Country style will look most natural in the interior of a country house. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly characterizes this style and how it can be implemented in your own home, determine the appropriate materials and requirements for furniture.

Country style features

Country style in the interior of a country house is primarily associated with the reproduction of the atmosphere of rural life and the atmosphere of the past century. The materials and technical solutions of that time are the basis. Preference is given to wood, natural stone and simple types of finishing. In the modern sense, one should strive to use only natural, ecological materials or materials stylized according to their appearance.
Country style in the interior of a country house

In each country, the country style primarily reflects the national identity and culture, characterized by the features of the rural color of the area where the country house is located. However, given the fact that the Country style gained its popularity first in England, then in America and Europe, the ready-made images and compositions of these regions have gained considerable popularity:

  • English;
  • French (Provence);
  • Swedish (chalet);
  • German;
  • Italian;
  • American (associated primarily with the type of ranch).

The appearance of the house is easy to realize in the given design. It is enough to limit the use of stone, wood and metal, in particular, to use forged elements for arranging the fence, parts of the exterior of the house, etc.
country style in the interior of a country house

It is a little more difficult to arrange the house from the inside. In the interior, it is important that each room is arranged according to finishing and furnishing materials without excesses and too frequent intersections. Each room is arranged, in fact, “its own atmosphere”, but not forgetting about the common elements that will be found throughout the house.

Thus, in the English or American interpretation, the country style is primarily associated with the following features:

  • Ceilings and walls are plastered and painted in a single color (beige, terracotta, green, blue);
  • Wooden beams on the ceiling;
  • A fireplace as the main element of a common room, a living room, with natural stone decoration.

country cuisine
It is important to remember that in the country style it is desirable to completely abandon or minimize the use of modern materials made of plastic and glass. Metal is allowed, but in the form of forged elements and without chrome plating or deliberately mirror polishing. It is better to use copper or bronze, for example, when choosing sanitary ware and accessories for the bathroom and kitchen of a country house.

Treatment of the floor, ceiling and walls

In the designer’s arsenal for decorating the interior in country style, there are only natural components, or modern materials with a pronounced imitation of wood and stone. Country-style wall decoration allows the use of paper wallpaper with a simple pattern with flowers, stripes or a checkered pattern. However, it is best to choose plaster with subsequent coloring or one of the many options of textured plaster as a base. There may be a place in a country house for glass or plastic elements that are not characteristic of the country style, but only as an obvious exception.

Suitable for floors:

  • Wood – parquet, floor board;
  • Decorative stone;
  • A tile under a wild stone, a tile with a matte surface.

Small rugs with medium pile or, for example, woven rugs will help to fill the space on the floor.


  • Decorative plaster, coloring;
  • Pasting with paper wallpaper;
  • Processing with decorative stone;
  • Lining with clapboard.

dining room in country style
A full-fledged result is obtained in a combination of several options. On the background of plain plaster with color, islands or inserts are used, lined with stone or sheathed with clapboard. The easiest option will be paper wallpaper.

The Country style ceiling is the most notable component. Ideally, it should be a plastered flat surface and necessarily massive ceiling beams. Even if the ceiling of a country house is basically made of slabs, it will not hurt to add rough-hewn beams or logs, as if they were a natural part of the wooden floor.
ceiling with wooden beams


Natural lighting should prevail in the interior of a country house. Moreover, the darker the interior decoration, the more sunlight should enter through the windows. There should not be any blinds on the windows, as will be said below – it is better to use translucent tulle.

Country lighting devices are equipped with lamps with warm light. Stylized night lamps and lamps, including zonal ones, are used as illumination. It is also not forbidden to use additional lighting, for example, LED strips or spotlights, but you should strive to ensure that they glow in a natural color and do not distort the atmosphere inside the room.
guest house in country style

Furniture and appliances

With furnishing in a country house in the Country style, everything is both simple and complex at the same time. On the one hand, any simple wooden furniture typical of rural life is suitable, soft furniture upholstered with natural fabrics with simple patterns is suitable. In addition to the sofa in the living room, soft ottomans or wicker chairs will be appropriate.

The wood, and the general color itself, can be any: from light softwoods to solid oak, with the exception of already exclusive options with an uncharacteristic pattern or texture. Furniture can be painted in plain colors to match the main finish without contrast.
country music in the interior of the kitchen

Forged parts are suitable as decor or additional accessories.

On the other hand, it is difficult to choose a complete set of furniture for each room. The best option would be to look for themed collections in the Country style, which can often be found in furniture stores and large manufacturers. The cost of such collections can be unpleasantly surprising. Sometimes it is more profitable and better to develop the furniture design yourself and order the production from private craftsmen who know how to work with solid wood.

By definition, modern technology does not fit into the country style, but it is not necessary to deprive yourself of the benefits of civilization. It is better to choose household appliances of the built-in type and with matte metal surfaces, then it will easily fit into a kitchen set with a base made of wood and stone.
country cuisine

The easiest way to hide multimedia equipment behind decorative elements and shields is to give preference to “smart home” systems in terms of remote control.

For a country living room, the centerpiece will most likely be a fireplace, whether it is real or decorative, and a soft sofa with a bunch of soft pillows and poufs. In the bedroom, as always, the bed dominates, in the office – a massive wooden desk. All other parts of the furniture are matched to the main component and form a complete picture already around it.
guest house in country style

Textiles and decor

As mentioned earlier, it is best to hang translucent tulle and, if necessary, denser curtains on the windows. Bedspreads and tablecloths selected in the same style are used as textiles on beds, sofas and chairs, as well as on other furniture.
country style in the interior of the house
You can decorate country rooms according to your taste, giving preference to pictures in quaint wooden frames, old photographs and accessories corresponding to the chosen direction of style. Earthenware or exquisite porcelain will find their place on the chest of drawers or cupboard shelves. The picture will also be complemented by an old clock, whether it is a massive tower clock or a wall clock in an openwork wooden case.

Country style in the interior of a country house

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