlands

  • Garland snowfall, rain, waterfall. Garlands that work according to the same principle: LEDs light up sequentially from top to bottom with different dynamics and speed. This creates the effect of falling snow or jets of water. With their help, you can create a feeling of snowfall even without snowy weather, and in summer it will seem that a refreshing waterfall is flowing nearby. It is quite effective to place such structures on large trees that complement the surroundings, and one gets the impression that this particular tree has fallen under a snowfall. Attracts attention, creates a romantic atmosphere.
  • Net garland. As can be seen from the name, this design of the garland involves the placement of LEDs along the network housing made of cable. This gives many opportunities for design solutions. For example, use a network garland as a decorative wall for space zoning. It is also used as “ceilings”. The free area is covered with a net, imitating a ceiling or creating the effect of a starry sky.
  • Garland fringe. Several vertical threads of different lengths can reproduce the effect of icicles, especially if they are mounted on window sills, railings or the edges of roof slopes.
  • Miniballs. Small-diameter balls are attached to LEDs along the entire length of the wire and perfectly decorate trees, shrubs, shop windows and facades.

For each territory or functional site, you can choose your own type of LED garland. And if you combine all types of illumination, you can get a particularly breathtaking result.

LED garlands for the street

Connection methods

Connecting to the network is the main prerogative of home garlands. As for the street installation, mobile autonomous units powered by batteries are most often used here (these can be both ordinary and solar batteries that absorb the light flux during the day and use the accumulated energy at night to operate the garland).

When there is no electricity on the street, and the installation of garlands must still be carried out, autonomous garlands become a way out of the situation. These types of structures successfully decorate and decorate both trees, shrubs, lawns and open areas, as well as houses, cottages, gazebos and other buildings. Effectively selected and installed LED garlands will emphasize all the advantages of indoor buildings or open areas, saturate the space, add volume to it. Working with these types of illumination is not difficult and is quite simple, as it does not require specialized training.

Regarding the limitations of the installation, the level of minimum energy consumption can be attributed here. In this case, the most convenient and cost-effective option will be the LED version.

Taking into account all the features of LED garlands will allow you to protect yourself and your loved ones in the process. Street LED garlands can be used every day with intensive operation. It is enough to follow the recommendations, carefully study the instructions and make a responsible choice. And of course, design the exterior with proper imagination and invention.

How to choose street LED garlands

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