The loft style, which today is extremely popular in the design of apartments and houses, originated in the middle of the last century in the United States of America. Then non-working factories began to be used as living quarters. In practice, it turned out that it is impossible to completely redo this “apartment”. In this regard, individual components of the original purpose of the buildings had to be left in their former form. Thus, high ceilings, bare walls made of concrete and bricks, small fragments of ventilation holes, as well as metal pipes appeared in completely ordinary apartments, which were called loft-style decoration.

Creative people liked the rather strange design, so many workers in the field of art soon moved to similar premises, and often held their own exhibitions there. As a rule, supporters of the original loft style are young people who value freedom and do not intend to live according to public standards.

Features of finishing in the loft style allow you to visually increase the area of ​​​​the room, give it lightness, but at the same time, with the help of various decorative elements, you can create a warm, cozy atmosphere in the room.
finish in loft style

The walls

When decorating the walls in this style, you must not forget that it must be as simple as possible. Yes, the walls can be painted with white emulsion paint. Not infrequently, there are apartments whose “highlight” is bare brick walls in the loft style.

Loft is a style that is distinguished exclusively by the individual choice of the general range of colors. Shades are selected depending on the technique of finishing the room, the pattern and texture of the wood, the metal objects used, and the color of the brick. Despite all the simplicity of the treatment, it takes effort to create deliberate negligence in the house. Everything should look quite primitive – properly selected and decorated boards with brick and plaster should not emphasize the status and expensiveness of the new loft-style interior.

In an apartment with brick walls, you need to leave several surfaces that will differ from others in that the brickwork is not covered with special plaster. As a rule, such surfaces are present in each functional area. A similar wall in the loft style allows not only to divide the space into different parts, but also to emphasize the unity and uniqueness of the chosen style. Many experts recommend creating an imitation of either stone or bare brick walls. For example, loft-style wallpaper can be used for this treatment.
wall in loft style

Concrete walls in the room will be quite an appropriate element in the industrial interior. However, you should not overdo it with such fragments. After all, unlike brick, which is associated with warmth in humans, gray cold concrete creates a dull and somewhat boring atmosphere. Wall decoration made of concrete painted with ordinary water-based paint in warm shades (pearl gray, white, ivory) will look good.

concrete wall loft

The bath and the bathroom can be laid out with mosaic or tiles in the style of a loft, choosing materials in black and white tones. A design option using metallic tiles, as well as wallpaper imitating old newspapers, will be interesting. For a more classic design, a harmonious combination of the color of natural wood with a milky white shade is perfect.

In the kitchen, such fragments as glass, panels made of cold metal alloys, tiles decorated with spraying of chrome-colored metal are often installed.


In order to visually enlarge the room, the following feature is used when finishing in the loft style – the ceiling is painted in a dazzling white color. Another option is to attach either wooden partitions or massive metal pipes to the ceiling. Thus, you can easily create a pleasant attic atmosphere. In addition, the presence of large elements under the ceiling helps to emphasize the roughness in the design of the apartment.

In some cases, the loft-style ceiling is simply painted with white emulsion paint. However, according to the original idea, it is better to leave it completely untouched.
loft style ceiling


The most suitable covering for the floor is laminate and floorboards. Minimalism can be perfectly emphasized by wood with a surface covered with transparent varnish. This is one of the main features characteristic of a loft-style floor. Floors with stone or decorative tiles are much less common. Plinths should be either made of solid natural wood or painted in appropriate shades. Thanks to this move, it is possible to achieve the unity of the entire space of the apartment.
loft style floor

Loft – minimalism and naturalness, lightness and harmony. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create an interior. In addition, there is room for imagination. After all, general details and fragments can be supplemented with various elements that will add individuality and a warm atmosphere to the apartment.

Finishing in the loft style is a new breath

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