Many people give their preference to really high-quality lighting equipment, such as LED ceiling lights for the home. The range of such products is increasing on the market every year. This shows that everyone can choose lamps: from the smallest light bulbs to huge chandeliers.

Types of LED ceiling lights

Types of LED ceiling lights for an apartment / country house / mansion include:

  • Spot lamps, which can be rotatable and non-rotating, are used in most cases specifically for plasterboard ceilings.

ceiling LED lamps for the home

  • Overlays installed directly on the ceiling surface.
  • Built-in, used as a decorative light on the ceiling (with diamonds, diodes, bulging lamps, etc.).
  • Suspended, attached to the ceiling with the help of special hangers.
  • LED strips installed under two-tiered niches of ceiling / wall / floor openings.
  • LED panels based on the LED matrix are built into any wall / floor / ceiling / other surface.
  • Gimbal lights or directional lights, installed directly on a plasterboard ceiling or other type, have the property of rotation like, for example, a stage light.
  • Other types of lamps, chandeliers, lamps and other lighting equipment.

LED home lighting

Advantages compared to analogues

If you compare incandescent, energy-saving and LED lamps, you can see many differences between them.

Comparable efficiency and brightness of light – everyone can pay attention to the performance in lumens (hereinafter – L.). For example, a 100 W incandescent lamp. produces 1,700 L. Energy-saving in 13 W. emits 800 L. LED 13 W. produces 1000 L.

Heat transfer is an important factor. Comparing the lamps listed above, experts noted that the first 100 W lamp can heat up to 169 degrees Celsius, the second – about 82 degrees, and the third – about 31 degrees. It turns out that the risks of fires are significantly reduced if the homeowner installs an LED lamp.

Average terms of service. So, LED – about 60,000 hours of service (further – h. Sl.), Energy-saving – 8000 hours. Sl., Annealing – 750 h. Sl.

The remaining important facts are a comparison of how each of these lamps tolerates different temperature regimes. For example, an energy-saving one will not withstand temperatures below 23 degrees Celsius and above 49. It is sensitive to moisture, it will not turn on instantly, as it needs seconds to warm up. Its two predecessors are not sensitive to temperature changes, they turn on instantly, only the incandescent lamp is sensitive to moisture. The most durable of them is LED, the less durable is energy-saving (it cannot cope with frequent power outages).

How to choose the right lamp

When choosing LED ceiling lights for a house, in order to implement certain tasks in the interior of an apartment, country house, mansion, you need to set the right goals. Therefore, general lighting is suitable for large halls. You can install a large designer chandelier (ordinary lamps) in them.

Local lighting will serve as a good highlight for the dressing room or hallway, because the light in them can be a little muted / not bright (point rotating lights are suitable).
built-in LED rotary lamps

Decorative lighting is suitable for installing it in special and pre-prepared niches, a two-level ceiling, under curtains in children’s, guest, bedroom rooms (you can choose LED strips or built-in lamps). Also, they will illuminate rooms as comfortable, cozy modern lighting.

Accented lighting is necessary for a bar counter, a kitchen table, and will fit perfectly into the interior of a kitchen or living room. Also, they are also suitable for the bathroom. Here you can use non-rotating spotlights. Surface and hanging lamps are suitable for functional lighting of any room in an apartment / country house / mansion.
LED lamps in the kitchen

As for halls with a large area, it is best to install gimbal lamps or directional light lamps (spotlights) in such places. To divide your space into zones, it is enough to use rotating LED ceiling lights, LED tape, built-in lamps.

How to decide on a design

With the help of lighting devices, each person can visually increase or decrease the space. Yes, it will be most profitable to emphasize the merits in order to hide all the flaws in the interior. Designers are of the opinion that LED lamps are very rational, functional and decorative. Each of their types must be used in different genres and styles. A lot depends on what style you initially chose for your home. Based on this, you can choose either spotlights or crystal chandeliers. You can emphasize the style with chrome metal and glass, lamps with flashy diamonds.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fastening system and accessories of the lamp, which are included in the kit. This aspect is very important, since the installation of lighting devices in a suspended ceiling is fundamentally different from installation in concrete or a multi-level plasterboard structure.

The design of ceiling lamps is very unique and practical. As a rule, even the installation of lamps in a plasterboard or concrete ceiling is not so difficult. Light sources must be equipped with a plinth, a ceiling. This should be taken care of directly in production. It is important to carry out a high-quality installation so that the fragile structure of the lamp or decorative elements does not burst.

When buying a high-quality LED ceiling lamp, pay attention to the company, the country of manufacture, the general appearance of the product, and the price policy. If it seems to you that it is too low, it is better not to buy this lamp.

Always pay attention to the availability of a warranty card for at least six months. Also, the technical characteristics of the lamp, its operational properties should be written on the box: how much electricity it consumes, whether it is moisture-resistant, whether it works in different temperature regimes, how strong it is in terms of heat transfer, other nuances.


LED lamps for an apartment / country house / mansion are integral things in which everyone works. With their help, designers can create a universal interior design, harmoniously fit them into any style.

Today, the market is so full of various offers that it is difficult not to get confused. The main thing is to pay attention in time to the price policy, quality and the company that produces this type of goods. This will help not only to choose, but also to avoid buying a fake for the same money.

How to choose LED ceiling lights for the home

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