LED lamps are gaining more and more popularity nowadays, because they have a number of undeniable advantages. Together with them, the demand for dimmers for LED lamps, designed for lighting control, is growing. This is quite natural, since it is dimmers that increase the functionality of any LED lighting sources.

Technical characteristics of LED lamps are described in this article .

Application and principle of operation

A dimmer is a device that is designed to evenly adjust the intensity, order and color of lighting using a remote control or according to a set program.

dimmers for LED lamps

The field of application of dimmers is quite wide:

  • domestic use in residential premises (most often in “smart house” systems);
  • in offices (for selective lighting of office premises, as well as to save energy);
  • in premises that require professional and high-quality lighting, such as concert halls, exhibition centers, museums;
  • three-dimensional advertising designs;
  • in architecture for dynamic lighting of buildings, etc.

Such devices for LEDs differ from dimmers used for incandescent lamps, in which the brightness directly depends on the current strength. Here, this method will allow you to change the color of the emitted light. To reduce the brightness of the LEDs, the width of the direct current pulses arriving at it with a certain amplitude is changed. The principle of operation of dimmers for semiconductor lamps consists in changing current pulses.

Some devices have extended functionality and allow you to set the lighting to automatically turn on when a person enters the room, as well as automatically turn off when there is no movement.

All dimmers are quite close to each other in design and have the appearance of a switch with buttons or a rotating wheel for adjusting the lighting. Connection to the network is carried out in the same way as with a simple switch by connecting two wires.

The design of the device itself is quite simple and at the same time very functional. The dimmer allows you to easily control individual lamps or a whole group, at the same time significantly reducing the consumed electricity. Dimmers are equipped with a protective fuse, remote control by remote control or voice.

LED dimmer with remote control

Dimmers significantly expand the possibilities of LED lighting, which contributed to the increase in demand for them. You can control the intensity of light radiation using a potentiometer that is built directly into the light device itself, or using a remote control. When using a remote control, it is possible to control and set programs in the dimmer at a distance of 5 to 50 meters. Buying a dimmer is also justified due to the rare breakdowns and long service life of this device.


The LED dimmer has a wide range of advantages that allow you to significantly expand the functionality of any LED sources:

  • high degree of energy saving;
  • safe and reliable operation;
  • long service life;
  • minimal weight and compact size;
  • complete silence during use;
  • high resistance to overloads in the network;
  • allows you to achieve the most comfortable lighting;
  • perfectly fits into modern interiors;
  • by adjusting the lighting, it helps to highlight the most profitable place in the room.


LED dimmers differ among themselves according to several criteria: the method of control, installation and connection.

Management method:

  • infrared or radio remote control;
  • electronic with buttons, keys or a sensor;
  • mechanical with a rotary or rotary-push wheel.

Method of installation (mounting):

  • built-in (built into the lamp housing, which allows you to avoid additional laying of cables);
  • overhead (the most common type – mounted instead of a regular switch);
  • modular (mounted in switchboards on a DIN rail; high-class devices that allow you to implement the most intelligent lighting scenarios).

Connection method:

  • pass-through (gives the opportunity to control lighting from several places in the house);
  • impassable (allow to control the light source only from a certain place).

LED dimmer with remote control

Compatibility of dimmers with LED bulbs

It is important to make sure in the store that the LED lamp supports inclusion in the dimmer circuit and brightness adjustment, otherwise it may cause a failure in their operation. Warranty obligations do not apply to the case when the dimmer is included in a circuit with a regular lamp. If the general plan for lighting involves the use of backlighting, then it is better to order lamps in stock, at the same time and from the same manufacturer, thereby ensuring safety, reliability and a high degree of repeatability when the lamp can be replaced with an identical one.

Some LED lighting devices are suitable for inclusion with a powerful dimmer designed for old incandescent lamps. They are also often called dimmers with phase cut-off. They got this name due to the fact that they work by opening the alternating current circuit in the first half of each cycle and closing it in the second. When using this type of dimmer, it is important to remember that the number of LEDs on the switch can affect the quality of dimming.

Dimmers for incandescent lamps are designed and manufactured for a minimum consumption limit of 20-45 watts. Such a need can be satisfied with the help of a single incandescent lamp, but when using LEDs, a group of bulbs may be needed to exceed the maximum consumption. If a specific lighting system does not allow this, then you should buy a low-voltage dimmer. This type of illumination is usually used together with low-voltage LED devices equipped with a magnetic transformer.

When connecting the LED lighting system to the dimmer, it should be taken into account that the number of lamps for one device is limited. The calculation of their number differs from incandescent lamps. In the second case, you can determine the required number of lamps in the following way: divide the declared working limit of the dimmer power by the power of the used lamps.

Example: for a 600-watt dimmer, the maximum permissible number of 60-watt incandescent lamps is 10 (600/60 = 10 units).

A similar calculation for LED lighting sources is inadmissible. It is best to refer to the compatibility guide provided by the manufacturer.

dimmers for LED lamps

How to choose an LED dimmer

The main differences:

  • a dimming driver must be present;
  • less powerful devices (operate with a load of 1 W), because LEDs have a power 10 times lower compared to ordinary incandescent lamps.

The choice of dimmer depends on the features of the interior of the room, financial possibilities and personal preferences. To save money, you can choose a mechanical dimmer. If comfort is important, then a model with remote control is suitable. For those who do not part with a smartphone, you can choose a Wi-Fi control system.

In any case, when buying, you should consult with specialists who will competently choose the appropriate model that meets all the necessary parameters.

LED dimmers are able to create very comfortable conditions for our lives thanks to useful and functional capabilities. They significantly save electricity, make the interior unique and unforgettable. These devices are very easy to install and operate, while they are reliable and durable

How to choose dimmers for LED lamps

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