With the arrival of the school year, a lot of worries fall on the shoulders of parents. In addition to preparing for school, purchasing certain school supplies, notebooks, stationery, parents are also faced with the correct organization of the entire educational process. This includes not only monitoring the completion of homework, but also the proper organization of the child’s study place, where it would be comfortable and safe for him to perform tasks. One of the most important tasks in the organization of this place, of course, is the correct lighting of the desktop, the basis of which is a good desk lamp for a schoolboy.

The organization of complex lighting not only at the workplace, but also in the entire room where the child is, is extremely important, because the completion of homework involves a great strain on the vision of the child, who spends more than one hour of his time on them. Therefore, proper lighting should reduce this load as much as possible to avoid overtiredness and poor health of the child.

Table lamp for a schoolboy

Rules and basic parameters of lighting a desktop for a student

It is quite obvious that natural lighting will be the optimal solution for a student’s workplace. Place the child’s table in such a way that the windows are located on the side and to the left of the child (for left-handed people – on the right). Thanks to this, the light will fall evenly on the table and will not dazzle the schoolboy’s eyes.

But what if such a way out of the situation is impossible for various reasons? In this case, parents need to take care of choosing a lighting lamp for the desktop. In addition, you need to take care of the lighting of the entire room, because, as a rule, the child begins to perform tasks closer to the evening – during the day, he can attend training or take walks in the fresh air. Therefore, in addition to a table lamp for a schoolchild, you need to think about additional sources of light: a chandelier, a lamp or something else.

When organizing the lighting of the student’s workplace, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • power of artificial lighting;
  • color of light emission;
  • location of lamps in the room;
  • general and local light in the room.

It is worth noting that the lighting in the room should be sufficient, but not too bright, because for writing tasks and reading, workplace lighting in the range of up to 600 lux is sufficient. The table on which homework will be done should be of a matte shade so that the light does not reflect off it and does not disturb the child. When choosing the lighting color of the lamp that will illuminate the tabletop, you should give preference to warmer tones: from yellow to warm white. Colder lighting colors will tire the child’s eyes.

how to choose a table lamp

When organizing general lighting in the room, you should avoid the use of massive crystal chandeliers and the like, because their light will create additional glare and strain on the child’s eyes. An ordinary chandelier with three frosted bulbs is enough, which will evenly illuminate the room. A few halogen bulbs, which are now very popular among owners of suspended ceilings, will also be considered an excellent solution.

Choosing a light bulb for a table lamp

When choosing a light bulb for a table lamp, you should pay attention to its power. Experts recommend buying light bulbs with a power of no more than 60 W, which is the optimal value for lighting a desktop. Light bulbs with a higher power will create an additional load on the child’s vision due to the brighter light reflected by the white paper.

Many disagree – how to choose a desk lamp for a schoolchild and which bulb is better to use? Some prefer fluorescent lamps, claiming that such lamps are more economical and durable compared to other analogues. Such a statement may be correct, but it is not at all the criterion that determines the choice of the right light bulb. The main task that a light bulb in a table lamp should perform is to properly illuminate the surface without harming the child’s vision.

When choosing a light bulb, you should not succumb to advertising tricks, but give preference to old and proven things, such as an ordinary incandescent lamp with a power of up to 60 W. The lighting it emits will be optimal for classes and safe for the child’s condition. Fluorescent lamps, on the other hand, have the property of flickering , which will have a negative effect on the dawn, and if we take into account that mercury is included in their composition, then their use is undesirable in the room where the child does homework.

It is only worth noting that one light bulb in a table lamp will not be enough for comprehensive lighting of the workplace. You can use additional lamps or LED table lamps with a small power, which should be placed near the workplace. So that the light is unobtrusive and does not distract the child from work, you can put lampshades on the lamps, which will add the effect of soft scattering of light.

We choose a lampshade

When thinking about which table lamp to buy for a schoolchild, you should pay attention to the choice of shade. This is also an important point in organizing the lighting of the student’s workplace. Not only your child’s ability to work, but also his state of health will depend on the correctness of this choice.

When choosing a lampshade, you should focus on the following points:

  • Form. The ceiling should be cone-shaped, that is, it should be narrower towards the base and wider towards the edges. This shape is optimal and allows the light to spread evenly over the surface of the table. Extra decorations and fanciful design of the lampshade may and will look beautiful in the interior of the room, but they are unlikely to be a good solution to the problem.
  • Color. It is necessary to choose not very aggressive shades so that they do not distract the child from activities. The optimal solution would be a shade of greenish shade, the light through which will softly illuminate the table.

children's table lamp

  • Manufacturing material. The ceiling should be made of hard plastic, which will prevent overheating of the surface. Metal shades will not be the best way out of the situation, because they heat up very much during operation, which is a risk of getting burned when in contact with the lamp.

Design of a schoolboy’s table lamp

A table lamp should have a flexible and mobile “leg” that allows you to direct the light of the lamp in a convenient position. This design will allow you to change the angle of inclination of the lamp for better lighting. It will also be an additional plus if the lamp has a dimmer, that is, a light flux regulator, which allows you to change the power of the light flux at will.

Also an important aspect is the method of fastening to the table, because in case of insecurity, the lamp can fall and break. In addition to the extra costs of buying a new lamp, this can lead to dangerous consequences if the parents used a fluorescent bulb in the table lamp. The danger lies in the mercury that is there. Based on this, you need to choose extremely reliable fasteners or a clamp that holds the lamp to the tabletop.

The choice of a table lamp for a student’s workplace is a very serious matter that must be approached with all responsibility. After all, not only success, but also the state of health of your child will depend on such a choice.

Desk lamp for a schoolboy: selection criteria

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