To ensure the illumination of the space for a long time, hanging industrial LED lamps equipped with special diffusers are considered the best. Their contours, design and light power allow these elements to be used in different rooms.


A number of requirements that must be met during the development and installation of industrial LED lamps have been compiled:

  • Optimum brightness of light to illuminate the space. It is dispersed throughout space.
  • Alternation of too bright and dim fragments in the room is unacceptable. For this, it is desirable to use lamps equipped with direct beam technology.
  • The sharpness of the lighting is leveled. If manufacturers neglect this parameter, there is a strong load on the vision, which causes eye fatigue.
  • The spectral composition of the beam is adapted for the comfort of human eyes. This is necessary to prevent eye fatigue from work.
  • Presence of a case with anti-vandal protection.
  • Sealing without possible defects or prerequisites for their formation.
  • Closed reflectors located on the lower level. This forced measure is done when adapting the lamp to a room with an increased amount of dust, the probability of clogging.
  • High IP level. It is advisable to buy lamps with a rating of at least IP 65.
  • The corresponding degree of heat temperature. Devices with a cold level of light are considered comfortable, as such lighting is perceived best by the human eye. As a result, the brightness of the light at its cold supply leads in all indicators. If the industrial premises are intended for painstaking work, the use of intellectual abilities, it is desirable to install warm light. It is necessary for distinguishing colors and differentiating shades. This type of lighting gives less distortion to the color of objects.

Hanging industrial LED lamps

Explosion-proof lamps must be used in industrial premises where there is a risk of explosion of combustibles. Also, such lamps are used in workshops where the production of alcoholic beverages and paints in the powder configuration is organized.

Many lamps support operation at temperatures from -40 to +40 C. Variants are sold separately that can function at a temperature of +55 C without the risk of damaging the surface or system failure.

Industrial LED lamps are designed taking into account important standards, therefore models purchased from official suppliers and dealers are characterized by safety, environmental friendliness and wear resistance.

The degree of protection of the device affects its consumer properties. Industrial LED lamps are protected from the penetration of dirt and dust into the internal structure, as they are used in potentially dangerous areas. Their cases are checked for vandal resistance. Industrial LED lamps are distinguished by increased stability and hermetic fastening during installation.

Suspended industrial LED luminaires

The advantage in the degree of protection of these elements is a separate radiator, which helps to quickly remove excess heat from the body of the device. If such a feature is not provided, this increases the chances of the device quickly aging and burning out the microcircuits. The case should be able to reflect and evenly disperse heat even in conditions of poor ventilation.

Types of lamps

There are varieties of LED lamps on sale , each of which has specific requirements:

  • Hanging They are located on the ceiling, being fixed on a dynamic structure. They are used in rooms with any level of ceiling height. It is possible to use them to illuminate each separate workplace when placed on top. Often, part of the built-in lamps falls under the classification of hanging lamps. They are mounted in the ceiling structure. By themselves, they displace some elements or inserts.
  • Invoices They are used in specific areas where there is not enough surface area to place pendant lights. They are also attached to the ceiling. This variety has a record number of application options. They are fixed on suspended and standard ceilings. Surface-mounted lights can be installed on almost any surface. They are often attached to walls or interior items.
  • Rotary Mounted on brackets or hinges. With the help of their design, you can turn these elements in different directions, creating new angles of light. They easily rotate around their axis by 30-40 degrees, which creates a wide area for selecting the appropriate lighting angle, especially when using several identical lamps located in rows or in a clear geometric order.

Design and fastening features

The body of the device is made of galvanized aluminum. Most options have a special screen made of light engineering polystyrene, which has a soft diffuse. The surface of this element is often made smooth, but sometimes the effect of embossing is performed. Industrial pendant LED lamps have not only strength and a guarantee of long-lasting work, but also have a good design.

overhead industrial luminaires

Suspended industrial LED lamps are the most common type, as they have the optimal mounting option and are practically universal. Depending on the height of the ceilings, hangers of different lengths are used. Low structures are up to 5 m, medium ones occupy up to 10 m, and high ones exceed these figures. When choosing pendants, it is necessary to correlate their purpose with a specific type of lamp, evaluating its power, the number of modules, the level of throughput, the possibility of adjusting the intensity of the light beam.

Suspensions allow you to adjust the level of light scattering. The highest suspension makes the beam the narrowest, and when this element is lowered, the light is scattered more and more widely. This aspect helps to adapt the level of illumination to the conditions of a specific room. If high pendants are used, but at the same time a sufficient level of illumination of the room is required, a lamp with a power of 200 W should be purchased. With the help of this modification, maximum filling of the room with light is ensured with a relatively thin beam.


  • Easy attachment process.
  • Simple maintenance that can be performed by craftsmen with a minimum level of qualification.
  • A large selection of options with different light temperatures.
  • High-power light flux.
  • Absence of reactions to sudden temperature fluctuations.
  • Guarantee of device warning even during power surges.
  • The possibility of use in adverse climate conditions.
  • Energy saving, which allows you to save electricity.
  • There is no need for regular maintenance.
  • Serviceability guarantee during operation for 6 years or more.
  • Ecological safety.

Suspended industrial LED luminaires

The scope of application of suspended industrial LED lamps

This type of lamps is optimal for use in the following rooms:

  • Warehouses
  • Transport terminals.
  • Airports and train stations.
  • Waiting rooms.
  • Car washes, car parks and parking lots located in a semi-closed area, for example, underground structures.
  • Gas stations.
  • Workshops, plants and factories.
  • Technical room.
  • Shopping complexes, exhibition centers.
  • Administrative and public institutions.

Before deciding on the choice of a specific industrial LED lamp, it is necessary to check the thermal level indicator that a specific model can withstand, determine the power and specify the possibility of using the model in a specific type of building. A thoughtful choice will allow you to make the right decision and provide the space with an optimal degree of illumination for a long time.

Hanging industrial LED lamps

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