Scandinavian style is naturalness, simplicity, brightness and light. This style is gaining more and more popularity in interior design. A children’s room in the Scandinavian style is an excellent solution that will appeal to both parents and, most importantly, children. Despite the cleanliness of the interior, clutter and decorated walls are allowed in such a children’s room. We will consider how it is combined in the article.


Finishing in the Scandinavian style is characterized by two main features: white color and natural materials. The same applies to the children’s room.

The walls of the children’s room in the Scandinavian style are painted in white, light blue or light gray, rarely beige. That is, light, cold shades are used. As a coating, water-based paint is ideal, which is easy to wash or paint over with a new layer, if the child’s creative impulses overcome the published drawing album.
nursery in scandinavian style

Wallpaper is acceptable, but only smooth, imitating a painted surface.

The walls can also be finished with wooden panels or decorated with wood inserts.
scandinavian style finish

The use of chalk or slate walls for decoration has become a novelty of recent years. Such elements will perfectly fit into the Scandinavian style and will be interesting for the development of the child’s creative skills.

As for the ceiling in the Scandinavian style, it is colored in the same way as the walls. Wooden transverse beams can serve as an additional element. Or, if the walls are painted, then the ceiling is covered with wooden panels, and vice versa. Such a contrast will expand the design possibilities of the room.

The floor is wood. In the conditions of a children’s room, it can be laminate or parquet board. A budget option is linoleum with imitation of a wooden surface. The color is natural or white. Let’s go back to children’s mischief again – if a child has spilled paint on the floor, don’t worry, the permanent stain can be painted over.
scandinavian style in the interior of the nursery
The carpet is categorically not suitable for the Scandinavian style, so if you want the children not to freeze on the floor, then think about the installation of a warm floor in advance. On the other hand, if the installation of a warm floor is impossible for some reason, then you can put a bright rug on the floor of the Scandinavian nursery. It will fit harmoniously into the interior and will not disturb, but rather emphasize the style of the room.


To see the furniture in the Scandinavian style, it is enough to flip through the IKEA catalogs.

The furniture is simple, without fancy elements and made of natural wood (beech, pine, spruce). As a rule, the wooden pattern is kept intact, it is allowed to paint it with varnishes to saturate the picture of the tree or with paints, usually white.

Natural materials are used for furniture upholstery: leather, linen, cotton, etc.

Some elements, for example, bed backs, are made of metal.
decor in scandinavian style

The shape of the furniture is simple with rounded corners. Can be decorated with fine carvings.

Practicality is the main thing in beds, models that grow with children are often used.

Cabinets and cabinets are present in the children’s room, but do not accumulate them.
nursery in scandinavian style

A large number of shelves is one of the features of the Scandinavian style. These can be both closed and open shelves. The more of them, the better. For example, you can hang one of the walls with open shelves on which toys, children’s books, and accessories will be stored.

For the nursery, you should also provide a place under the wigwam tent. The simple shape and the use of wood and linen fabrics in the design will perfectly fit into the Scandinavian interior.
nursery in scandinavian style

Windows and lighting

Another feature of the Scandinavian style is large windows, the absence of curtains, many reflective surfaces (mirrors, metal, etc.). This is due to the fact that in the Scandinavian countries there is a lack of sun, so they try to save sunlight in the most affordable ways. How to apply it in the nursery? Especially in the conditions, if you live in the southern regions with plenty of sun, from which you even want to hide in the heat of the year.

Therefore, if direct sunlight does not hit the nursery, then leave the room without curtains. Indoor flowers, toys, and a large doll are placed on the windowsill.

If the room needs to be shaded sometimes, for example, in the summer or in the morning, so that the children do not wake up at dawn, then the Scandinavian style allows some options. For curtains, you can choose a light material, for example, haze or muslin, light tones. If you want to hang a thick curtain, then choose it to match the walls so that when it is pulled back, it blends in with the interior. Or you can close the windows with roller blinds or blinds. Keep the blinds open most of the time and the curtains pulled to the side in a neat shape, and use them only as needed.
nursery in scandinavian style

Avoid mirrors and glass surfaces in the nursery for safety reasons, even though they are an attribute of the Scandinavian style.

Artificial lighting should be abundant. Lamps in the Scandinavian style are used in a wide variety of ways – from simple inconspicuous to sophisticated futuristic ones. Here you can rely on your taste or the taste of the child. For example, you and your child can build a ceiling for a chandelier from textiles or tree branches.

Decor in a Scandinavian nursery

If shades of white are used in the decoration of the Scandinavian style, then bright details are preferred in the decor. The brighter and crazier the color, the better. Bright colors look especially good in a Scandinavian-style nursery: red, blue, crimson, yellow, etc. Toys can serve as such elements in the nursery. They can be placed – on windowsills, in boxes, on shelves, in the middle of the room. The most surprising thing is that such a bright mess in a Scandinavian-style nursery does not seem like a mess at all. Everything looks harmonious.
Scandinavian nursery interior
Fluffy carpets or handmade knitted rugs can be placed on the floor. Complement all this with scattered pillows or poufs.

Hang photos of loved ones, children’s drawings, abstract paintings, bright prints, flags, cardboard or textile products, stickers in the form of clouds and animals, etc. on the walls. But choose not all of the above, but only a few accessories, otherwise the decorations will overload the room, and nothing will remain of the Scandinavian style.
nursery in scandinavian style

Bright textile or cardboard boxes, wooden chests, and wicker baskets can be used to store toys.
nursery in scandinavian style

Indoor flowers will be appropriate on the windowsills.

The advantage of the Scandinavian style for the nursery is that there are no restrictions on decor. Here you can trust your taste, but you should not overdo it. The decor should not fill the room, but decorate it. Remember, the Scandinavian style preserves the freshness and space of the room.

Children’s room in the Scandinavian style

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