Scandinavian style is like the character of a real Viking, just as restrained and even a little strict. However, just as warriors occasionally allowed themselves to show their feelings, so northern designers allow adding unusual objects and bright colors to the interior. The main thing is not to overdo it! If you need to visually increase the room, then the entrance hall in the Scandinavian style is an excellent example of how to do it as correctly as possible.


The main color of the Scandinavian style is white. In the hall, the ceiling, walls and floor were painted. Any patterns, including textured ones, will be superfluous in such an interior. Thanks to a large amount of light color and a minimum of additional details, the room will look larger than it actually is. Therefore, designers recommend this style to owners of small hallways with low ceilings.
Entrance hall in Scandinavian style
Bright accents will make a truly Scandinavian interior. However, these should be exactly splashes, small bright flashes of color. For example, an orange banquette or a part of the wall painted bright red. It is permissible to experiment with the door: canary color, the color of deep night or deep purple – it depends only on the taste preferences of the owners of the house.

Modern Scandinavian interiors are characterized by a sense of humor. Here, the same bright detail can be the most unexpected: on the wall of the hall, the owners can hang a bicycle with a frame of the “eye-popping” shade or a favorite coat, which always became the center of attention due to its color.

In the Scandinavian style, pastel colors are also used with small splashes: blue, pink, beige. For example, you can add several details in the design of the window, if there is one. The main thing is that all shades are combined with each other, then the room will look complete.


Wood is considered a traditional material for the interior in the Scandinavian style. However, the use of other materials will not be a serious stylistic violation.

Plastered or wallpapered walls, lined with laminate floors fit perfectly into modern hallways of this design. Designers actively use plastic and glass.

Remember the formula that is relevant for the design of rooms in the Scandinavian style: two-thirds of the decoration should consist of natural materials.
wooden floor in the Scandinavian style

Furniture: less is better

Furniture in Scandinavian design is quite simple, even a little rough. This is explained by historical reasons: there was nowhere to buy it, and people learned to knock down cabinets and banquettes themselves. Until now, interior items made with their own hands are the main advantage in decorating “Scandinavian” hallways.
wooden furniture in the hallway

The colors are again light. The furniture is either covered with white paint, or choose one made of wood species with pale wood.

This is what a traditional Scandinavian wardrobe looks like. A small detail: all lockers must be on legs. This will create a feeling of lightness and additional space.
Scandinavian hallway

A mirror occupies a special place in a Scandinavian-style hallway. It should be large and as simple as all around. As an option, you can make the cabinet doors mirrored. A good mirror will also look good on the wall. The main thing is to avoid shaped frames and other decorations.

The main principle when placing furniture is that every square meter should “work”. Scandinavian style in the interior does not tolerate permissive decor. If there is a free wall in the hallway, then it is not pictures that are placed on it, but shelves for storing all kinds of small things.
the interior of the hallway in the Scandinavian style

Lighting: there is not much light

The sun can hardly be called generous in relation to the Scandinavian countries. People there actively compensate for the lack of natural light with artificial light. Therefore, no lighting device will be superfluous even in the hallway. Everything will be appropriate: chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps. In order for them to organically fit into the interior, it is better to use lamps made of glass or baked goods of light colors.
spot lighting

But you can get by with textiles to a minimum. As a rule, floors in Scandinavian hallways are left open. If desired, you can place only one small rug of a bright color or decorated with a pattern traditional for northern countries.

If there is a window in the hallway, then you can’t do without a curtain. It is chosen to match the item that serves as a bright color accent. Pots with flowers must be placed on the windowsill in the Scandinavian style. By the way, you can put them in another suitable place. In Scandinavian countries, it is customary to plant as much greenery as possible. So they look much cozier.

Hallway in the Scandinavian style – simplicity and practicality

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