A chandelier is not just an interior element. It is difficult to imagine a cozy bedroom or living room without it. In combination with other lamps, it forms a complete image of the room. Since the bedroom should be a zone of increased comfort, the ceiling chandelier in the bedroom should be chosen correctly.

Functions of the chandelier in the bedroom

General lighting. Many design options involve the use of a chandelier as a central lighting element. This is due to the fact that the area of ​​the bedrooms is small, and you won’t be able to do much with the arrangement of lighting here. In this case, the chandelier is installed in the central part of the ceiling. To make it comfortable to spend time before going to bed in the bedroom, the light from the lamp should be soft, not obtrusive. Such light is given by incandescent lamps, in contrast to fluorescent lamps. A bright, white chandelier in the bedroom also creates a similar effect.

Ceiling chandelier in the bedroom

Local lighting. Sometimes in the bedroom you need to organize additional lighting of any zone. For example, if the bedroom is combined with an office, the work area requires more intensive lighting. In this case, the chandelier may not occupy the central place on the ceiling, but be placed above the area that requires more lighting.

In other areas, local light sources are used – sconces, floor lamps, table lamps, night lamps, etc. The same requirements apply to the nursery, where the student’s desk is organized .

Decorative function. This function is provided by the design of the chandelier. The lamp is selected individually for any interior.

modern lighting styles

Types of chandeliers for the bedroom

Chandeliers for bedrooms can be classified in several ways: by structure, by style, by material and type of lamps used.

Types by structure:

  • Hanging A cord placed inside a hollow tube is used to place lamps or shades. Such a chandelier is, at least, two-beam. Since the pendant lamp hangs from the ceiling by 30-70 cm, or even more, it is used in bedrooms with high ceilings for central lighting. Hanging chandeliers for the bedroom include classic crystal, cascade, lamps with lamps in the form of candles, etc.

chandelier for the bedroom

  • Ceiling Unlike hanging ones, they do not have a cord. Their lamps are located a few centimeters from the ceiling. Plafons have a small volume and are made in the form of petals, geometric shapes. Ceiling chandeliers are used in bedrooms with low ceilings as a central or local light source.

overhead chandeliers

Plastic, glass, crystal, metal, and fabric are used as materials for ceiling lights. Crystal deserves special attention, as lamps of this type have been used for more than one century. And in a bedroom with very high ceilings, a crystal chandelier is an ideal option.

Different types of light bulbs are used in chandeliers: traditional incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, LED. Despite the fact that incandescent lamps are among the most energy-consuming, their light is softer and warmer than that of other types. One or another light bulb is used depending on the type of ceiling and the design of the lamp.

lighting in the eclectic style

Existing styles of chandeliers

When figuring out how to choose a chandelier for the bedroom, you should not forget about matching the style of the interior. The following styles are distinguished: classic, floral, modern. Each of them has several subtypes.

Classic chandeliers are a suspended structure consisting of several, diverging in different directions, shades of different shapes. Crystal chandeliers are one of the classic varieties. Crystal takes the leading place in their decor. In bedrooms, crystal lamps are rarely used, as they require a luxurious interior, space and high ceilings.

styles of classic lamps

The floral style in the design of chandeliers is saturated with plant elements: lampshades in the form of flowers, forged elements with petals and curls, and others.

chandeliers in the style of floristry

Chandeliers in the modern style in the bedroom are a very large group, which includes such designs as high-tech, minimalism, loft. Metal, plastic, textile, frosted glass are used for their production. Such lamps can be both suspended and ceiling. Here is the space for creativity of designers! After all, kitchen utensils, unsuitable materials, and much more can be adapted under the chandelier.

modern chandelier in the bedroom

Eco-style in the interior has recently gained popularity. Chandeliers are made for him using natural materials: wood, vines, coarse textiles.

wooden chandelier

Of course, the listed styles are far from all that exist, but only the most common ones.

What to be guided by when choosing

Before choosing a chandelier for the bedroom, you need to decide on its diameter. To do this, you need to measure the parameters of the room (length and width), convert them into feet (1 foot = 30.5 cm) and add them up. The resulting number is roughly the diameter of the chandelier, but in inches.

If you plan to choose a hanging chandelier, the length of its cord can be directly proportional to the height of the ceilings.

The distance from the bottom of the lamp to the floor should not be less than 2.4 m.

As for the materials from which the ceiling is made, only tension structures deserve special attention. There are no special requirements for chandeliers for plasterboard ceilings.

The stretch ceiling is a PVC sheet placed a few centimeters from the base surface. The material is quite sensitive to high temperatures, so incandescent bulbs cannot be used in chandeliers. But both halogen and LED lamps should be placed at some distance from the canvas. Their converters cannot be placed in the space between the canvas and the base surface, as there is no ventilation there.

Installation of a chandelier for a stretch ceiling is carried out using a special device that is attached to the base surface, and the base of the chandelier is attached to it. You should not choose a lamp with a large number of sharp elements to avoid cutting the canvas.

art deco lighting

The choice for the interior of the bedroom

The color and design of the chandelier should match the interior and the color scheme of the bedroom. It should not take all the attention, but only fit perfectly into the interior. For example, if the interior is made in Japanese style, a chandelier in the form of a Japanese lantern will look great, and a wooden lamp will fit into the country style.

Ceiling chandelier in the bedroom: selection criteria

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