Japanese style in the design of a room or an entire apartment is primarily associated with minimalism and practicality. Few components are used in the interior, but all of them are extremely important and practical, which also applies to lighting devices. Lamps in the Japanese style are an important component of the interior and its selection should be approached very carefully. Let’s consider the main criteria that distinguish Japanese lamps from others.

The Japanese style in all its manifestations was formed in a strict and very long isolation from any other cultures of Asia and even more so of Europe, therefore the interior of living spaces still looks extremely exotic and that makes it even more attractive. At first, it seems absurd that in the rooms, be it a living room or a bedroom, there are very few interior items or decor, but all this perfectly fits into the main paradigm of style – any item should first of all be practical and simple to make, and in use. However, even in apparent simplicity, you can sometimes see many creative nuances and elegant solutions.
Lamps in Japanese style

The lamp – as an integral part of the interior – forms the overall image of the room to the same extent as its main components. You should choose a specific lamp model based on compatibility and similarity with furniture. Technically, this already narrows the search area in terms of color, basic shape and materials. It remains to determine what liberties are allowed when selecting these parameters.


The main shapes when forming the image of a lamp are a square and a rectangle. Straight lines and simplicity of construction in relation to the general geometry – this is what makes a Japanese chandelier or sconce clearly different from any other style. Smooth and curved lines are not used in the design itself, circles, ovals or polygons are allowed except as part of the design of individual components, in the form of drawings or ornaments.

The frame of the lamp is a parallelepiped, and it can be a flattened version for a ceiling lamp or an elongated shade that hangs from the ceiling. In any case, Japanese lamps in most cases are attached directly to the ceiling. The flat ceiling option is more suitable for the main lighting located in the center of the room. Long lamps are better suited for lighting individual zones.


Lamps in the Japanese style do not stand out against the background of other interior items. All the same main components are used in the production of lighting devices:

  • wood;
  • cloth;
  • paper;
  • glass.

Lamps in Japanese style
Lamps are most often made of frame or frame type. A light and strong frame made of wood is covered with paper or fabric. For reliability, you can use glass, but white matte is better. However, due to the features of LED lamps, which heat much less than all previous options, classic materials are becoming popular again: fabric and paper. Their texture and color will be much better suited to form the finished image of the room.


Using natural materials in the manufacture of Japanese lamps, preference is also given to simple light tones. The fabric or paper can be simply undyed with a natural color or dyed in a uniform white color. The wood used to form the frame can be matched to the cladding material or shaded with varnish or special impregnations to create a tangible contrast. The combination used in the design of a few interior elements and furniture should also be designed for a lamp in the Japanese style.

Let in the neighborhood on the continent in many regions of China, the ceiling and lamps are often full of multi-colored colors and rounded shapes. In Japan, at the head of style and tradition lies simplicity and naturalness, calmness and harmony with the surrounding world – this is why Japanese-style design is most often preferred when designing the interior of both residential and office spaces.

Chandeliers and lamps in the Japanese style

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