High-tech is a style in the interior, which is found in the homes of business people and people who love minimalism. The maximum of modernity and functionality, the minimum of cute and delicate details – this is it. High-tech lamps occupy a special role in the design of premises.

Someone considers the hi-tech style to be cold and too simple, while someone finds a kind of coziness and uniqueness in it. Such a design will not suit everyone, but after evaluating it, you will be delighted.
high-tech hanging chandeliers

5 specific features of hi-tech style

In order for you and I to be able to decide which high-tech lamps and chandeliers to choose, we need to consider the features of the interior in this style.

  • Simplicity of forms. Lines, angles, simple shapes – that’s where the highlight lies.
  • Uniformity of materials. Most often, metal, glass or plastic elements are used to decorate the house in high-tech style. Also, individual parts of furniture are sometimes made from these materials. Materials are rarely combined, most often they are presented in the form of a single-tone surface.
  • Visual space. A high-tech room is characterized by scale. Therefore, even if the room is small in size, it is visually enlarged with the help of properly selected lighting. There should be a maximum of lamps and chandeliers in the rooms.
  • Gray and silver colors prevail. Bright details are almost never used in the interior of such rooms. As a rule, the rooms of the high-tech house are decorated in silver and gray colors, which are successfully combined with black. Brightness can only be an expressive spot, advantageously attracting attention.
  • No patterns on the walls. Plain walls are a sign of hi-tech style. They cannot have any images or patterns, as this is already a departure from the given style.

high-tech interior lamps

High-tech lighting

As already mentioned, lighting should be maximized. The essence of the question is clear – there should be more light, but the solution will be different for each room.

  • A bedroom remains a bedroom even with modern hi-tech style. Most often, this room is decorated in black and white colors. However, some part of the bedroom can be left in dim lighting. Light sources should be distributed over the entire ceiling. It is quite relevant now to make it in the form of a starry sky, that is, the light will come out through artificial stars.

high tech lighting

  • Bath – what to do with it? Here, good lighting is achieved by means of large mirrors. They greatly expand the space, making it brighter. Often the bath is decorated in red and white, the bath itself in this case looks like a red spot on a white background. Just a few powerful lamps will provide good lighting. Spotlights are also a good choice.
  • The corridor, living room, kitchen and other rooms in the house can be illuminated with any options. The main thing in each chandelier and candlestick is to maintain the hi-tech style and make these rooms as bright as possible.

Because of

The role of lighting items for high-tech style in the interior cannot be underestimated. A correctly selected color is like a final note in the overall design of the interior designer. Let’s figure out how to choose high-tech lamps.

Simplicity and minimalism. Of course, lamps should be in simple forms without patterns and coloring. Material – copper or other metals, glass, plastic.

We cover intelligently. A lot of light is good, especially for hi-tech, but everything must be done wisely. We make functional zones especially illuminated. For example, directing the light directly to the sofa in the living room is far from the best lighting option, it is better to illuminate the space near it.
high-tech living room lamps

Many sources of light. It is rarely possible to limit yourself to only one lamp in a room, even if it is very powerful and consists of five or six bulbs at once. It is much better if there are several light sources. At the same time, you must take into account how comfortable it will be for you. Few people manage to associate high-tech with coziness and home warmth, since this style is quite strict, but with the right lighting, the overall picture can be radically changed.


Let’s start with the brands:

  • To Lusso

Chandeliers of this manufacturer exist in various forms. Since it is not allowed to play with color in high-tech style, we will focus on the form, however, it must also be within certain limits. Ordinary chandeliers on pendants, square, rectangular lamps – all this is the work of this brand. These chandeliers fit perfectly into high-tech. The only downside is that the assortment is not very large. Despite the fact that we are looking for the simplest forms, we definitely want to provide some highlight of the lighting source.

lamps in hi-tech style
Ceiling chandelier LUSSOLE AQUILEIA LSA-8303-02
  • Novodvorsky

Such lamps can be called non-trivial, as they impress with their structure and simplicity at the same time. Most models of chandeliers and lamps of this manufacturer are multi-level light sources. This brand produces lamps in collections, each of which demonstrates some unique idea of ​​the author.

high-tech spotlight
Point lamp NOWODVORSKI 66285
  • SLV

This manufacturer makes many lamps that are built into the ceiling, making the room more cozy. For example, there are lamps in the assortment in which you can adjust the direction of the bulb – spot. These models are the most popular. The rest of the brand’s products are in much lower demand.

high-tech rotary lamp
Lamp SLV 71318
  • Ideal Lux

In the products of this company, the shape of a ball or a spiral prevails. Traditional white light in all models, occasionally with gray spots. The choice is quite large.

high-tech pendant lamp
Pendant lamp IDEAL LUX DON SP1 BIG 103136


Now let’s talk about specific models:

  • Chandeliers They should be in almost every room, because they are the basis of good lighting.
  • Soffits. Quite sharp, but at the same time comfortable choice of light source.
  • High-tech lamps on pendants. They look very unusual, they can have different shapes, which is undoubtedly pleasing.
  • Cable lighting systems. Many light bulbs at once – an excellent choice for a high-tech interior. This will make the room bright enough, and transform it into a common room.
  • Dotted Very convenient to use, as the light rays can be directed in different directions.

high-tech style lamps

Combining light sources is not as easy as it might seem.

  • Highlight all. Every corner of the room should be illuminated in one way or another. Somewhere there is a lot of light, somewhere a little less, but there should not be completely unlit areas in the room.
  • We combine colors. Of course, only white, gray, and silver are welcome in high-tech style, but they should also be combined wisely. Try to maintain a balance between these colors.
  • Cable lighting systems must be combined with any lamps very carefully, as it is very easy to create the effect of no one piling up lighting sources.

High-tech is simplicity, if you have already set about creating this simplicity, have fun. At the same time, you should never underestimate the importance of light in the house, it can turn some silly piece of furniture into a thing that fits perfectly into the interior, and also do the exact opposite. The choice of lighting is yours!

High-tech lamps in the interior

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