If pasting with wallpaper was an elementary “covering” of walls with plain paper canvases, now it has turned into a real creative process. Few people are satisfied with faded monotonous walls anymore – give everyone something that no one else has. But at the same time, as a rule, you want to get everything almost immediately, and with minimal costs. Impossible? Of course, it is possible if you use a combination of wallpapers in the interior.

To do this, it is enough to familiarize yourself with several win-win options for pasting the walls with wallpaper, thanks to which the room will “play” in a new way, and you will not have to spend money on recycling.

How to choose the right wallpaper

In any business, there are rules, the observance of which contributes to achieving an excellent result. So, in the matter of wallpaper selection, there are a number of recommendations, which will not be superfluous to listen to.

If you choose wallpaper for a spacious room, you should consider that light tones will visually increase it even more. Therefore, it is better to give preference to wallpapers of dark shades. In any case, they should prevail. So the room will become more cozy and warm. But it is also not recommended to overdo it, a combination of several contrasting shades would be ideal.
Combining wallpaper in the interior

The choice of wallpaper structure depends on the height of the room. Yes, if it does not exceed 2.5 meters, then it is better to refrain from buying wallpaper with a large pattern. Also, you should not buy wallpapers of dark tones. This will visually reduce the room, and the ceiling will be oppressive. To visually increase the ceilings, it is recommended to use wallpaper with a vertical pattern in light colors.

wallpaper for low ceilings
If the height of the ceilings is high enough, the choice should be guided by exactly the opposite recommendations. The adoption of horizontal stripes will help to “reduce” the height.

When choosing wallpapers and combining them, the style of the interior should be taken into account. In the loft style, wallpaper for painting without a pattern will be better, combined with the absence of decoration on the walls and ceiling. Provence and country style prefer pastel colors, floral ornament, aging effect. In the high-tech interior, white and black colors should prevail, the wallpaper is selected accordingly.
combination of wallpaper in the interior

There are also a number of recommendations for choosing wallpapers for combination.

  • They must have the same thickness, otherwise the seams will be clearly visible.
  • Wallpaper for combining should have a similar structure.
  • It should be remembered that pasting the wall opposite the window with dark wallpaper (while all other walls will be light) will make the room brighter. While just one light side opposite the window is able to “illuminate” the entire room as a whole.

Win-win options for combining wallpapers

By combining wallpapers of different patterns and shades, you can create very interesting interior solutions.

  • The principle of horizontal combining. It helps to visually reduce the room. It is one of the oldest classical methods of combining. It is implemented in the following way: at the desired height, a horizontal line is drawn, based on which the upper part of the wall is pasted first, and then the lower part. If the wallpaper differs in structure, it makes sense to use a border or other elements that will hide the joint. This design is most often used in interiors of classic, Provence, vintage, ethnic styles.

horizontal wallpaper combination

  • The principle of vertical combining. This technique will help to visually add volume and height to the room. For implementation, you should purchase wallpaper of a similar width and thickness. Ideally, they should differ only in pattern. Plain canvases alternating with patterned stripes look good. The vertical combination of wallpaper in the interior will look harmonious in the high-tech, loft style. This principle is also used in space zoning, for example, if you need to combine a bedroom and a living room in one room. For this, different functional zones are distinguished by their colors. The sleep and rest area must be a duller shade to distract the eye from the intimate part of the room, and the guest reception area is decorated in brighter colors.

vertical wallpaper combination

  • Patchwork principle. Very good for a children’s room, as it helps to create a bright and unusual space around the child. This principle resembles a mosaic made up of pieces of the same size. At the same time, the shape of the flaps can be any: triangular, square, rectangular. Also, this type of combination helps to place accents in the room, draw attention to more favorable angles, and hide some interior defects.

patchwork wallpaper combination

  • Decorative inserts. This technique is good for any interior. A frame of any shape is glued to the wall, after which its inner and outer parts are pasted over with wallpaper. Using this method, you can divide the room into functional zones.

decorative wallpaper inserts

  • Emphasis on interior elements. In this case, any significant element of the interior is emphasized by wallpaper of a brighter color. Yes, the main wallpaper can be light and without a pattern, and a certain area will have a different, more saturated, texture. For example, niches in the wall or the area above the dining table, if it is pushed close to the wall, are designed in this way.

accent wallpaper combination
Fantasize, experiment, create a bright and interesting space around you, staying in which will improve your mood and give you positive emotions.

Combining wallpaper in the interior

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