Modern industry provides the consumer with the widest possibilities for designing housing. As for equipment and decoration of ceilings, two technologies are most popular here – suspended installation of plasterboard panels and stretch ceilings using a special film. Based on the “wet” specifics of bathrooms and showers, many experts recommend paying attention to the tension option. This method has its advantages, features of the material and installation, which you must familiarize yourself with in order to understand how to choose a stretch ceiling for the bathroom.

Choosing the type of stretch ceiling for the bathroom

The device of modern room vaults has many technological nuances. Stretch ceilings are distinguished by their material basis, by the methods of installation on the ceiling, by the size of the canvases used, by the technique of installation and fastening. Is it possible to have a stretch ceiling in the bathroom? Answer: yes. However, it is necessary to correctly approach the choice of type and method of installation so that such a ceiling structure will last a long time and reliably in humid conditions.
How to choose a stretch ceiling in the bathroom

The most important criterion for choosing the best stretch ceiling option is the material from which it is made. Two systems are most often used today:

  • fabric-based ceilings;
  • ceilings based on polyvinyl chloride polymer.

Fabric systems are made from woven cloth, which is impregnated with special compounds to give the material certain properties. In particular, the tension is stronger and more stable than in the film version, at the same time, the fabric is not characterized by high plasticity. Thanks to the presence of many micropores in it, this coating “breathes”. However, it is not very resistant to moisture.

Ceiling systems based on PVC are not afraid of moisture, they are less prone to fungal infection than fabric counterparts, and they are easy to clean. In addition, it is much easier to decorate the film with colored drawings than fabric. All these qualities are very appropriate for a wet bathroom.

Therefore, the film version of the ceiling in such rooms is considered the best.

The style and color of the stretch ceiling in the bathroom

Today, it is possible not only to buy ready-made PVC sets, but also to order them separately according to individual tastes.

Meanwhile, the most popular styles and colors have been determined on the market. The most popular today is the canvas of classic white color. Its versatility lies in the fact that it fits almost any interior. Light ceiling surfaces with shades of beige and peach also look good.

Blue and azure colors look quite harmonious in a room with a lot of water. In addition, it is very stylish to drape the ceiling of the bathroom with a fabric of a rich tone. Modern designers also offer original options in dark brown and even black colors.
stretch ceiling pvc

Thus, you can choose almost any color of the rainbow spectrum. The main thing is that the color is in complete harmony with the decoration of the walls, ceiling and the general style of the bathroom. And if it is difficult for the customer to make the optimal choice on his own, qualified designers can help him in this.

Installation features

It is better to entrust the installation of a stretch false ceiling to experienced specialists. The customer will only have to control the progress and quality of the works, as well as the conformity of the final result with the general aesthetic idea.

In practice, the whole process is simple and does not lead to large-scale rearrangements in the room. First of all, along the perimeter of the walls in their upper part, guide profiles and electrical wiring for lamps are installed.

Then the film is heated with a special heat gun until the material has an acceptable mounting elasticity. Without turning off the gun, the edge of the PVC canvas is carefully tucked into special grooves on the guide armature, after which the edge is securely fixed.
stretch ceiling installation

After this stage is completed, the thermal installation is turned off. As it cools down, the film “contracts”. In a completely cooled state, it is very tightly stretched between the walls, thanks to which a perfectly flat surface is obtained. Lamps (most often spotlights) are inserted into pre-made holes in the fabric and connected to the power grid.

Advantages of stretch ceiling in the bathroom

With the help of a stretch ceiling, you can easily hide communication elements and possible defects on the ceiling.

A strong film is able to withstand the weight of a fairly large amount of water in the event of its emergency leakage from the upper floor.

Thanks to the chemical properties of the polymers from which the stretch PVC film is made, these ceiling systems retain their color and gloss in their original form for a very long time.

Operation and maintenance

High-quality tension material perfectly retains its strength, elasticity and elasticity in conditions of heat, cold and high humidity. The owner of a bathroom with such a ceiling only needs to take care of it on time and properly.

This process does not pose any great difficulties. All you have to do is periodically wipe the cloth from dust with a soft cloth and wash it with a soapy solution. When greasy and other stains appear, it is recommended to remove them with special factory polishes or an unsaturated solution of ammonia.

When cleaning the canvas and in other cases, it should be borne in mind that the contact of the film with sharp and sharp objects is categorically contraindicated!

How to choose a stretch ceiling in the bathroom

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