In the interior of the loft, the usual understanding of the hallway is absent. It is marked not by walls, but by appropriate functional attributes, smoothly transitioning from the front door directly into the living room. Using stylistic elements, a loft-style hallway is created even in a small vestibule or corridor of an ordinary apartment.

Color and light

Natural light is the main source of light in industrial housing. Large open windows are the calling card of the loft. Unfortunately, few hallways are equipped with a window opening, so you will have to compensate for this with a competent choice and arrangement of lamps and color design.

The colors of the loft style are white, black, gray, terracotta and shades of brown. Individual accessories can have blue, blue, olive, orange, yellow, red or purple shades. In the conditions of the hallway, it is better to resort to light shades, so as not to overshadow the already dimly lit room and not make it visually smaller.
Entrance hall in loft style

Lighting is represented by cable systems, spotlights, spotlights, hanging and wall lamps. Floor lamps are common in loft interiors, but they will look bulky in a small hallway. The installation of spotlights around the perimeter of the ceiling will allow you to expand the space.

Lamps are selected in daylight to simulate sunlight as much as possible.


Loft walls are represented by brickwork, concrete wall or rough plaster.

A brick wall is the most powerful technique when arranging a hallway in a loft style. It is enough to decorate one wall or part of it in the form of brickwork and you will get the desired effect.
brick finish

If you do not have the opportunity to make natural brickwork, then you will have to resort to its imitation with wallpaper, decorative plaster, tiles. The view will not be the same, but with proper decoration and lighting, the unnatural finish will be barely noticeable.

Rough plaster or a wall cleaned to a concrete slab will look good in a large hallway loft. But in a small one, it will be difficult to allocate enough free space on the wall so that its texture can be seen. As a result, the finish will simply get lost among the furniture and hangers and will look like an ordinary gray surface.

One of the walls can be completely mirrored, which will visually expand the room, bringing it closer to the parameters of the loft interior, as shown in the photo.
mirror in the hallway

If the hallway in the loft style is a continuation of the living room and is not separated from it in any way, then the ceiling is made common. If the hallway is a separate room, it will be more difficult to decorate the ceiling in a loft style. All because of the small surface area, typical loft beams and joints of concrete slabs, as well as open ventilation channels, will visually reduce the already small space. In the hallway under the loft, the ceiling is made smooth white or gray, as if imitating whitewash or the surface of a concrete slab. For example, it can be a suspended ceiling made of plasterboard.
entrance hall

Furniture and decor

Now it is necessary to fill the hallway with appropriate furniture and accessories. They will be the final touch when arranging the loft style.

The loft style is characterized by openness, things, clothes, and shoes are kept in plain sight, so a wardrobe is inappropriate in such a room. Its use is allowed only if the cabinet will take up a minimum of space and will not stand out. For example, a wardrobe can be decorated under a large mirror. But it is better to think of another place or method where you will store various “junk”.

How is it done in a loft? What furniture is used? Basically, these are open hangers and shelves made of a metal frame and pipes. An open shelf of the type “like in trains” is nailed under the ceiling. They consist of boxes and suitcases, in which you can already store things, books and various accessories. Outerwear is hung on hangers or racks. Shoes are simply placed on the floor or on open shelves.
hallway in loft style

To store shoes, you can use bedside tables that combine a place to sit, or small vertical cabinets. They are made in a minimalist style, have a rectangular shape with square boxes. Most often, they are made so that they look like cardboard boxes.
decoration of the hallway with wood

A loft-style mirror is large. The shape can be any, but square or round options are more common. The frame of the mirror is either absent or made wide enough to attract attention, acting as a decorative element that emphasizes the loft style of the room. Mirrors with illumination around the perimeter are also often used, as in a dressing room.

loft decor
Accessories in the loft style are selected with particular care, although sometimes it may seem that these are the first-best trinkets in the trash. The main task is to remind about the industrial past of housing. In the hallway, this can be done by placing an arrow indicating the direction near the entrance door, hanging the sign “EXIT” above or an emergency exit light.
loft accessories

You can use a picture frame or a stand with metal rounded pins as a key holder. Empty picture frames, books, music CDs, statues placed here and there will suit the loft style. The walls are decorated with posters and graffiti. The finishing touch can be a bicycle, even if it is not working, but used as a hanger or shelf.

Entrance hall in loft style

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