When there is a desire to make a fresh and modern repair, then you want to follow all the prescriptions and at the same time do not neglect even seemingly insignificant details. Everything must be done not only at the highest level, but also with taste. As soon as the repair reaches the stage of installing stretch ceilings, homeowners begin to think about the importance of the lamps installed in them. Let’s consider how to choose lamps for stretch ceilings.

Features of the organization of lighting in a room with a stretch ceiling

To organize the lighting of the stretch ceiling, it is necessary to follow the same rules as for other variations of the installation of lighting devices. It is necessary to place lamps for stretch ceilings so that the lighting is evenly distributed throughout the room. This will create additional comfort conditions and will not injure the eyes.

How to choose lamps for stretch ceilings

They often resort to combined schemes, for example, combining a central lamp with several pairs of spotlights. Instead of point LED lamps, LED strips are often used, but, unfortunately, they may not fit into every interior.

It is necessary to ensure that when full lighting is turned on, there are no dark corners in the room, and there should not be too bright, intense light.

It is very important that the falling rays of light do not distort the perception of the home itself and do not distort the surrounding environment.

The light emanating from the ceiling should be functional, which means that its intensity should vary in different living areas: from soft and soothing to bright and even. But all these parameters can be observed only under one condition – installation of stretch ceiling and lighting is done by professionals.

lamps for stretch ceilings

 What lamps can be attached to a stretch ceiling

The modern market of lighting devices can offer two main types of lamps that are suitable for stretch ceilings: external lighting devices and internal ones.

In some interior solutions, you can use overhead lights. They proved themselves from the best side and gained wide popularity. Their convenience lies in the fact that the ceiling and the lamp are located quite close to the surface of the stretch ceiling structure, which means that they are not limited by the thermal ring. There is no need to fence the light source from the ceiling itself with decorative elements or a special ceiling.

There is also a third type of lamps – ultra-thin. They are used to illuminate furniture, wooden panels and other decorative solutions. These lighting elements allow you to significantly save space between the floors and the ceiling. Both LED and energy-saving lamps are purchased for them, which makes it possible to save energy up to fifteen times. Such a light source cannot burn the ceiling, and this is an important advantage when choosing.

high tech lighting

The market of lighting devices offers a wide range, forcing the consumer to make an informed and balanced choice. You can install any lighting source, even built-in. Most often, LED lights are used for stretch ceilings, as they are a model of durability.

The main requirements for such light sources are: harmless to the eyes, fire and electrical safety, ease of installation and reliability. If there is a need to install lights for a stretch ceiling with illumination, then you can resort to their spot variations. This approach is not as simple as it seems at first glance – point lighting gives the home coziness and a unique atmosphere.

Requirements for light sources in the conditions of a stretch ceiling

People often make several typical mistakes when buying lamps for lamps. Therefore, there is a list of certain criteria that should be paid attention to when making a choice:

  • When buying, first of all, they pay attention to lighting devices with LED lamps. They are called LED lamps . Their light is more diffused, so there is absolutely no danger to the eyes and too bright light spots. In addition, they soften and visually improve the environment. But this is only a small part of their undeniable advantages. Lamp housings with such light sources are quite insulated and are often made of materials that practically do not conduct heat. Well-known designers predict a great technological future for the LED generation of lamps.
  • If the choice is stopped on appliances with halogen lamps, then it will have to be additionally insulated with special gaskets. This is the difference between halogen lamps and LED lamps – they heat up the lamp body a lot, which means that the heat also affects the surface of the stretch ceiling structure. What does this lead to? Sooner or later, the ceiling around the lamp will begin to melt.

To avoid overheating of the stretch ceiling, devices with halogen lamps are insulated with heat-resistant gaskets.

ceiling lights for false ceilings

Requirements for light sources installed on the stretch ceiling:

  • If the lamp is halogen, then an insulating gasket must be included with the lamp.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to whether the lamp has protective edges. They are very important if there is a thermal ring of reinforcement, which serves to strengthen the lighting equipment in a specially designated place for it.
  • Lamps without sides can be installed only in a set with LED lamps.
  • It is necessary to choose energy-saving lamps, then the repair will save a lot of electricity.
  • Energy-saving lamps should save both electricity and space, thanks to their small thickness. This helps to fix the ceiling plates as close as possible to the floors.
  • The light source should never heat the ceiling material above 60C.
  • Power is also important – do not use products with more than 50 watts for stretch ceilings. This is due to the fact that the heating element will not lead to deformation of the thermal ring and will not damage the ceiling fabric.

luminaires for stretch ceilings

Because of

As in every construction and repair segment, there are also certain rules and trendsetters in the lighting field. Expert assessment allows you to attribute them to brands, which provides a guarantee of quality and confidence in reliability. In the domestic market of lighting products, the buyer is recommended to pay attention to lamps whose service life, measured in hours, is at least 10,000 hours. They are of high quality, and the range of products is so wide that it is suitable for any type of stretch ceiling constructions. You need to know that the service life of a halogen lamp is slightly shorter.

You need to choose those devices that give a diffused beam, the correspondence in terms of illumination is 40-42 Watts. The cost of a good lamp cannot be lower than 200 rubles, and the price of the entire lighting complex varies depending on its ergonomics, quality and manufacturer’s company.

A person who is going to install a stretch ceiling in his house cannot always create ideal lighting conditions on his own. Therefore, with any choice of lighting devices, installation should be done exclusively by professionals. However, you can’t save on the cost of the equipment either – low quality does not guarantee reliability and safety.

How to choose lamps for stretch ceilings

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