The main task of office lighting is to create the most comfortable working conditions for all employees. This concept includes not only functional work with papers and documents, but also the avoidance of eye fatigue when working at a computer or laptop. LED ceiling lights for the office can help with this.

It is very important to create not only proper lighting, but also the necessary color temperature. More recently, scientists have conducted several studies, during which it was found that when replacing the “white” light familiar to many with a more “yellow” one, the performance of office employees was increased by 15-20%. At the same time, many of the subjects noticed that the level of attentiveness increases and the level of drowsiness decreases, which favorably affects the performance of work tasks. So, let’s figure out what the right office lighting should be like and how to design it correctly.

Ceiling led office lights

Lighting plays an important role in creating a comfortable atmosphere and environment in the workplace. When it comes to the office, the choice of light sources should be given special attention. Any office should be as comfortable as possible for completing tasks and full-fledged work.

Poor lighting has a negative impact on productivity, makes employees tired, reduces their attentiveness and concentration. Therefore, the choice of ceiling lights for the office is an extremely important issue, and it should be approached with special responsibility, based on the characteristics of the room and the type of work performed.

Features of office lamps

The main differences between the models of office lighting fixtures are in the method of attachment and design. There are the following main types:

  • overhead,
  • embedded,
  • suspended.

They have their own characteristics, pros and cons. They will also differ in the method of attachment and design characteristics. Lighting devices that differ in the method of attachment will give different lighting. This fact is important to consider when choosing lighting equipment.

In order to make the right choice, determine the purpose of using a particular light source. To provide local lighting, pendant ceiling lights are best suited. Particularly good are devices with the ability to adjust the direction of the light or the height of the device in order to ideally illuminate the workplace. For general light, overhead and recessed models are ideal, for example, point or raster models. But still, the best results are achieved by combining two types of ceiling lights.

office space lighting

When choosing light sources, you should also pay attention to the design of the ceiling. This indicator determines what type of lighting equipment will be used – overhead, built-in or suspended. This question should already be voiced directly to the specialists who will mount the ceiling and lighting. This is important, as some models must be installed during the installation of the ceiling. If the repair has already been completed, and you have just decided to choose ceiling lights, then the choice will be accordingly limited.

Benefits of LED Lighting

Among the variety and types of lamps for the office, LED lamps are very popular. They have a number of advantages, including bright and uniform light in the room. The only drawback is their high cost. However, they pay off in a fairly short period of time, and office staff will be much more comfortable working.

It is also worth noting that LED office lamps consume much less electricity. And in conditions of large office space, this will help to really save money. Also, LEDs have a long service life, and this significantly reduces the cost of their further operation. Putting all of the above together, LEDs are very popular and have a bright future.

As mentioned above, LED ceiling lights are a great option for an office space. They are mounted in the usual way, which does not differ from mounting other types of lighting fixtures.

LED office lamps can have a power of up to 44 watts.

The most common models are: rectangular hanging, dotted, square armstrong type , raster. All of them have standard sizes, which makes it easy to replace burned-out lamps if necessary. For example, for raster it is 650x650x50 mm or 595x595x40 cm.

Armstrong LED lamps


If the luminaires have a point design, they can be easily directed in different directions, thereby facilitating the work of office staff by creating the right lighting.

Overhead ceiling lights are characterized by easy installation and ease of further operation.

Features of mounting LED lamps

Compared to fluorescent fixtures, LED fixtures are fairly easy to install. They can be installed immediately after purchase. LED fixtures cannot be connected directly to the household power supply. Therefore, they often come with special electronic drivers.

It is necessary to take care in advance that the general electrical system works properly, and to avoid voltage drops.

The overall body of the LED lamp must be designed for a specific light source. It is different for each species. Specially designed luminaires provide high energy efficiency and reliability in further operation.

To date, there are three types of connection of LED lamps:

  • sequential,
  • Parallel
  • Mixed.

Savings and payback of LED lamps

Fluorescent lamps, although often used, have a number of disadvantages. They are quite difficult to mount, they have a limited voltage power, are dependent on the ambient temperature, are noisy in operation, contain substances harmful to health, and are sensitive to voltage drops. Unlike them, LED lamps have 10% less energy consumption. And this is a significant factor in saving money.

raster lamps in the office

LED lighting devices are completely safe for health, provide proper illumination of the office space and are easy to install. Despite the considerable cost, this type of lighting will pay off pretty quickly.

Impact of LED Lighting on Workers’ Health

Modern offices try to meet all requirements. This also applies to proper lighting. There are theories about the dangers of LED lamps on human health. We have already discussed this in detail in this article , and debunked most of the myths.

The first and main advantage of LEDs is the absence of ultraviolet radiation. They also improve general lighting, which is beneficial to employees’ eyesight and fatigue. The light is emitted uniformly, this provides a favorable atmosphere for the work process.

Ceiling led office lights

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