Pool table lights are a special type of lighting, as their purpose is more spot-on than standard pendant lights. In this case, the lighting is concentrated exclusively on highlighting a separate area – the table, and not the entire room.

Therefore, the conditions for the latter differ from standard lamps for living rooms or children’s rooms. The stylistically closest to billiard lamps are the light sources used in the interior of restaurants, bars, and taverns. Similar designs are used to create a cozy atmosphere of the modern era of the 30s-40s.
pool table lamps

The truth is that stylistics is clearly not in the first or second place for billiards. First of all, the game provides certain criteria for coverage, developed over dozens of years of practical tests. Thus, it is worth referring to the mandatory requirements for ensuring comfort when playing billiards, as required by the sports discipline.

The method of organizing lighting above the pool table

Lighting is a really important gaming factor. Of course, you should not forget about the atmospheric component – the traditional semi-darkness and the light stream scattered over the gaming table. To avoid shadows from balls, players and their cues, the lamps are placed above the table, regardless of the method of attachment to the ceiling or beam.

The main condition is compliance with space: the distance of the lamp from the table is at least 0.8 m, but if the players are tall enough, then the distance can be increased to 1 m.

The design of the lamps should be determined by the general style of the room. Also, the majority may not be oriented, but the lamps are initially located at the above-mentioned height, strictly in the middle of the length of the pool table.

These conditions will allow you to get the most clear outline of all objects on the table, allow natural shadows to emerge, and all this without light distortion, darkening or refraction.
lamps for billiards

What lamps are chosen to illuminate the pool table

It is worth noting that the height from the edge (0.8m-1m) to the board of the game table is chosen based on the power of the electric lamps. This scheme corresponds to the use of devices with a power of 100 W, which will allow to achieve light illumination of the entire playing surface of at least 300 lux. When it comes to the location of the structure higher than 1 m above the field in this scheme, the visibility of the field is reduced, which, accordingly, creates discomfort for the players themselves. After all, upon impact, lighting will fall into the eyes.

If we are talking about illumination below 0.8 m, then this will also have a negative effect on the game – the appearance of glare will interfere. In addition, it is likely that the areas of the pockets in the corners will remain unlit, and there is a possibility of the athlete touching the extreme ceilings with his head or stick.

Therefore, observing the rules for installing lighting equipment will make the game as comfortable as possible.

Basic rules for choosing lamps

Optimal table lighting is provided by lighting of 300-500 lux. Certain criteria must be followed when choosing an accessory.

First of all, we recommend a matte version of 100W lamps or 20W LED lamps, which allow you to get an even light.
Lamps for a billiard table

The best material for making a lamp is steel or brass.

The fortress of the frame will protect the bulbs from potential damage, especially since there are many situations with the ball bouncing or accidental hits with the stick.

The traditional color is green due to its harmony with the table, but other options are also possible.

A classic option is a cone-shaped lampshade, which allows you to provide protection and diffuse the light beam. Non-standard forms of a drop or a circle are also possible.

As for the stylistic solution, or more precisely, the material of the lamps, it is wood, plastic, fabric and metal. The shape of the ceiling will be dictated by the overall design of the billiard room. Special lampshades made of metal and decorated in silver or bronze are especially popular. And you can’t go anywhere from the classics – green is always in fashion!

The greatest intensity should be concentrated directly above the table. The side light is, as a rule, less intense in order to level the shadows near the balls, as well as to illuminate the extreme pockets. These technical conditions will allow the game to acquire accuracy. These parameters allow you to compare the lighting of the billiard room with the office.

The units of illuminance are lux, and the ideal value for a pool table is 300-500 lux. For example, during a television broadcast of a billiards match, the lighting intensity is increased to 1000 lux, using more powerful lamps.

Calculation of the number of lamps above the table

To choose and buy a lamp, you need to correctly match it with the dimensions of the table itself. With amateur tables, 2-3 ceiling lights will do just fine. Standard table sizes (9-10 feet) are lit by 3-4 lamps, and professional tables by 5-6 lamps.

The number of shades varies based on the size of the pool table:

  • 2-3 shades per 7-8-foot
  • 6-7 pieces per 20-foot.

illumination of the billiard room

Rules for placing lamps above the table

The most important criteria is that the surface should be illuminated completely, including the extreme pockets.

It is worth paying special attention to the fact that the market offers pendant or classic versions of lamps. A distinctive design feature of these products is the base made of a rod or frame hanging above the table. This allows you to distribute the entire light array evenly over the entire table area. In addition, this type of lamps, having a “Spartan” design, perfectly fits into any atmosphere of a billiard room, because the classics, as you know, do not get old.

The absolute opposite is the exclusive option of lamps. This design has an original design, for example, a copper or brass rod, or even forged decorative elements, expensive fabric on the ceiling or a designer body in a modern or hi-tech style. Lamps of this type are usually made to order, thereby emphasizing the importance of a pool table for its owner. However, one cannot fail to notice that with their presence, the interior acquires a certain amount of sophistication, brevity and completeness of the design.

Those who want to achieve certain skills in this sport or simply brighten up their own evenings with a game of billiards should learn in advance about the rules for installing lighting, as this, first of all, will affect the performance of the game, as well as the health of the players themselves. This only emphasizes that lighting plays a special role in the game, and finding a balance is almost a basic principle: not too bright to avoid shadows and reflections, and not too dim (that is, bright, but in moderation).

Really high-quality lighting will allow you to get only special lamps, the purpose of which is exclusively for billiard tables. It is these devices that will allow you to cope with the suppression of shadows and glare, and will reproduce pleasant and soft lighting. This will allow players to concentrate on their own game and achieve maximum results.


Thus, in order to summarize the technical requirements for lighting billiard tables, it is worth remembering that the lion’s share of the requirements for lighting devices are recorded in the documents of the International Pyramid Committee, as well as the European Committee. It is there that the general points regarding coverage are prescribed, namely:

  • light intensity (from 300 lux);
  • height above the table surface (80-100 cm);
  • material (ceiling – steel and brass, cartridge – strong ceramics);
  • quantity (7 feet – 2-3 pieces of ceiling; 9-10 feet – 3-4 pieces; 12 feet – 6 pieces).

How to choose lamps for a pool table

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