Flexible neon today is both decorative lighting of premises and the creation of unique, beautiful store signs. What is this very flexible neon in backlight and why is it so popular? Let’s figure it out together.

What is this flexible neon?

Such neon has many different names, it is called cold neon, light wire, fluorescent cord, and its real name is electroluminescent wire. Of course, no one will bother to remember and pronounce such a word, so neon is called flexible, because it is easily bent, and if it is cut, both parts will still shine without losing brightness.
Flexible neon in backlight

Today, in addition to this type of signs, there are also neon bulbs and the so-called duralai – a cord with LEDs inside. What makes flexible neon better than them?

First of all, energy savings – store signs made of such neon work for up to one hundred thousand hours. Just imagine how long you won’t have to change lamps! But durability is far from the only advantage of this type of lighting.

Lamps with cold neon are resistant to mechanical shocks, so it is unlikely that something will happen to them if they fall.

The next plus is frost resistance. Water resistance and heat resistance can also be listed here. After all, no one takes down signs when the time of year or the weather changes. The temperature range of coordinated work is from -30 to +70 degrees Celsius. Cold neon is perfectly protected against the ingress of dust and dirt particles.

The light scattering angle is 360 degrees! This is extremely important for solving various design tasks.

When we talked about energy savings, we did not mention the power of flexible neon. Several modifications of such lighting can be found on sale:

  • ordinary or standard – 220 V;
  • superyaskrava – 220 V;
  • low-voltage energy security flexible neon – only 24 V.

Another nuance – why are such bulbs called cold? The reason is that they do not heat up, no matter how long they work.

Flexible neon is round in cross-section, the diameter of the wire can be 1.4, 2.3, 2.6, 3.2 and 5 mm.
flexible led neon

Varieties of flexible neon

There are different types of neon. The classification is made in accordance with both the areas of application of such lighting and certain characteristics of these wires.

  • Classic neon

These are the simplest and most popular neon tubes. They are durable, have a low cost, and are extremely easy to use.

  • Professional neon

Professional flexible neon has a service life several times longer than usual, this is due to the higher quality of the LEDs used. It also has a reliable design.

  • Low voltage

This type of flexible neon is used in rooms where only low-voltage devices should be used. As a rule, in such cases, neon structures are made of small sizes, because it can be cut without losing the quality and saturation of light.

  • Flexible mini-neon

“Mini” because such neon is the thinnest wire with LEDs, and this wire is painted in the color of the glow. To a greater extent, flexible mini-neon is used for advertising signs, as it perfectly attracts attention and has a low price.

  • Round flexible neon

These are neon wires that have the largest cross-sectional diameter. Their service life is 100,000 hours.

  • Economy

The name speaks for itself. If you want to spend on creating the same sign, for example, a minimum of money, this type of flexible neon is just right. The price is low due to the reduced brightness of the LEDs. However, before you buy a sign made of such material, think about whether it is beneficial in all aspects?
flexible neon sign

  • “Chameleon”

A rather expensive type of neon lighting, but it is justified by its high functionality. Most often, such neon can be found in nightclubs, where they are used as ceiling lighting and look very unusual.

  • Neon wire of the 3rd generation

This is the brightest wire of all the listed samples. Its thickness can be either 2.7 mm or 5 mm. Most often, this type of flexible neon is chosen to create signs, it will be impossible to pass by such a store.

Areas of use of flexible neon

Maybe after reading the information above, you decided that you don’t need flexible neon, you don’t have any stores for which you need to make signs, and it’s time to close this tab. But don’t rush! Now we will tell you about how widely neon cords are used and how they can be useful specifically for you. So, where else is flexible or cold neon used?

  • Lighting of a motorcycle, scooter, moped

Nowadays, it is very fashionable to drive around with neon lights on one of the vehicles listed above. It looks spectacular, because when you drive even at an average speed, the neon lights merge and look like a big spiral that stretches along the trail.

  • Bicycle lighting (bicycle frame or wheels)

In addition to the fact that your ride will once again look great from the side, neon lighting will add safety. If while riding a moped you notify others about your movement with the sound of the motor, then when moving on a bicycle, you will not be able to ring the bell every moment. Just a few parts of flexible neon will create the effect of glowing wheels as you drive.

  • Illumination of videos

Of course, such illumination will be visible only when riding in the dark, that is, in the evening or at night. It also looks beautiful and attracts the eye, such videos will be liked by both children and teenagers.
flexible neon for clothes

  • Neon costumes for various shows or simply covering clothes with neon for performances

Flexible neon is very convenient for creating such costumes precisely because it is flexible, it is easy to adapt it to the desired shape and fix it in one or another position. Currently, neon shows are very popular, where the lighting in the hall is turned off, and the movements of the artists are visible only through the same glowing tubes. It all looks impressive.

  • In shoelaces

Some stores sell neon shoelaces. However, even if you buy ordinary neon wires with a minimum diameter, you can make the same laces yourself.

  • In the interior

Many associate neon only with that material that can be used exclusively for external decoration or advertising. But no, you can also find a lot of different ways to use flexible neon in the house. For example, kitchen lighting. It looks unusual and beautiful. Also, neon tubes are often used during renovation.

Illumination of household items is really beautiful! For example, neon wires around a mirror or computer. A very interesting and extremely unusual option is the use of flexible neon for lighting the aquarium. At night, your usual small aquarium will look like a small part of the ocean.
flexible neon lighting

  • In the exterior

It is about luminous advertising signs, banners, names of stores and large shopping centers. Decorations for the exterior of the house in the form of a garland are also often made from neon wires. This is advantageous, as neon is cheaper, and it is also perfectly protected against moisture, is frost-resistant and works much longer than ordinary LED garlands.

Disadvantages of flexible neon

As you can see, this type of lighting has quite a lot of advantages. But nothing is perfect, we look for flaws.

  • Installation difficulties. If you hold a neon wire in your hands for the first time, it will be quite difficult to do something worthwhile with it, most likely you will need the help of professionals.
  • It is impossible to operate as the main source of lighting. Although if you consider flexible neon as an analogue of a garland, then this is not a disadvantage at all.
  • High cost. Comparing prices with incandescent lamps, for example, flexible neon is really expensive. However, it is worth mentioning its durability and other advantages, as you immediately understand that the cost is justified.

No matter how cool it is, today flexible neon occupies a leading position among decorative lighting and materials used to create store signs.

Flexible neon in backlight

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