The hallway is the first room your guests enter, and you enter as well. In fact, the hallway is a kind of “business card” of your house, which gives the first impression about the decoration and design of the apartment, as well as about the aesthetic perception of its owners. It is quite obvious that lighting plays one of the most important roles in this matter. Beautiful wallpaper and cabinets are, of course, also important attributes of the hall, but without proper lighting, they will not stand out, and the hall itself will look like a dark and nondescript vestibule. Therefore, you need to take care in advance of purchasing various lamps and, most importantly, chandeliers for the hallway and corridor.

The role of the chandelier in the hallway

The hallway is one of the most unprofitable rooms in a house or apartment. Along with the toilet and cramped kitchen, it is a kind of “problem area”, which is due to the small area and the poverty of design options. Of course, in the case of a hallway, a well-chosen chandelier can solve this problem.

Choosing a chandelier for the hallway and corridor

The chandelier gives the room a more perfect look due to its aesthetics, and also provides uniform lighting of the entire hallway. In addition to the general light background, the chandelier, if correctly selected, can emit diffused light throughout the room, which will eliminate the need to purchase additional light sources. And this, again, saves the budget, which in the vast majority of cases is already limited.

By the way, when choosing a chandelier in the hallway, it is necessary to take into account the general appearance of the room, because an incorrectly selected chandelier will contrast with the rest of the interior.

Rules for choosing a chandelier for the dimensions of the corridor

In addition to the appearance of the chandelier for the hallway and corridor and the design features of the room, you need to choose a lamp in strict accordance with the parameters and dimensions of the hallway itself.

Here are the main points to pay attention to:

  • The chandelier should match the dimensions of the hallway. In other words, if the hallway is very small, then the chandelier should be of the appropriate size.
  • There are cases when the hallway in apartments is elongated, representing a kind of hall. In such cases, it is necessary to choose ceiling chandeliers for the corridor of a rectangular shape, which will not look bulky and will favorably emphasize the hallway itself.
  • If the hallway has a square layout, then buying a chandelier of the same shape or a round one will be a profitable solution. In this case, the chandelier becomes the central element that focuses all attention on itself.
  • If the hallway is very spacious and large in size, using only a chandelier may not be enough. To avoid the effect of emptiness and insufficient lighting, you can buy additional lamps that need to be installed on the walls of the hallway.
  • In the case of a large hallway, an interesting solution can be a chandelier with moving parts, with the help of which you can direct the light in any order.
  • Special attention should be paid to the height of the ceiling. In typical apartments, it does not exceed three meters, so it is extremely undesirable to use chandeliers with a long suspension. In addition to inappropriateness in terms of aesthetics, such a chandelier can become an obstacle for householders.

chandelier in the hallway

The choice of lamps and chandeliers for the corridor is very important in the projection of the design of the entire room, however, it is worth noting several points, knowing which ones, it will be easier and clearer for you to decide on the choice.

Here are the main nuances that deserve attention:

  1. It is important that the lighting in the hallway is at the same level of light and brightness as in other rooms. It is advisable to avoid a very bright glow of the chandelier, because such light can “hit the eyes” of anyone who entered the room.
  2. The chandelier should illuminate the entrance area more than other details of the hallway. This is quite understandable, because in this place you dress and undress, go to work, etc.
  3. If the ceiling in your hallway is too low, it can be visually increased with ceiling lamps hidden behind glass. A stretch ceiling with spot lights will also cope with this task.

Choosing a chandelier by style

The design of the chandelier itself is an extremely important point, because often, especially if we have in mind the hallway, the chandelier is the central detail around which the entire interior of the room is built. It is this circumstance that forces us to treat her appearance with all responsibility.

Several recommendations can be made. The hallway is a kind of “window” that goes from the home comfort of the apartment to the urban view of the modern city. Therefore, when choosing a chandelier in the hallway, you should pay attention to street style, or to chandeliers in the form of lanterns and old candelabra

Depending on the interior of the hall, the design of the chandelier itself is also chosen. For example, if your hallway is upholstered with wood or pasted over with wallpaper with an imitation of a wooden coating, then you can choose a chandelier with a wooden base, which will fit well into the overall decoration of the room.

A more modern hallway style involves the installation of metal or chrome chandeliers.

chandelier in the hallway

Choosing a light source for a chandelier

The light source in the hallway chandelier is no different from similar lighting devices in other rooms. The same technologies and options can be used here as everywhere else. Let’s consider the lighting options in more detail:

  • Chandeliers that use an incandescent lamp as a light source. This lighting method is very common due to good light emission. In addition, the price for one bulb is low, which is an additional plus. At the same time, such lamps are rather short-lived and require constant replacement. It should be noted that incandescent lamps have recently become popular again – they become the basis for retro-style chandeliers.
  • Chandeliers with fluorescent lamps. This method of lighting also has the right to exist, primarily due to its high efficiency and economy. The only downside can be the leakage of mercury in case of damage to the lamp , as well as special requirements for getting rid of broken bulbs.
  • Chandeliers using LED lamps. The main advantage of such lighting is the economy and durability of lighting devices, and the disadvantages are the higher cost of LED lamps compared to incandescent lamps. Some are annoyed by the specific glow of such lamps, but this is all individual and debatable.
  • Chandeliers that use halogen lamps. Just like incandescent lamps, halogen lamps are distinguished by safety and high-quality illumination of the surface. In addition, such lamps allow you to apply bold design solutions in the hallway and other rooms.

As we can see, choosing a chandelier for the hallway and corridor is quite a difficult task that requires a competent approach. It is not enough to choose the right design of the chandelier, which may be beautiful in itself, but absolutely does not fit into the general interior of your hallway. In some cases, a minimalist style of performance will be much more appropriate than openwork crystal chandeliers. In general, the right choice can become not only a solution to one problem of choosing a chandelier in the hallway, but also a connecting link between the interiors of all rooms in the house.

Choosing a chandelier for the hallway and corridor

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