How do you use the space behind the sofa? Most will answer that no way. In this case, the sofa is close to the wall. In vain! According to designers, a new fashion trend has become to install a narrow console table behind the sofa. Let’s consider how this option of placing furniture in the living room might look.

Why might you need a table behind the sofa? After all, in addition to the aesthetic function, functionality is also important! This will give you additional storage space, for example, for TV remotes and other appliances, setting a table lamp, books, magazines that you like to read in the living room. In addition, the console table can serve as a space divider in the case of a living room-dining room or a living room-kitchen.

Console table behind the sofa

As you can see in the photo above, even behind the sofa, which is almost close to the wall, there will be a place for a narrow table, which will become a convenient and spacious shelf for a variety of small things.

sofa-table for the living room

Of course, it is difficult to find such sofas as in the photo, complete with a table with bookshelves in the back. Most often they are made to order. This is a special option, in which the sofa will occupy a central place in the room, and will not be close to the wall.

white guest house

In general, console tables have the following differences:

  • The height is like a chest of drawers, i.e. from 80 to 110 centimeters.
  • The width is narrow, like a shelf – from 30 to no more than 40 centimeters.
  • Sophisticated, very attractive appearance, the functions of both a table and an open shelf for storage.

bar jay at the back of the sofa

a low table by the sofa

However, the tables behind the sofa are not always standard in height. Compare the two options we proposed above – a low sofa and the same table, just a stand for a vase of flowers and books. And a sofa with a high back, behind which a full-fledged bar was located – the same console table, but raised to the required height. And supplemented with bar stools, of course.

tree in the interior

the table between the wall and the sofa

paintings in the design of the living room

The classic filling of the console table behind the sofa is two identical table lamps on the edges. Moreover, as we can see, this option is relevant both in the case of the sofa in the center of the room, and for the table, which is literally sandwiched between it and the wall.

console table in the living room

a solid wood table in the interior

In general, such a table behind a sofa with shelves can serve as a spacious storage place, not just a shelf. Under it, you can put baskets with various contents, hide things that will interfere with receiving guests, but at the same time should be at hand for the owners.

country style table in the living room

Making such a table for placement behind the sofa with your own hands is no more difficult than a TV stand or a garden bench.

bar counter in the living room

Console table behind the sofa

The disadvantage of the location of the console table behind the sofa is obvious – if you put something liquid in an open container on it, for example, a vase with flowers, there is a big risk of spilling it all on the upholstered furniture. The risk increases if the table is used as a bar counter, eating and drinking at the sofa. But in general, this is a really fashionable trend that deserves attention as a furniture placement in the living room.

Console table behind the sofa: photo examples of use

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