The choice of ceramic tiles should be based on accounting for its direct purpose and certain functions. Not only technical, but also aesthetic points are taken into account. Do not forget about personal preferences. When choosing a tile, you should pay attention to a number of characteristics, among which the design is not the least important. Having decided on the design of the room, pay attention to the style of ceramic tiles for its decoration.

Finishing walls and floors with ceramic tiles allows you to implement a wide variety of design solutions. However, the created effect is achieved only through a competent combination of certain parameters:

  • width and color of seams;
  • color scheme;
  • tile layouts on the wall, floor (diagonal, straight, combined);
  • shapes and sizes;
  • surface finish (sanded, polished, rusted, etc.);
  • types of dressings (“stitching”, “seam to seam”, etc.);
  • used lighting.

In addition, the decor can have a wide variety of colors and shades, performance plots, which determines the styles of ceramic tiles, everything can be found here – from an imitation of antiquity with expressive cracks on the glaze to an unexpectedly eccentric avant-garde.

Stylistics of ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles in a classic style will never go out of fashion. It usually includes two leading background tones: the darker one is placed on the lower part of the wall, and the lighter one is placed at the top. Such a surface is enlivened by various decorative elements in the form of elegant slats, plinths, a frieze, a dividing border with a floral ornament, etc.
Ceramic tile styles

Tiles imitating the texture of natural materials are in demand. There are options for wood, brick, marble or natural stone.
wood effect tiles

The design of such tiles often includes deliberately uneven, rough, chipped elements. The edges are made crooked so that the seam turns out to be rough and uneven during rubbing. The laying of “aged” or “natural” ceramic tiles is deliberately uneven with thick seams to emphasize the peculiarity of the style. These methods are perfect for antique themes (marble surfaces, rustic effects, three-dimensional border ornament), or will become an important element in a vintage or loft style interior.
brick tile

The unparalleled variety of decorative elements of ceramic tiles in modern styles is not limited to classical directions, and the appearance can be as diverse as the designer’s imagination.

One of such fantastic solutions is the “chameleon” tile, which will fascinate you, shimmering with colors at different angles and lighting.

A tile with a combination of matte and glossy surfaces will look original. This can be a glossy white tile with a matte or textured pattern or a matte base with a glossy ornament. Ceramic tiles can be decorated even with metal materials.

Ethnic style, which emphasizes the national characteristics of a particular country, is very popular nowadays. As an example, Japanese minimalism is represented by a huge tile, designed in gray-blue or beige shades and decorated with blue, brown or green elements. Equally popular is the stylization of tiles with the texture of “rice paper”, embroidered or decorated with all kinds of hieroglyphs and texts in foreign languages, in addition to the corresponding national color scheme.
ethno tiles

National themes can manifest themselves in different ways. It can be simple geometric shapes or color contrasts. On sale are collections of ceramics with “Celtic”, “Ukrainian”, “American” (country style) motifs. It will be interesting to design in the African style, which is distinguished by contrasting colors with an ornament in the form of savannah plants or sand dunes of deserts. Also, the overall picture is enhanced by interspersed tiles with the image of totem masks, which add the energy of wild nature to the room.
african style tiles

Plant ornaments are often found in the design of ceramic tiles. Different compositions are created from them, in which the calm neutral top of pastel colors and the bottom, which creates a three-dimensional effect, of growing plants prevail. No less remarkable are the sprinkling of twigs and leaves over the entire area of ​​the wall and floor, reminiscent of appliqué. Or vines or flowers hanging from the ceiling will perfectly complement the interior and make it more alive.
tiles with flowers

Marine theme is one of the most common solutions for wall and floor decoration in the bathroom. Similar designs are also found on the kitchen apron. Attributes of this style of ceramic tile are all shades of blue and blue, relief shells and fish, ships, waves, algae, bubbles and other water associations.
marine tiles

The design of the tiles in a pseudo-child version is original. It is a light color scheme with intricate patterns on the tile, as if made by an inept child’s hand with the corresponding imagination. It can also be an image of bright cartoon and fairy-tale characters, animals, flowers. Everything to raise the mood of both a child and an adult.
children's tiles
If you are tired of the riot of colors, then choose Provence style tiles. These are light pastel colors, a vague pattern, a matching pattern. Thanks to modern technologies, manufacturers achieve incredibly delicate compositions that resemble blurred sketches written with watercolor paint.
tile provence

What to consider when choosing?

Having decided on the style of ceramic tiles, as well as having your eye on a model with a specific texture or pattern, you should not rush to pick it up from the store. It is important to take into account many other, quite serious requirements for the quality of the tile, so that it serves for a long time, and does not upset you, for example, with the appearance of cracks already a week after laying.

To determine the quality of the tile, it is necessary to study the information from the manufacturer, which is usually placed on the package. This is the name of the factory or trademark, the country of manufacture, the color and series of the tile, its name, tone and caliber, dimensions, grade, quantity. When buying a lot of tiles from several packages, be sure to pay attention to the caliber, tone and lot. They must match, only in this case it can be guaranteed that there will be no variety of shades.

Ceramic tile styles: from classic to modern

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