The bathroom is a necessary corner of the apartment or house, without which it is almost impossible to do. Here we put ourselves in order and rest from worldly cares, relaxing in a warm bath or under the jets of the shower. This imposes certain requirements on the arrangement of the bathroom – maximum comfort, so that water procedures bring full satisfaction. You can do this by figuring out how to arrange a bathroom.

The interior of the bathroom must be created taking into account the combination of beautiful and practical things. In addition, the design depends on the parameters of the room and the size of the wallet.

The kitchen, bathroom, and toilet are those rooms where problems arise when planning the ergonomic space. Therefore, the repair of the apartment begins with these areas.

How to arrange a bathroom

When starting to arrange the bathroom, you should consider the following:

  • The location of the toilet is near the sewer riser. If this cannot be achieved, then it rises above the floor level to ensure normal drainage.
  • The sink is located at a height of approximately 90 cm from the floor, which is considered a comfortable position for any height.
  • If you have a small bathroom (up to 15 m2), then according to safety regulations, it is forbidden to install sockets and switches in it. Make sure they are accessible at the entrance to the bathroom.
  • The water towel rail is located near the riser, so that it is convenient to connect it to hot water without the need to lay additional pipes. If an electric towel rail is installed, then it is placed anywhere near the socket (taking into account the rules for installing sockets in the bathroom).

Do not forget about the correct and ergonomic arrangement of any type of sanitary elements in the bathroom.


Toilets are divided into several types depending on the design:

  • floor with a built-in tank;
  • floor with a tank of the “compact” type;
  • hanging;
  • combined, equipped with a bidet.

In the case of a wall-hung toilet, the cistern is built into the wall, so make sure there is additional space for its installation. Consider this moment so as not to lose the useful area of ​​the bathroom, which is often already small.


There are suspended and floor ones. It is better to buy them in a set with a toilet, in order to preserve the shape and style, the same design (after all, in the hanging type sets, all communications should be placed under the common panel). The bidet is installed near the toilet at a distance of about 20 cm.


There are ceramic, steel, acrylic, stone, glass and wooden ones. Depending on the method of fastening, they are attached to the wall with the help of console sink brackets on a stand (so-called “tulips”) and built-in type. The standard depth is 45 cm. The length of the double sink is 120-150 cm.

When installing the sink, it is advisable to keep the recommended distance to the bathroom or shower, which is at least 30 cm.
corner bath


Baths are made of:

  • Cast iron (heats quickly, retains heat for a long time). Such baths are less prone to corrosion than others. The only downside is the presence of only rectangular shapes.
  • Steel (strong material). Minus – baths of this type do not hold heat well.
  • Acrylic (plastic). A feature of such baths is their durability, however, in practical terms, they are inferior to cast-iron ones, since acrylic practically does not retain heat. The advantages of acrylic include the fact that this material allows you to cast baths of any size and shape. It is convenient in the conditions of a small bathroom.
  • Quaril (acrylic and quartz powder). This type of bath retains heat quite well, is durable and scratch-resistant.

In addition, there are marble, wooden, and onyx baths.

Depending on the functionality, they are hydromassage and ordinary.

The choice of bath directly depends on the dimensions of the room. It should be noted that the longer the bath, the lower its height compared to shorter ones. Consider this dependency.

Shower cabins

Shower cabins differ in shape and size, simple and combined. Simple ones have a pallet, plastic or glass walls-doors. A tray for a shower is made of steel, ceramics, acrylic, cast iron, marble chips, the pros and cons of these materials are the same as in the case of a bath.

Combined shower cabins combine a hydromassage bath and a direct shower. This type significantly saves space and is the most optimal solution when arranging a small bathroom.
shower cabin in the bathroom

Arrangement of the bathroom

One way to expand a small bathroom is to combine it with a toilet. If this is unacceptable for some reason, then you can use other methods, which, however, are more visual, since you cannot actually increase the size of the bathroom.

Visually, the bathroom will become wider after placing a mirror/mirrors in it and painting the walls in light shades: white, beige, cream, light pink, light blue. A big role is given to lighting, because bright light visually expands the room. For this, small lamps are built in above the mirror and on the surface of the ceiling.

After choosing a compact sanitary ware, there is a chance to reclaim some space to place the furniture in the bathroom. Narrow, but functional cabinets and cabinets will be a good option. If possible, they are built into the wall or niches are created where various toiletries will be stored.
equip a small bathroom

As for the ceilings, stretch ceilings will be ideal. It is best to resort to the use of glossy ones, which can create a feeling of height and freedom. If you replace the bathtub with a jacuzzi or a shower cabin, this technique will allow you to win back additional centimeters. Another important tip: the bathroom door should open outwards.

Place a large rug on the floor, which will visually increase the space. One-tone large floor tiles will be a plus for a small bathroom. It is important not to use mosaic or small tiles in any case.

After adding accessories to the interior of the bathroom, it will change significantly. You should use shower curtains, mirrors, rugs, artistic elements and other small elements (toothbrush holder, basket) that will change the overall look of the room.

Well-chosen design and the use of the right techniques during remodeling and repair are the basic components that underlie the successful creation of a bathroom interior. It is worth adding a little imagination to this process – you will get a comfortable, functional, stylish, modern bathroom that meets all the necessary requirements.

How to arrange a bathroom: what to consider when starting a renovation

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